Hip-Hop Rumors: Conrad Murray Getting a Reality Show?

Conrad Murray aka the man convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death might be getting a reality show and a book deal, now that he’s out of the bing.. TMZ is saying that Murray penned a lot of his forthcoming while locked up and most of the book will place the blame for Jackson’s death on others.

Word on the street is that he’s also getting a reality show that will follow his life after jail. That’s all we got right now but there’s definitely more coming.


  • therealest1

    Potentially coming up after getting out of jail shit.

  • hoeyuno

    I heard he’s ripped..all tatted up and sheeet.

  • MrNoName2K

    Now THIS is a rumor… a book deal maybe, but aint no damn reality show gonna come outta that sh*t.. dude is marked anyway, you know how many MJ heads out there would love to be the one who said they killed the man that killed Michael Jackson..better get smart and hermit the f*ck up

    • Call it “Killing Michael.”

    • Immortal

      As much BS we allow to be on tv with these other dumbass “reality” shows, why not have one more that is just as stupid as the others? I see no real market for him, but I didn’t and still don’t see one for the basketball wives, love and anything, the shaws, or honey boo boo. But there are those that actually watch each of the shows I mentioned and like them. I guess we all better “Redneckognize” the fact that in lieu of tv with real scripts, plots, actors and actresses ( I just described reality tv didn’t I?) this is what we’re left with. And I kinda hope that he would get one, just so some MJ fan can ask the hard questions he doesn’t want to answer or made public.

  • king sodomy

    hey if a lil jail time boosts a punk ass rappers street cred why cant it work for the good doctor and the nigga is a killer too.if it was anybody else fools would be screaming how much of a real nigga he is…why the double standard?

  • I would read and watch it…This man knows everything about MJ’s body what’s real and what’s fake–We all love MJ and it seems as if MJ spent more time with his doctor than his own family.