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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kim Kardashian Plans to Change Her Last Name to West

Remember when Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries and made a big deal about changing her last name? We watched it play out on her reality show, Keeping up With the Kardashians. Kris Humphries wasn’t too thrilled that she decided to remain “Kardashian for life.”

That sentiment on Kim’s part has changed. She told E! News that once she marries Kanye her name will beKim Kardashian West, no hyphen. So, there it is. She found the man persuasive enough to make her change her name.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    … until Kanye is no longer relevant.

    • Jared

      And that might be sooner than later

  • Immortal

    kardashian shit

  • OMG get the cameras, call the media, call all reporters, she is changing her name, the world is going to end.

  • Douglas Bubbletrousers

    ya know – if they’re happy and truly in love, good for them. Not gonna shit on their happiness. Bless ’em.

  • King Cold

    Good for them now AHH can get back to some real hip hop rumors

  • ZUBU

    Damn, I’m sick of this chick. If AHH doesn’t want to put hip hop articles up give us some sports reports, but enough of this chick. No hate, give us hiphop or change the site to TMZ-2 wtf…….

  • His pockets made her wanna keep his last name

  • krow132

    lol Ye wasn’t having that shit. Goes to show you just need someone who is a strong personality to control that chick

  • goose

    what she gone do next join rock nation…

    • LaurynHernandex

      When did they start changing names when people get married? I never knew this wow. lol