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Hip-Hop Rumors: Could The NYPD Be Guilty In Barney’s Profiling Cases?

So, this is partially off the record, since it lies within the doldrums of the rumors. But, here is what I am hearing regarding the profiling case. Guess what? The NYPD – world renown for their profiling ways – may be the actual culprit in this case. Jay Z MAY have been damn right. There was a meeting today with The Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network, the CEO of Barney’s and some reps from Jay’s camp too. And it seems that Barney’s said that nobody in their store called the police. So, therefore, are going to give the side eye to 5-0.

The ill Prince side eye at that.

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Eff it. Give em the ill Michonne “chop yo’ head off side eye!”

Michonne Side-Eye gif

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That said, I heard the meeting was productive overall. But, the work continues in that Rev. Sharpton is meeting with Macy’s tomorrow, because they too have a similar case in the pot. On top of that, he’s looking to meet with the NYPD and the heads of at the same time to discuss racial profiling. There will be marches and rallies before you can say “Black Friday,” from what I’m hearing. That said, the NYPD are in the hot seat for real. Never forget they have an actual policy to stop and frisk Black people.

That cop is actually Boston PD. LOL.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Dubz

    Y’all can get off Hov’s nuts now.

  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    If they racist, don’t shop there. No need for a protest.

  • dfwricwil

    I thought that those
    NYC cats were gully? Dam the police seems
    to be kicking some a$$ in the NYC. Every
    time I read something about NY it sounds like they’re in Mississippi or somewhere.
    Seems like the NYPD are the real kings!
    People in the NYC need to come together and put a stop that bs.

    • EL_DON

      I’m ashamed to say but do to their actions it is why I switched the way I move. A lot of their profiling stems from the days of the slave era. When slaves were not allowed to congregate in large groups for fear that the master may think that their up to something. Same thing today, they see black people in a large group and automatically assume the worst. I rarely travel with more than 3 black people in a car at night and you can’t wear ball caps in my car either. I just don’t want to get shot especially if I can’t shoot back. I have more stories of bad interactions with police in NYC than good ones. I’m 33 and have a professional career and still get harassed. The only time I’m not harassed is when I’m wearing my suit to go to work. I don’t wear baggy clothes and i rarely have a ball cap. But they seem to always want to ask me stupid question and I respond with stupid answer like why don’t you do this on the Upper West Side in the white neighborhoods? That always seems to get them moving I also keep my phone in my had ready to record.

      • dfwricwil

        I understand that. It’s getting to a point that now that you almost have to have your phone or a video camera everywhere you go now.
        Here is Dallas they try to do it on the low because they know that 6 times out of 10 someone is bound to have a gun and a licenses to carry plus a camera close by. So they step with a little caution. lol!

      • Immortal

        That is a shame, and it’s not even limited to NYC. F’in perception and ignorance.

    • It’s hard for New Yorkers to come together because most of them are tourist or from another part of the world with totally different views on life.

  • EL_DON

    I always felt it was the NYPD that profiled these people. For a cashier to report someone on fraudulent credit card charges the ID and name have to be inconsistent or the shopper would have to had to use multiple cards with different names in order to report a crime. The police are so corrupt and racist in this city. That’s why they make it hard for you to own a gun because they know they why they run up on people they can get shot and a citizen will be able to get away with it due to their aggressive tactics.

  • Immortal

    That doesn’t make sense. If no one from the store called, then how in the hell did the NYPD know who to pick up and when? These dudes were stopped as soon as they left the store, so something with the stores and the NYPD are F’ed up. But having Uncles Al and Jessie are the two last people I’d want to represent me, because the issue won’t be about me it’s going to become about them and what they want..for themselves. I’d just get lost in the shuffle in it all. Didn’t we have a ep on boondocks about this?

    • EL_DON

      Because the police often use store surveillance cameras without the stores permission. The store risk the NYPD not coming immediately when they need them if they don’t comply with the officers demands. They are as crooked as the letter S in this city and racist too. They wonder why they don’t get help in the black community to solve crimes. It isn’t because they don’t want to it’s because the same people they asking for help is the same people they harass. You can even sit on you front stoop without them wanting to ask for ID. They don’t do 25% of the stuff in white communities that they do in the black community.

      • Immortal

        That could be true, but that still makes it collusion between the stores and the NYPD and allows a good lawsuit to be filed. It would also make the NYPD just as liable as the store and just as quick to be sued.

      • EL_DON

        I totally blame NYPD. There are laws for the security guards that prevent them from profiling. For instance the security guard has to see you take the item conceal that item and can not lose site of the suspect in order to apprehend them. Most stores have policies in place to prevent discriminatory actions. Some will only stop you if you have a bag from their store when the sensor alarm goes off. Most luxury department stores have specific rules in place regarding credit card fraud and theft. They usually take the loss because retail mark up is so high they don’t want to risk the lawsuit. Trust me NYPD has people and businesses under pressure in my city. They will make your life and business miserable by writing tickets and harassing you. Cops in the city rarely face charges of abuse. A man was sodomized with a plunger in a precinct and only 1 officer was convicted of that crime to please the masses. For a person to be abused like that for almost an hour more than one person has to be looking the other way, in my opinion those who didn’t report and had knowledge of it are just as guilty. NYPD is by far the biggest gang problem we have. I wish the so called gang bangers would educate themselves and unite against the police force. But most are cowards and rather take a life over a girl or some he said she said then defend the rights of their people.

      • Negative…the store called.

        NYPD isn’t watching Barney’s camera’s as loss prevention personnel, nor about fake Credit Cards.

      • Immortal

        So that would prove both El’s and my points then

      • Indeed!

      • My theory is because it is so difficult to sue the NYPD Barney’s is pushingit on them, so they stand clear of the holiday shopping rush….Suing the NYPD is so difficult and can take up to 10 years to finish the case.

      • Of course, I’m just saying Barney’s called, the NYPD didn’t act on their own.

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  • speedy37

    This is bullshit

  • jubileeshine

    keep calm
    carry on

  • digitallife

    Floor managers and cashiers at high end stores have an alert signal that alerts security of possible issues….many cashier systems are also directly hooked into security..the blank button on that register does have a function too.

    • True…I also notice that New York City has a camera on almost every block and expressway, I’ve always wondered who controls them.

      • Immortal

        But that much is common knowledge. DC and London both have the same things and are contrndancyolled by their respective PD’s. London’s(and Europe as a whole) much worse than anything stateside because of the sheer redundancy they have in place form the cities to the motorways to the rural countryside.

    • Immortal

      Didn’t know the blank button was like that. Good looking out.

  • whoa

    Blame the police eh?

  • whoa

    Sounds like a “52 Fake-Out” to me.

  • Jonathan Bacher

    this shit is getting way too much attention

  • ant662

    sounds like a bunch of money was exchanged 2 make it go away. al sharpton probably started off trying to actually help ppl then he met with dirty politicians and became an extortionist

    • Executive

      Stfu with your theories.

      • Breeze


      • ant662

        open your mind simpleton. al sharpton is a money hungry asshole and opportunist. you r everything wrong with our educational system. Your always gonna b 1 dimensional. i feel sorry for simpletons like you