Chris Brown’s Charges Reduced To Misdemeanor. Released From Jail

(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown has been released from jail and the embattled singer has some positive news.

The assault charges initially considered felonies have been reduced to misdemeanors after a physical altercation in Washington DC.

The singer pled not guilty and was released earlier today.

The fracas started when a man photo bombed a picture Brown was taking with women. The singer maintains the fight started when man was trying to force his way on his tour bus.

The singer will have to face a probation review, rooted in a domestic abuse case with former girlfriend Rihanna.

  • hoeyuno

    The story was suspect from the gate..and apparently the judge agreed.

  • Just like I said before…If Chris Brown and Drake can fu&k up a whole night club with even celebrities who got injured and till this day no one got arrested, then this should be nothing. I will say this though, a black man with money is very different from a black man who is broke, they treat you differently.

    • DJ7

      The havs have always been treated diffently than the hav nots…no matter the color…this bogus ass non story that ran yesterday on the strength of TMZ was a set up for all of his naysayers to point the finger before knowing all of the facts…for those of you all that fell for it should be ashmed of yourselves…TMZ is no different than Fox news when it comes to reporting bogus info then retracting it a day or so later…by then the damage has been done…either way it’s a win for them because it keeps the hits rolling in and their name buzzing

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “this bogus ass non story that ran yesterday on the strength of TMZ was a set up for all of his naysayers to point the finger ”
        what makes me “laugh” is how TMZ love to bring up chris brown 1 incident and paint him as the face of domestic violence but EVERYTIME they show charlie sheen they are silent about his MANY domestic violence situations

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        the havs vs have not pretty much get it the same … the difference is the havs nots be on some WHY YOU PULLING ME OVER ???? CAUSE IM BLACK ????? and the havs be on some WHY YOU PULL ME OVER ??? CAUSE IM BLACK WHILE DRIVING A NICE CAR ???? LOL !!!!!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      not really its about your public image …. Will Smith gets treated like a living legend … but thats also because he carries himself in a very mature manner with great down to earth personality @ the sametime …. its the reason why Sigel is in jail but Diddy is walking these streets … PERCEPTION and the way you carry youself can be the difference in having a career full of jail stints vs being out in this world and being able to take advantage of every second …..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        instead of affiliating yourself with gangsters try associating youself with something more positive and i guarantee you will experience more postive events in your life …. but your not exempt from them bumps in the road BUT when that bump comes when your on your Ps and Qs them bumps dont hit as hard as if you arent !!

  • Thenatural503

    He better count his blessings and lay low.

  • Sean Power

    i use defend Chris brown but he keeps making the same mistake maybe jail time would scare him strength

    • Not 5yrs on a BS violation.

      Maybe he’s innocent.

      • Sean Power

        he would have got 2 he always innocent every time he does we blame someone else

  • Executive

    I support him. Why? Cause white people hate us enough, why hate my own kind?

    • Sean Power

      its not black thing it dumb n word thing lets not try make him nelson mandela
      he beat a woman, got fight with gay rnb singer and gets random fight in club non stop if was basic black or white person on street he would facing some jail time

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        he def needs to learn to pick his fights more wisely but its easier said then done … i could image the amount of abuse that he lets slide on a daily bases …..

    • Sean Taylor

      “I support him. Why? Cause white people hate us enough, why hate my own kind?”

      Stay ignorant…..

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    yall all know fans be testing mofos but sadily chris gets drugged thru the mud for reacting

  • Sean Taylor

    If that was me our you we would still be in jail on a probation violation.