Barneys CEO Says Black Customers Weren’t Profiled By Store Employees; Apologizes To Victims & Jay Z

(AllHipHop News) After nearly a week of public discussion about the two alleged racial profiling cases of Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips at the Barneys New York store, the retailer’s chief executive officer publicly addressed the situation.

CEO Mark Lee held a press conference at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquarters following a sit-down with the MSNBC host. While offering an apology to Christian and Philips, Lee contends that no one at Barneys profiled either customer.

“Our preliminary investigation has concluded that, in both of these instances, no one from Barneys New York raised any issue with these purchases,” said Lee according to the New York Post. “No one from Barneys brought them to the attention of our internal security, and no one from Barneys reached out to external authorities.”

Lee stated that racial profiling and discrimination is not a policy at Barneys. He stopped short of blaming the New York Police Department for the profiling of Christian and Phillips saying he can “only speak to what we know from the preliminary investigation.”

Lee also apologized to Hip Hop mogul Jay Z. Jay has an exclusive collection with Barneys that is set to debut next month. Partial proceeds from the sales of “A New York Holiday” will go to the rapper’s non-profit organization.

“We deeply regret that these recent events have distracted from the great work of the Shawn Carter Foundation, and we offer our sincere apologies to Mister Carter,” said Lee.

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  • Dointer

    You know, I love Jay Z and and the majority of music he has released (prior Blueprint 2). But nowadays, it seems as though he is serving as the gateway for all these companies to get at the fortunate/misfortunate youth of today. He is making major moves, but I think we are starting to see that he is only a pawn on a chessboard in reality.

    • Tony G.

      please explain

    • Jakne

      That was good…….

    • dfwricwil

      You Willie Lynch mob ninjas kill me with this bs. It’s a dam
      shame that the African American in this country still cannot be successful without:
      1.) Being labeled as a sellout. 2.) Being accused of being in the illuminate.
      3) Being called a pawn in the white man’s game.

      Dam! Why can’t he just be a black male who’ve worked hard to
      achieve what he has.

      The way you guys type in the comment section is
      like a black man can’t have sh!t and is supposed to struggle. Like a brother
      can’t make it on his on merit. SMH!

      • ggogins

        brah!! you said a mouth full homie!! You need to copy and paste this sht every where. I’ll never understand why the ‘crabs in a bucket’ syndrome still exist in our community

      • MrNoName2K

        5^ for the Willie Lynch Mob comment..LMAO classic

      • Nukirb

        What is your definition of success? The only power that successful black people on Jay Z’s level have is their influence. If he did something, anything to tarnish his image and reflect negatively on Barney’s they would drop him like a hot potato.

        Barney’s is racially profiling black people and Jay Z is black. If anything that says that no matter how much money Jay Z makes he’s still a ni##a. Jay Z gets a pass cause he can make Barney’s money. Barney’s wouldn’t miss one belt worth $300 but they would definitely miss Jay Z’s influence of backing out of their deal.

        Jay Z has been successful without Barney’s prior to this incident correct? So he could walk away from this without a problem because they’re will be other deals…right? Wrong our black celebrities don’t have that kind of influence with white corporations. Black people are tired of seeing they’re so called successful black people in high positions of influence not stand up for whats right when it is obvious to do so. Period.

    • Nukirb

      Co-sign. Most of our so called influential black celebrities are. Its a shame.

  • They are apologizing, which seems like a nice way to say we are not going to give you any money in any kind of settlement….The police released a statement saying that Barneys made the call, Barneys is saying no they didn’t…They are turning this into a joke….It seems more like the issue is with the NYPD because of how they go about interrogating people, and being that it didn’t happen on Barneys property their story seem more believable…I don’t see anything coming out of these allegations….My best advice is to not shop their anymore….I still think Jay should have never been called upon because now he is looking like a hero and he did nothing.

    • They called, NYPD didn’t have the info about the purchase without them.

      • RapItUp

        They didn’t have the purchases, but think about it… how many black people are walking in and out of Barney’s though?? it ain’t no strip mall.. especially a 20-something looking black kid. With a bag? Easy snatch to say “I don’t think you could afford that”. What if the guy only had a key chain? (Granted, it would be like a 50-75 dollar key chain lol) I am not ruling out the notion that the NYPD just snatched these people after they walked out of the store.. it’s not like they would be hard to pinpoint..

      • True, but that is totally absent probable cause, even still, how could they know he used a credit card?

      • RapItUp

        You don’t think NYPD is capable of totally absent probable cause?? But that is true, if the cops asked them about fraudulent credit/debit transactions, that HAD to have come straight out of Barney’s mouth. Or they got the place bugged, but I don’t think they’d take it THAT far.. lol I’m just curious to see which way this goes. CEO saying it ain’t them!

      • The NYPD will shoot an unarmed Blackman 50x without probable cause….it’s the credit card info that has Barney’s on the hook, but Yeah, if they were watching & just profiled & detained homey, arrested actually, if they moved him from one spot to another AGAINST his will….the again, they try to phrase it “Would you please come with us?” >> Hand on burner like they will pop your top off if you say no, but if you do say no, they will tell you that it isn’t an option, & when you asks…”Why offer me the choice by “ASKING?” they reply that they were just being nice….

        Either way, he should sue both & let them point the finger at each other in front of the jury.

      • RapItUp

        Curious to see what happens.. I’d ultimately rather see Barney’s take the W over NYPD, in this particular case. But as long as there is some retribution somewhere and my people stop getting heckled over BS, I’m happy! We just gotta cut this petty, primitive behavior out! We’re the same kind of people, breathing the same kind of air, tryna spend the same kind of money! I think Jay summed it up best with- Can I live??

      • They both taking the L’s….or Barney’s if they called NYPD.

        If Barney’s called, they should be given an award.

        WTF was he doing buying that belt?

        Good for his stupid @$$ if you ask me. They should have beat some sense into him.

        Workstudy = Below poverty line & he’s buying that ‘chet?

        How about school supplies, cold weather gear, a usuable gift for mom dukes? ( Cheater box for satellite tv, etc. )

        >> In Dr. Claude Anderson’s voice : “In Appropriate Behavior”

        Youtube it


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  • jubileeshine

    NYPD Points Finger Back at Barneys for Racial Profiling

    At a meeting yesterday with Al Sharpton and other community leaders, the CEO of Barneys insisted, of two recent shop-and-frisk incidents, “No one from Barneys brought them to the attention of our internal security and no one from Barneys reached out to external authorities.” Despite the police’s proclivity for stopping people of color, that version of events seemed unlikely in a retail setting.

    Now the cops have countered: “NYPD officers were conducting unrelated investigations and took action based on information brought to their attention by Barneys employees while in the security room,” said a spokesperson. The Times notes that Barneys’ recent security strategy — as stated by management — has been to “take chances” on stopping suspicious customers. Surely some of those people are white, but we haven’t heard about them.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Apology is a start.. Now can we have those badges from the racist pd?

  • Jayson C Williams

    Now who’s going to investigate Nypd for racial profiling?? Lmao nobody (Keith sweat voice)

  • MrNoName2K

    man screw barneys anyway.. overpriced ass sh*t..

  • dbfromdc

    this dude is a bold face lier, how would nypd know what was going on unless an employee of barneys called them!!!!!!!!

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