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EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip-Hop Star Stevie J. Accused Of Owing Millions In Child Support

(AllHipHop News) “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star Stevie J. allegedly owes $1.2 million in unpaid child support to two of his children with his former girlfriend.

Reps for former music industry executive Carol Bennett confirmed to that Stevie J.’s assets are being targeted.

Bennett, who helped Stevie J. with his music career while he was a producer at Bad Boy Records, will host a press conference later this week to address the matter.

There, she is expected to reveal more details into what is being labeled as a “historical child support case.”

In fact, Ms. Bennett contacted Bounty Alert and the Custodial Support Foundation, organizations that specialize in recovering hidden assets from people who deliberately neglect their child support duties.

Bounty Alert and the Custodial Support Foundation will attempt to recover the back child support, and will investigate any companies that may be shielding Stevie J.’s wealth.

“Our preliminary investigative efforts in Ms. Bennett’s case and have uncovered information which raises huge concerns,” Tiffany Stewart Esq., President of the Custodial Support Foundation, told in a statement.

Reps for Ms. Bennett stated that under the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, it is a crime to leave a state owing more than $10,000 in unpaid child support, for more than two years.

According to Ms. Bennett, Stevie J. could be sent to prison, since he owed more than 20 times that amount when he left New York, for Georgia, where he currently is the star of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

The press conference relating to Stevie J.’s back child support will be held October 31 at 11:30AM, at 1 Little West 12th Street (Corner of 9th & Hudson) in the 2nd Floor conference room.

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Check out some documents below:

  • Thenatural503

    Didn’t he just get married to that amazon chick? She wont be around much longer now that he’s about to be broke as my ass.

    • Charter

      | “Didn’t he just get married to that amazon man?”

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      and if he had babies wit her he can just kiss any bit of $$$$$$ he got left over good bye lol …. stevie starting to sound like a sucker for love … hit and dash … dont be hitting and implanting … then dashing …. thats just the worlds dumbest move you can ever make especially as a dude with bred ….. come on son !! lol

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  • Immortal

    I don’t get how the state missed an amount that large and he wasn’t in jail already. I’ve heard of cats being thrown under the jail for owing not even 10% of what he “owes”.

    • My peeps just did like 3mnths for $400

      • Immortal

        See what I mean? I think DJ7 hit the nail on the head tho. But if she ruins him to the point that he has to leave the show, then she looses again because he’ll holla broke.

      • She’s been losing, you know how BM’s are, him being broke = Winning.

        He’s a crab dude though, been down with Bad Boy how long?
        Kids should be taken care off, now a $1mill might be a bit much though.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        right assuming he can actually afford to shell out $6k per month .. SHEESH !!!!!! lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i dont know whats sadder the fact ya boy aint have $400 to the point he said F*ck it …. i’ll do the 3months lol or the fact that they put him in jail over $400 for child support payments lol

      • lol

      • Even sadder still, he be flo$$ing.
        SMDH @ Some of my friends

        *I think he was short on a payment / arrears.

        Not sure the details, but it was under $400.
        Out here, you get arraigned, then see a judge in 3mnths, depending on when you get booked during the calender.

  • Chris

    Disgruntled baby mamas holdin’ press conferences now? Ain’t nobody showin’ up for that sh*t. SMH.

    • No, the deadbeat dad is.

    • I blame the guys, they go to strip clubs and wife up these uneducated whores and without using protection…Much like rapper Wix Khalifah and Tyga for example it won’t be much longer untill these chicks break up with them and take them to court….The chicks are actually the smart ones in this situation.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        ha ha cats done missed the concept of a strip club … you go there and tip have you fun and get to forget all about it … no call backs no follow up no why you dont show me attention no accidental prego or planned prego lol … you go spend ya bread and move on … you dont go in there looking for your next baby moms lol … its similar to ladies looking for a baby father on the drug corner … lol ijs …. not saying these are bad people … but you cant be mad if down the road they start to drag you thru the mud in someway form or fashion ……… i mean you meet them in the mudd ……… most people resort to these things because they are in a bind a little slow or just plain ole blind….. a good 2% prob less than that fall into those careers with a future plan that will actually pan out to something ….. building a future like that will guarantee a HAUNTING PAST word to Mandecceee (spelling) ….

      • More importantly I am just wondering how are these dudes going raw in these stripper chicks without protection…That means most of these rappers and ball players are burning.

  • DJ7

    1 Show promo
    2 Cash grab

    Anyone who stays glued to the idiot box knows that the show premiers tonight b.u.t. a little extra drama never hurts…anything for ratings I guess

    Anyone who seeks the services of CSF and / or bounty alert is simply trying to cash out…has very little to do with the welfare of the children involved as these companies are for profit entities and are no different than the JG Wentworth types…she’ll be lucky to recover 1/3rd of the amount seeked

    I have 0 sympathy / tolorence for these types of women…far more have done greater with less…if dudes don’t want to be apart of their children’s life, simply have them forfeit their parental rights, move the f on and raise your children to not be gold diggers like their mother…hopefully they’ll become successful on their own merits and be productive citizens…trust…he will get his in the end…time and time again it’s been proven that money will NOT buy you happiness yet more problems.

    • You are right the show came on last night and this is what they gathered from watching the show, anyone of us could have created this article after watching the show….lol

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i will only agree with you once the official word is known on wether or not stevie just up and left the kid in 1999 and havent done a thing for him/her since then … if thats the case then i cant agree with you … but if stevie has been around doing what he is suppose to do … then heck yeah i agree 100% but gotta know the details before assuming ….. and @ the end of the day we all know how these celebrities play with these females …. they wanna smash all the groupies going raw and selling them a dream but dont want to be responsible for what comes after that ……………………….

      • True…And you know what else just came to my mind…If you’re parent(s) are millionaires and they live a certain lifestyle then maybe the courts are looking at that as a factor…I might be wrong but maybe child support is based on income…Because to me why would a parent be worth millions and all they should pay is $50 a month.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol right … and im pretty sure you are right … and i think its the same with allimony .. what ever the lifestyle level is you have to provide that to the child …. its def based on your wealth but imo its still unfair …. one of my friends gets 2 checks per month from his job …. and 1 entire check minus maybe a $100 goes to baby moms every month for child support …. they put him in a position where he cant even afford to get his own place … and baby moms is all smiles … she living off the gov getting his check + she has a job … just living it up and he aint even no rich dude so i cant even imagin how it would be for someone whos in the millionare brackets … baby moms will prob retire LOL or open her own business lol or better yet get a reality show lol

      • Yeah why do you think there are so many women sitting court side at these games with no panties on? They are on the hustle because they know all it takes is a baby and they are set for life…Except for a chick like Beyonce of course who has her own money…lol

  • Dan_Tebasco

    What child need millions though??? Sure raising children costs, diapers and food and clothes and all that stuff but not millions

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      ha ha but baby moms def wont turn that down ,… she wont even open her heart and say something like that and tell the courts we will just take whats needed and thats $250k … 1million is too much … the baby needs alot but she doesnt need that much … as long as she rich in physical love from the fam its all good …………………… ha ha picture that 1 lol everyone is an oppurtunist especially baby moms

  • OaklandOxymoron

    Anybody notice the irony in child support lawsuits/claims? The orders demand money only. Not that the father spends any time with their child. Also, if that order is not paid the father faces jail time, but if women can’t financially provide for their child they can apply for state provided assistance (welfare, WIC); they’re not sent to jail. Had a family member do two months in jail for owing $350 in back child support but his daughter’s mother was allowed to buy designer shoes and bags, but was evicted from her place. Irony…

    • True but the Mother gave birth, and she has custody, so he has to pay…The laws can’t force you to stick around and be present but they can force you to pay….The law shouldn’t have to force these black dudes to pay, it’s a dam shame and a bad look on most black men.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        not true not true there are males ouchea getting child support … its all in who can gain custody … sadily if the moms has a little bit of support it will trump any father who has 10 times that even if its a better place for the kids ….

      • Okay you have a point you are right…I just don’t even know any man that’s getting child support…I could be wrong, thats fine.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i dont know any personally either but i have heard of … like i think Kevin Federline is one lol i know he got brittney for some $$$$$$$$ you just cant be the bred winner in the fam ….. been having me thinkking about going over to cali and catch one of these rich chicks LOL jk LOL ……

      • lol….But real talk though even if it’s Britney, after it all settles in mentally can a real man be okay with getting a check from a woman every month? There is a power struggle in there somewhere, you know women if they give you money, they feel like they can tell you anything and speak to you any kind of way.

      • OaklandOxymoron

        True. You don’t find it odd that they demand that the non custodial parent pays but not spend time with their child, but they claim the process is for the best interest of that child?

      • To answer you’re question the courts don’t know anything about what’s best for children….But it’s a great thing that they came up with a way to hold someone accountable other than tax payers.

      • OaklandOxymoron

        It just confuses me that they can mandate what a non custodial parent pays buy not mandate how the money is spent. Maybe I’m too analytical but that doesn’t make sense to me lol. Thank God I have no kids lol. Shits messy for no reason lol

      • Truth Powell

        Why are non custodial parents that are victims of a child support action the only parents the government dictates how much $$ they should spend on their child?
        You don’t see the government setting rates and penalties on poor families for how much they should spend on their children.
        But have a child and break up and bam! You get penalized. The system makes no sense and people need to start speaking up against it. This affects way more people than gay marriage for example but gets no attention or legislation being proposed.
        And people are so scared of being called deadbeats they don’t dare speak up and just capitulate. The shit is crazy.

      • DJ7

        Someone’s always bringing up what bill a tax payer has to foot…here’s a little hint…THE I.R.S. aka THEIRS… when the government collects your taxes it goes to wherever they want it to…you have 0 say in the matter…0…you have no proof as to where that money really goes once it’s subtracted from your check…you only have their word and if you’re still falling for that okie doke…..need I say more

      • You are right, but the point I was making is that, at least they have a system where they can located a deadbeat parent from anywhere in the country.

      • DJ7

        Anytime the government interjects itself into domestic matters the outcome is catastrophic and seldom in the best interest of anyone involved besides itself…the system is majorly flawed and comparable to extortion yet disguised as law

        Fact…on a state level, every dollar collected is matched by federal funds.

        It’s less about the children and more about the $$…they care not of your situations, they only care about the bottom line…sounds more like a business model than of one looking out for the well being of its citizens ie children…very seldom is the monies used for the purpose stated in the order b.u.t. that’s where the checks and balances stop…I guess they figure that’s the line they won’t cross b.u.t. in actuality, they could careless b/c their funds have been secured and their quotas have been met…It’s only when a payment is in default and these trifling ass chickenheads (not all b.u.t. a vast majority) start making noise do they seem to “care” again…

        Don’t get me twisted…I don’t condone guys going around making babies they have no intentions on raising b.u.t. I also don’t champion females who bring forth seeds without a plan to go forth alone in cases that the father isn’t a participant

      • OaklandOxymoron

        I never understood why it would take a government agency to make someone pay for their child’s well-being. Makes no sense. But the child support system is extremely flawed and its laughable. I honestly feel the best solution is for both parents to contribute equally in every area of the child’s life. Same monetary contribution, same physical contribution, same living arrangement standards, same college fund contributions. Forces both parents to come up with a sensible, amicable solution and no one gets taken advantage of. Plus it’ll assure that the parents are both on their shyt. No dead beat behavior on either end.

      • True but if “both parents to come up with a sensible, amicable solution and no one gets taken advantage of” then they wouldn’t need to courts in the first place…lol

      • OaklandOxymoron

        That’s exactly my point Lol

    • remy730

      There really should be laws in place to stop this child support fraud. The payer should be able to request itemized monthly audits to see where the money is going just like when you have to re-certify for money the government gives out. That’s just a band aide though, it won’t fix stupid.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yup and in this day in age with digital bank accounts this is very possible and simple !! it can be shared 3 ways … by the father, mother and the courts … to verify they funds are being spent the way the are suppose to be spent .. and imo this should also allow the father to withdraw money as well for things for the kids and to put towards his bills as well cause 9 times out of 10 these child support payments do not leave the father enuff money to keep a good home over his head so his kids will have a nice place to come to when they come to visit …..

      • Hey no matter what it may be, as long as you can justify it as “child support” then you can get away with spending it.Like Mommy wants a new Range Rover to take the child back and forth to…(joke)

    • I just told them about my peeps who did the same for under $400.
      ( $330 or $380 )

      • OaklandOxymoron

        It’s ridiculous. Makes you wonder how is that even an option (to lock someone up for a menial amount). Shouldn’t wage garnishment, revocation of drivers license and other punitive measures be enough? Why jail?

      • That’s true, so if they get locked up then they loose their job, then they really can’t pay…I don’t know how that works–And if you get locked up do you do the time and skip a payment or you have to pay as well?

      • OaklandOxymoron

        According to my cousin, the child support clock never stops. Jail, loss of job, illness, whatever, they still owe. I’m sure they can petition the court to lower the payment but it never stops.

      • Not sure, maybe it’s a contempt of court issue?

  • Executive

    $1.2 million?! Lmao!

  • remy730

    $1.2 mil? What, is his kid 65 yrs old now and that’s compounded interest that added up plus his retirement?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      his child support payments were $6k per month … and they started in 1999 !!!!! thats more than 10 years worth of payments past due !!! so the math is right …. but what justifies him to pay $6,000/per month ?????????? what will a CHILD do with $6k every month ?? is there money in there for the college fund or something lol ? imo slide that over to some kids or fam that could actually use that … $6k per month could hold a few kids down lol ijs not all that practical but ijs

      • remy730

        Yeah that was pretty much my point. It seems that $1.2 million would be a bit high to a reasonable person. We can thank the feminist “movement” for this. A kid is only going to eat so much food and wear so many t shirts, I don’t care what number you stick in front of the word “teen.” I guess it could be worst, they trying to get Timbaland for a kid that’s not even his.

      • It’s based on income. Not by need

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        ha ha sounds like we need obamas help again so we can get out of the enslavement … dont forget O helped get them trumped up crack charges reduced

      • DollasTX

        that 6K was justified back then (according to the child support judge) that’s obviously when BAD BOY “couldnt stop, wouldnt stop”

        doubt if that VH-1 reality gig … is as lucrative as the 90’s was to him

  • Golgo 13

    probably that’s the reason why he told joselin 2 get rid of the baby so he don’t have 2 pay her any child support if she kept tha baby i could see her dissin him on twitter about not payin child support 4 there kid then after u will see dem in pictures lookin all happy

  • DollasTX

    heard he bought his BM a BM(w) on the show … then reportedly the truth came out that it was a LEASE – well at “LEASE” the truth is finally starting to come out

  • NoGoBoi

    “will host a press conference later this week to address the matter.”… I know a few of us grew up in a fatherless home and one thing I can said added to the level of respect I have for my mother, she stood on the grounds of, “He knows what is needed to take care of his children, I’m not about to run a grown man down to take care of his responsibilities.” I can understand things are hard to do it on your own but holding a press conference and all these other shenanigans, what you really trying to do or prove?

  • Sean Taylor

    but but but on the show hes such a balla?

  • Guest

    stevie stop being cheap

  • shaq

    the judge is about to meet dem paws on em

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