Hip-Hip Rumors: Did Kendrick Lamar Give His Life To God?

Now you know that Kendrick Lamar has a lot of religious references on his now classic album, GKMC (or whatever the abbreviation is). So, he’s got a predisposition. I’ve been told that Kendrick Lamar got saved on the New York date of the Yeezus tour (or somewhere on the tour). It seems that he’s been heavily influenced or affected or something by a religious figure in his life. And like that, he’s “saved.” But, thats a great thing! He’s basically giving himself to the Lord.

Now, I wonder how this will change his music!

The Game also got saved a few years ago and we haven’t seen a huge, dramatic change so that makes me wonder what we’ll see from his Compton little brother.

What do you think?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • I don’t know but, we’ll see!

  • Doc Franchise

    Im trying to stay on the path and its such a tough walk. One of the main things I had to do was stop listening to rap music because its way to carnal in nature. I hope he is, wish him nothing but luck. But I don’t know how hes going to function in the rap game.

    1 Corinthians 15:33
    Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      You don’t listen to rap but you still come onto rap blogs?

      • Escobar

        *Gossip Blog

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        This you are correct about.

      • Doc Franchise

        yea. i grew up in the culture the first thing I said it that its a hard walk. but I can control what I choose to read vs what emcee says, and the subliminal messages that are in the music. I seen Kendrick gives life to God ~ Click and read. but if it was girl twerks for president that something I could easily pass over. and this is Entertainment News website not a gossip website.

      • ThatBostonMan

        You are right about subliminal messages in the music but those subliminal messages don’t come from the illuminati, they come from smart people who figured out how to put subliminal messages in their music to help them sell more albums.

        If you can put subliminal messages in your music to help people out then do so. If you’re doing it just to make money then you’re commercial.

  • stackzscrilla

    Nothing but love for Kendrick on this topic. I’m not a HUGE fan of his music in the first place but i will give him his props on coming to the Lord and wanting to be saved by Grace. I’m a born again christian and i will put myself out there. At times I STILL listen to secular Hip-Hop. I was raised up listening to the genre and it has a huge influence on my life. It’s very difficult for me to completely stop listening to something i was born and raised on. I think Kendrick is smarter then yall think. Perhaps this was his angle, create a fan base spittin’ raw lyrics and flip the script. I believe his true fans will ride for him. If you listen to his lyrics from way back, he always had a religious undertone so this does not surprise me at all. Hip-Hop is a GREAT portal to drop knowledge on a lost generation of Kids and adults. I salute you Kendrick Lamar! May the God of peace, patience, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and love be with you. Be bold in your faith and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you. #GODISGOOD.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Black people still on that spookism

    • DJ7

      You see the comments below….smh…when will they learn

  • atlantahiphopshop

    The power of Christ compels you.

  • BibatheDiva

    How could you not get saved on a tour where Jesus comes out every night… JK.

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    I aint praying to no god that was given to us by our slave masters to make our ancestors behave. But what ever helps Kendrick have inner peace, I support.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      You aren’t too bright if you can’t trace religion past slavery. America is 237 years old. Almost EVERY religion is THOUSANDS of years old.

      If you were TRULY interested, you could trace any religion’s history and find the origin. None of them started with America.

      If you don’t believe because you don’t want to believe then more power to you. But the slavery thing?


      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Reading comprehension is obviously not your greatest strength, so I forgive you. I never said religion does not trace further back than slavery.

        I said that I will not worship a god that was given to my ancestors by their masters.

        I made no mention of where/when it originated.

      • Darren Myt Collins

        You blaming God for MEN that used HIM to obtain power and influence. Never let what man did sepreate you from GOD….that is a very foolish thing to do. Damn what other men did in HIS name, seek out a PERSONAL RELATIOSHIP WITH GOD, everybody else don’t matter. Cause that is all he wants with you, is a personal relationship. Don’t worry about what slave masters did, Have you ever thought that it was the help of God that freed us from slavery?. Or what about MARTIN LUTHER KING? Who was obviously a man of God? I honelstly belve Martin Luther king would not have accomplished what he did withouth the help of God. amen

      • CFX

        stfu… you’re writing as if god is going to give you a cookie or something.

      • Darren Myt Collins

        a wise man told me don’t argue with fools. Give me an intelligent response and i will properly respond to you. Since you gave me the response of a kindegardener, I will give you a remedial response. Know i don’t need a cookie from God. But I am thankful he has blessed me with a means to earn a living so i can go to the grocery store and buy my golden oreos.

      • ThetaCi

        DAMN why are we still in 2013 believing in such childish things? How can otherwise intelligent people believe in such outlandish events and talking reptiles. People living in whales…I mean really?! We got kids starving to death all over this world, and we waiting for Figments of your imaginations to step up and solve these issues. “God’s Will”. Leave this place better than you left it. Take personal responsibility for your own actions. ACCEPT YOU FAULTS. No one is watching you but YOU. Jesus lived, but he was a man, with faults as we all are. He died on the cross, and yes he dedicated it to humanity. Big Ups! Thanks for the feeling. But come on. We got to stop letting fiction reflect our choices in policy and laws. In how we treat eachother. RELIGION divides.

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        That’s your opinion. There is no penalty or risk for me believing what I believe.

        But what if YOU are wrong???

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        First off how do you know there is no penalty? What if choosing the wrong religion results in penalty? So you are a Christian because you are afraid of going to hell? Does that make you a “real” Christian?

      • ThetaCi

        It’s pretty unlikely, but hey anything could happen I guess. There could be a guy living in the clouds, plotting all of our fates. And there is a risk when you believe in imaginary beings. You could very well become the decision maker in something crucial that affects people. I don’t want to put my fate in someone who believes in Harry Potter…no offense

      • ThatBostonMan

        It’s important to believe in science over magic. It’s okay to believe in magic when magic inspires the science but when the science inspires the magic then we have a problem.

      • Darren Myt Collins

        Do you see how screwed up the world is now? Its because of ideologies like yours. Man been trying to do it HIS WAY for a long time and look where it has got us. God is polite enough to step out of the way when man tries to do his OWN THING. Its has happend since the beginning of time.

      • ThatBostonMan

        The chance of God sending Jesus to save humanity is actually a lower probability than an alien space shit landing and wiping out humanity . That is a fact of mathematics and it’s known as the drake equation, go look it up.

        You can believe in the return of Christ and another person can believe in aliens. It’s cool with me, but when your aliens or your God starts trying to tell me what to do and enslave me then expect people like me to disengage from your God at that point. I don’t give my liberty away to anything dead or alive.

        If I’m going to prison it will be in physical handcuffs.

      • Darren Myt Collins

        Your ignorance is profound. God is not trying to enslave anyone. He gave us something called FREE WILL. We are FREE TO DO ANYTHING we want. He just lets us know the consequence of it. Now if you want to talk about enslavement we can. Many people are enslaved to lust, drugs, alchohol, stealing. Is there any bad habits or soemthing you do that is bad that you know is bad or you want to stop doing it but you cant? God wants to FREE YOU FROM THAT. But he wants you to make the CHOICE to come to HIM for help and strength to overcome those things. God is about freedom, not enslavement. YOU GOT IT TWISTED….STATAN IS ABOUT ENSLAVEMENT GOD IS ABOUT FREEDOM.

      • Darren Myt Collins

        They removed prayer from Schools, they did not want any presence of God in Schools, for political reasons. Now we got school shootings and killings every few months or so. MAN WANTED IT HIS WAY….AND HE GOT IT.

      • ThatBostonMan

        Prayer in school is what helped white slave owners keep blacks enslaved for longer. It wasn’t until black people learned to read and could speak through song that all that was broken.

        Remember, there was a time when slave masters wouldn’t allow black people to read anything other than the bible. Why is that? Do you really think that was for the benefit of black people?

        There is a difference between being spiritual and being a religious follower. Most people will go to church to follow someone else while what you should be doing is using the scripture to be a leader. If you’re going to use scripture in your music then do it to open peoples minds and liberate their thinking.

      • ThetaCi

        so you’re saying in order to prevent psycho’s from shootin up schools and killing innocent children, we need to threaten them with being on the naughty list and getting no presents under their tree? Ooh wait…shit that’s Santa Claus. You guys don’t believe in him…that’s ludicrous. A fat guy sliding down chimneys give presents to all the good little boys and girls in a single night. But talking snakes, adam and eve, world being 5000 years old, dinosaurs not existing…all that SEEMS LEGIT. lol This is what I mean. stop leaving the world to some non existent figure. DO SOMETHING. Mentor a kid. Feed someone. In the name of YOURSELF and your own personal salvation to better our community. Rid the establishment of good works. Simply be good.

      • Darren Myt Collins

        “Mentor a kid. Feed someone. In the name of YOURSELF and your own personal salvation to better our community. Rid the establishment of good works. Simply be good.”…..everything you said here can be found in the bible and Jesus spoke these things many times in the bible. So it sound like you agree with God. Whats your problem with God again?

      • ThetaCi

        The problem is I didn’t need to a fiction character to come to these conclusions. Did Jesus believe and teach these ideas. yes. did Ghandi, yes. MLK, yes. All Humans. REAL. I don’t need to have lore behind my moral structure. I don’t need rituals and symbolism. I don’t need to DnD my good deeds. Or worship myself. That’s all I’m saying. When you put a deity behind your moral compass, you have someone else to blame when you get lost. that’s a coward move.

      • Daltalinn Carter

        Honestly, there is no place for intelligence on this site. What people fail to realize is that the most forward thinking people that led to the progression of great nations held the belief that there was something/someone (i.e. GOD) that they could place their faith in and the HE would guide them to where their destiny is supposed to be. What fools don’t understand is that all intelligence derived from the pages of the knowledge of God and everything after has either been an extension of or an attempt to try to discount it.

      • Darren Myt Collins


      • ThatBostonMan

        Belief in God does not mean Christian. Christian does not mean you’re mainstream. There are many variants of Christianity, some which are closer to what Jesus practiced than others. But the mainstream King James Bible and the Christianity you see in most churches is not at all what Jesus practiced.

        If you look at how Christianity was used by abusers, slave masters, pedophiles, etc, it should be obvious that it’s a religion which can be used to brainwash people just as it can be used to liberate people.

      • black god

        The best slave is the one who doesn’t know he is a Slave.

      • stackzscrilla

        Couldn’t have said it any better my dude! AMEN TO THAT!

      • ThatBostonMan

        The Bible was invented by men. The God from the bible was invented in Egypt by Pharaoh Akhenaten and that is a fact. Moses was actually educated by Egyptian scholars who introduced the idea of monotheism (one God) to him.

        Moses came with the ten commandments which was delivered by God to the jews. Jesus was Jewish. Somewhere down the line the Christian religion got corrupted and used to brainwash slaves around the world.

        That doesn’t mean there aren’t great Christians or Christians who know the true and full history, who know about the gnostic gospels, the Egyptian Akhenaten and the Gospel of Judas.

        But the mainstream Christianity does not teach any of this. So if you’re a mainstream Christian you’re better off looking at the history channel than going to church in my opinion.

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        I was going to respond but Darren Myt Collins said it perfectly.

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        It is of no concern to me. I;m sure that your great, great, great, grandmother’s master is proud that her offspring are still worshiping the god that he introduced to her, and not the gods of her ancestors. Keep making Massa proud.

      • ThatBostonMan

        What is worse is this isn’t really a racial thing either. Before black people were given that brainwashing it was given to illiterate white people all throughout Europe.

        The divine right of kings was based upon the idea that royalty comes from God. The King James bible was invented to keep royals in power. Before they called them slaves they called them serfs and serfs were basically slaves who were white and in Europe.

        The History of Christianity includes inquisitions where millions of people throughout Europe were killed because they dared to think for themselves. It was nothing more than a psy-op, a brain washing, mind control scam to keep poor people submissive to authority.

        As a result God is male, is the father, and the father is the king. It all is in the bible, so a lot of women had virtually no rights for hundreds of years because the Bible made it seem like men were closer to God than women.

        And when those in authority are beating the shit out of you and your loved ones, you’re trained by the bible to turn the other cheek. If everyone turned the other cheek would we ever have freedom anywhere?

        Freedom starts in the mind of the individual.

      • ThatBostonMan

        Christianity was created by King James. Its called the King James bible isn’t it? Christ wasn’t even a Christian, he was jewish.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        you know that is completely incorrect right?

      • Vicani

        Christianity is basically about following the ways of Christ. How can Christ be a Christian? There are so many versions of bible. We can also say Revised standard version created Christian. Bitch your so dumb.

      • ThatBostonMan

        Jesus Christ was a jewish mystic. Jewish mysticism was not based on the King James bible. That said there were the original Christians and if you’ve head of the dead sea scrolls you’ll know there were many more scriptures and gospels which were withheld by elites, suppressed, or censored to keep people from knowing what Jesus really believed and how he really lived.

        Go look it up on Google, the Gnostic Gospels.

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        LMBO! Wow. You thought King James created the Bible? He has a “version” but there are countless other versions, sir.

        This guy has to be a troll. I find it hard to believe that someone though King James invented the bible.

      • ThatBostonMan

        The bible was invented by kings to keep the slaves submissive. It’s a fact of history, go look up how the first bible was created. It was a bunch of elites who got together and conspired to select specific scriptures while ignoring others.

        I’m not saying King James invented the bible, I’m saying the real Christians were the gnostics and were persecuted by the ruling elite of their time. Jesus was considered to be a terrorist and was crucified because he didn’t accept authority.

        The version of the bible popular now basically tells you to submit to the ruling authority. The King James bible is the bible that was given to slaves and it’s not the real beliefs of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a jewish mystic. Judaism came from Moses who was raised by Egyptians.

        Monotheism(the belief in one God) actually came from Egypt. The bible that African slaves received is not what was practiced in Egypt or what Jesus himself practiced. It was a selected series of text hand picked by the elite rulers of society to subjugate the slaves psychologically.

        These opinions. I’m just saying there is more to Christianity than what you can find in the King James or otherwise hand picked Bibles that you find being handed out to you. Please look deeper into the real history.

      • black god

        their were religions but our ancestors did not come to America as Christians, some were muslim but the majority practiced African religious rites which is still practiced today. When they came they had the bible and we had the land, now we have the bible and they have the land.

  • I thought he was already religious from the religious interludes on his album. he also is in church in his video

  • Escobar

    Honestly, Kendrick’s music sends an ACTUAL message to how to better your life. I’ll give you two easy ones. 1) Cut You Off. 2) HiiiPower — Those two songs itself will show you what Kendrick’s music is REALLY about, he’s sending a powerful message to our generation to better ourselves.

    …………………. Game is Game, ain’t nothing changed on him but his bitchmade butterfly tats. Lol

    • OSBKE3000

      for some reason fans of the music seem to overlook his message … Hiiipower is a great track .. Kendrick is the next great artist east or west you can’t deny if u really listen to the music

      I completely agree wit the Game comment …. I never liked him …. he called himself The Game … that sh!t was corny

      • Escobar

        Yeah. I think it’s just the tracks he makes has to appeal to the people, but the same time he also invests his own time into putting songs out for our generation. HIiiPower was basically him saying go out there and do your own thing, don’t listen to the propaganda and what they say you’re meant to do. Cut You Off was by far my favorite, I implemented that message to my life and I don’t surround myself around people who just talk about problems, and I want to surround myself around people who speak on iconic goals and progression.

        I’m not anywhere near an actual Kendrick Fan and always coppin; his latest, but he has some beautiful music. Really.

  • brotha_man

    i still think skyzoo- a dreamed deferred is better than kdot M.A.A.D city

  • krow132

    If you ask 100 people in the black community, probaly 85 will tell you they are Christians or saved. Its just a way for us to give ourselves a sense of security and feel as if, no matter what we do, We are saved and “God’s children” and therefore will go to heaven. Its not even really our fault, its mainly in my opinion that the Bible and Christianity is so divisive and contradictory and Christian leaders are such contrariens in how they live as it relates to what they preach, that we al pretty much follow that line.

    Im a huge Kendrick fan, GKMC is a classic, its obvious he has a great sense of self, and a great sense of religion, death and how it affects those around him. Can’t speak to his religious or how he lives his life but a christian in the truest sense of the bible, I doubt he is that.

  • Don’t dig too much into religion, religion will not save you . . . It’s not about religion its about a higher power. Form your relationship and get aligned with your beliefs and try to live right. Once you do that, try to help others find their “Truth”. – Mission complete!

  • Thee_Gooch <—- Twitter

    Kendrick will be cool as long as he stays in music. There are some dope Christian rappers ha