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Macy’s And Barneys Are Being Investigated By NY Attorney General For Racial Profiling

(AllHipHop News) After numerous African Americans accused Barneys and Macy’s of racial profiling, will these corporate giants get oversight or simply an overview? According to the New York Attorney General, the two companies are under investigation and must deliver information on their store policies by Friday (November 1st).

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New York Attorney General sent Macy’s East’s Chief Store Peter Sasche a letter detailing what information is needed from him to complete the investigation. That includes information on anti-discrimination policies as of October 1st, 2013,  customer complaints of racial discrimination over the past year and more.  Barneys Chief Executive Mark Lee is set to meet with Al Sharpton at the headquarters of Sharpton’s  civil rights group, National Action Network in Harlem on Tuesday (November 5th).

Macy’s history with customers accusing them of racial profiling spans further than 2013. According to the Attorney General, Macy’s paid $600,000 to settle similar racial profiling cases in 2005 after accusations of its New York stores profiling Black and Latinos. Other provisions of that settlement included establishing a new Security Monitor position, develop regulations on handcuffing and keep a database of records of all detentions that occur in the store.

  • jubileeshine

    jay z still got his pipe and magnifying glass searching for facts
    sherlock homeslice

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      as a HUGE jay-z fan thats funny

      • SBRon

        Word! But, this “investigation” buys Jay some much needed “time”…

  • Sean Power

    nothing will come of this so call investigation, this all a just make everyone feel good buy next week no will care anymore.. is there even a black people boycott going to stop shopping there ? are we only focus jay-z drop his charity ? this stories are going make sure they leak ever story and video of black shopping lifting from know on

  • By the time they finish the investigation Jay-Z’s partnership will be finished…We all should go there and buy a whole bunch of overpriced stuff and see how many people get stopped….On a serious note, I have some questions
    1. Are these lawsuits suing Macy’s and Barney in Manhattan? Or the entire Brand
    2.Have there been any other cases of racial profiling at the other locations outside of Manhattan and New York?
    3. Same thing for the cops are they suing the officers who arrested them or the Precint or the whole entire NYPD?
    4. When the incident in Barneys happened and he returned the belt for his money back, did he tell them why he was returning it? Or he just returned it and called a lawyer?
    5. Were these people who were profiled alone at the time or with others?
    I know I am all in it but these questions could make or break any court case.

    • dfwricwil

      I myself have been a patron of Macy’s for many years and the
      only issues I’ve ever had with them was that they’re always trying to get me to
      open a charge account.. Can’t say it doesn’t happen but I have no knowledge of

      The only racial profiling I’ve experienced was
      when I was younger trying to dip off with a honey in Motel and a lil Indian guy
      knocks on the door and tells me that if I’m going to sell some dope I need to
      pay $20 more or he will call the police…
      I was like WTF??? Or when I go to the liquor store in the hood and the lil
      Asian lady is watching me like a dam hawk….

      • And you took it all as a life lesson right? There was no need to call on Jay-z and the 10 oclock news….lol…I can’t wait to hear the outcome of what appears to be a neverending story…lol

      • dfwricwil

        LOL! Right. Made sure I didn’t visit the store or the Motel ever again.

      • That’s how you handle it.

        Not the same, but I went to my morning store, etc., and they were under construction, as I was about to leave, the worker was blocking my path, he looked up and continued working.

        I said “Excuse Me” & left, never to patronize their store again, based on the fact that if it was an old white lady, they would have moved instantly.

        Did it affect them?
        Probably not.

      • grabo2003

        Trust me it did because they lost a customer and it might affect their bottom line and also you might not be the only who will never buy from there so it adds at the end of th day.

      • Two custy’s, my peepz too!

      • brotha_man

        some people do little, some ppl do a lot.

        “those who stand for nothing fall for anything”

        we all handle are business different but one thing is for sure when a person is tired of being treated like scum, the world will hear about it.

      • I agree with you, but life would be much more simple if we just stay out their stores..There is nothing better than word-of-mouth, once people hear word that we shouldn’t support a certain brand then more people will follow..They get hurt more when customers pass their establishment and don’t even look in….

      • Immortal

        YOU BUY YOU BUY AND GET OUT!! I feel sorry for your mother..YOU FEEL SORRY FOR WHO? I don’t want no trouble…no trouble…BLAM BLAM give me your money muthaflocka lol

    • Sinbk Legend

      That kid did return the belt

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  • ZUBU

    Hell yeah they profile us, not just in those stores but fricking everywhere we go in America. I observe everyday how I’m viewed and others are during my daily activities. Heck when I was in college at a basically white university, the campus police looked at me totaly different. Having said that I was ALAWYS clean cut nerdy dressed, glasses, button up, tucked in shirt, dockers, dress shoes, etc. and they still looked at me crazy as hell like I was up to no good, all I was trying to do was get a fricking education. Also I was already a honorably discharged veteran who served our nation. Having said that I was BLACK so to those people it didn’t matter that I was well dressed, well educated, etc. I was BLACK and that was the biggest factor.

    • Sinbk Legend


    • Guest

      Ur dumb kid. It’s not cause of the color of ur skin it’s just most of u blks and Latinos dress hood like..that’s what makes u look heaty!!! U ppl n racism.. Racism is dead…just dumb ignorant ppl. If racism was still alive there would’ve been a world war on each others race.

      • grabo2003

        Is that so? Lemme get this straight Benny Madoff was dressed “unhood” like and still managed to steal hard earned billion of dollars! Moral of the story….It’s not what u wear that defines you… What a shameful and pathetic comment. Should have browsed through and kept quiet.

      • Immortal

        I’m going to agree with you that the style of dress should not define you, but the reality is; is that it does. When you look at a man is a crisp suit and tie you assume successful, but he could be job hunting like a mofo or broke as all outdoors and fronting like he has something. Same with someone with “street” clothes thinking they are “gangster” when they are actually intelligent educated individuals. Perception is a b*tch and we suffer from it.

      • grabo2003

        That is exactly my point i.e. we know our preconceived notions with regards to dress style should not define a person and can be wrong. In a professional setting like Macy’s employees and employers alike should treat everyone equally whether in a hoody or pin striped suit. The comment by ‘guest’ above is wrong because in the hood they are people who dress smartly in suits everyday as well, the same applies in suburbia where people where baggy clothes and therefore you can not tell where a person comes from by the clothes they wearing and u definately cannnot tell what their character is like.

      • ZUBU

        Nah dude, you’re dumb and you showed you can’t read. I stated I was well dressed while being profiled! Read Motha Fucka, so you don’t make ignorant comments

  • TimeWillTellu1

    The big question is how did they get the money to pay for these items. LOL SMH @ the police for being jealous lol sucka salaries

  • Brindle

    I can careless about a racist company. Whats got me stumped is, why is it so hard for Jay Z to take a stand just because he has business dealings with them. With Tommy Hillfiger, Crystal and Trayvon Martin he jumped right in claiming to be about the streets and the people. Now that he got business dealings he wants to know the facts 1st and had the nerve to say he wants to “find a solution that doesn’t harm all those that stand to benefit from this collaboration”. “all those”… Nigro, you are the “all those”. I smell coonery

    • Nah, “all those” pertains to the kids that Barney’s collabo would help put through college.

  • Vinsanity

    I worked in Loss Prevention many moons ago for at least 4 different major high and low end retail stores. Were taught to look for certain things (groups of people,booster bags, back backs, different retail bags, big light purses etc..) but racial profiling played a major roll in every store i worked at. Its everywhere, every store does it.

  • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

    Why do people care if a store is racist. Just don’t shop there. It’s that simple.

    • Frank

      It’s not “that simple”, but that is a simple way to talk with your money. And on point

  • Malik

    We, Blacks, should pretend like we don’t know and continue to ignore the root cause of this profiling pandemic across America.

    Until we stop allowing ourselves to be portrayed like we are being portrayed in movies, rap songs, rap videos and mainstream media, our chicken will continue coming home to roost.

    It’s a catch-22 scenario; the very same image we use to earn a living in America is the same image America uses in putting us down.

  • Enochian

    I was at a Macy’s store in Paramus, New Jersey and I was accused of looking suspicious and smelling like explosives… I had just bought a pack of underwear, socks and tshirts is all… Maybe they thought I was about to underwear bomb the store… Mall security came out of the woodwork and surrounded me while yelling stop and open the bag. I never consented to showing them the contents of my bag and I stood my ground. I think the 5th Column Red Macy Star Communists just objected to the American Flag patch on my backpack… I confronted the store manager a few days later and recorded the conversation… He first refused to comment, but he later acknowledged that Macys receives bomb threats… He said he didn’t know if it was right or wrong to profile people, but he said safety was a top priority of the store. Maybe I’ll post the recording on the Web sometime. Ginger discrimination? Not all Gingers are affiliated with the IRA! Profiling is wrong! Don’t shop at Macys!

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