Eminem Ft. Kendrick Lamar “Love Game”

Check out this Kendrick Lamar assisted banger off MM2 LP by Eminem.

  • What the hell is this??? Is it me or doe’s Eminem always get the “Hot Rapper of the moment” on a track and try to out do him? Yawn, this corny as Nebraska…

    • LaurynHernandex

      Em likes making trash songs, He’s failed 4 times in a row on this cd

      • Nico Kensing

        Look you and the meth head looking b**** in your sig need to shut up and shit down, you ain’t jack yourself either.

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol you can tell you’re a Stan.

      • TheInfiniteToker

        Anyone who can call Rap God trash seems to have little or no knowledge of hip-hop.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Trust me. I know over 500 rappers. Rap God wasn’t that Good. Bad Hook,worse beat a bunch of rambling about how good he thinks he is. Double time flow doesn’t impress me either since it’s the easiest thing to do than stay on beat.

  • acapwn

    This beat ruined it for me. WTF

    • oh u need the recycled trap beat i see.. ahahahahahaha

      • acapwn

        Instead, you want recycled Wayne Fontana. gtfo

      • yes, its different. and the BARS are top notch. welcome to rap.

      • acapwn

        No, it’s not different. It’s some shit someone already did. You wanna say it’s recycled when it’s a beat you don’t like but some other bullshit is okay. Kick rocks.

      • Yes it is different. ok its something someone used, but its not something every rap song is using and sounding like, and its the 1st time someone rapped on it, its really sad that i had to explain that to you. you should stop eating paint chips and start kicking rocks.

      • LaurynHernandex

        He fell off lmao and you are stanning hard

      • stanning? yeah… not really doe, u just cant handle da truth lol

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol Stan

  • Andy Rojas

    yoooooooooo dis shit asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • David Gonz

    playground rap

  • Freebe Jackson

    niggaz started listening to music in 2003….your opinion is void

    • Thoughts

      Totally agree. Same vibe as 3ft high or license to ill classic ish. Surprised folks don’t get tired over all that over hyped bass n synth filled fit the mold gotta be a hit get spins fit the sound of the rest of the drone garbage most been making the past 15 years in hiphop. Dude an artist and yall want him to appease yall stagnant concept of music creativity when its the same 15 songs they play all day. dead dead dead…niggaz cant conceive shit outside of 140 characters.


    fuckin trashhhh dawg wtf is this bulllshit eminem suks dickckcckk

  • jd

    Whats this dude retarded?!? Gimme back my 16 dollars!

    • LaurynHernandex

      lol the old eminem would cuss him out and smack him and say you are pathetic. RIP to Proof

  • david3528

    The problem with these new Em songs is that they are great to listen to for the first couple of times. After you’ve heard all the crazy word play there’s no redeeming quality to them. Except for Bezerk. I hated that shit from its inception.

  • mayne fuk desh shet! buy my CD! #FREEBOOSIE

  • soyhiphop

    seriously em? and kendrick u heard this wack sh!t and jimped in? wooow

    • LaurynHernandex

      lol Kendrick had the better verse two. Ok Jay z murdered by eminem, t.I Killed eminem twice,royce killed em 6 times and Kendrick just killed him once.

      • ummm ems 1st verse was better then kendrick as well as his 2nd, the 1st one where he talks about the other rappers were dope. and TI hasnt killed anything LOL.. royce may have gotten him once on that album but em consistently out rapped him.

      • LaurynHernandex

        lame. T.I has killed em twice on touchdown and all she wrote. Em knows it that’s why he did two songs with him and lost on both. Kendrick better than em ever was.

      • TI hasnt killed shit.. lol… and kendrick verse wasnt better. try again.

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol he killed em twice

    • LaurynHernandex

      Dude, the whole album just leaked and if you hear it you’d be embarrassed. He’s trying to sing like Back street boys. Literally he’s everything he was against on MMLP. This is worse than encore.

      • and yet it has the best BARS then any rap album released since… ems last album. LOL

      • LaurynHernandex

        lmao. You must not know what bars are.

      • this comment shows me you have no idea what bars are.,. ahaha

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol you don’t know what bars are XD



  • TimeWillTellu1

    boo boo

  • Dhz30

    lol the beat fucks it up for me but it sounds like dude is having fun making music..99% of mainstream rappers put out the same recycled formulaic bullshit just to cash in, so i cant be mad at one of the few who is making music cuz he still actually loves doin it, even if the music aint my style

    • cant be mad? you should LOVE it because it is different and has the best BARS in the industry on it..

  • h8me

    im not mad.. im not angry… im disappointed.


    this ish Garbage…

  • Dhz30

    n respect to kendrick cuz shit like this shows that he is a real artist with versatility, not just a rapper..i mean he did his thing on a song with an usual style/topic on a country-sounding bullshit ass beat

  • tuff, this show that most of you people that talk shit is the ones that don’t know good music.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Sounds like you just mad that he’s getting exposed.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    goddamnit. ive been waiting for this to drop for so long and its terrible.

  • Guest

    From the singles i’ve heard i’d say Yeezus is facing stiff competition for worst album of the year. this would really be disappointing. what happened to the eminem who gave us “rock bottom”, till i collapse, the way i am, stan, beautiful, sing for the moment 25 to life? I m just holding out hope because usually my favourite songs from his albums arent the singles

    • yeezus is the worst album by far, this album isnt ems greatest but the BARS in it are better then every rap album released in the last…. well since em dropped his last one. LOL

      • LaurynHernandex

        Lame. Kendrick,Lupe,Loaded Lux,Andre 3000,Nas,DMX,Ice cubes all had albums in the last 4 years better than recovery which was pure trash.

  • Bhigh Williams

    If you think this not gonna get Kendrick more fans….and if you think those millions of die hard eminem fans not gonna learn this song word for word when he starts touring, you crazy….This is not something I would blast, but i bet he gonna get that cake for it

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    people love making excuses for this guy
    funny how he is 41 and there is no talks about his age or retiring
    funny how he drops wack music over and over again for years but is still “the greatest” rapper lmao
    riddle me this:
    if a black person have to work (so called) twice as hard as a white person to be on they (so called) level
    does that mean that a white person have to work less as hard as a black person to be on they level?
    looking at eminems record in hip hop……….it seems this is whats happening

    • LaurynHernandex

      Yes. Imagine if em and Nas switched records. Nas would be laughed at and Em would be considered dope still. He sells a lot because teenage white kids like being angry at mom.

      • no he sells a lot because he writes the best bars in rap. period.

        and if nas rapped what eminem rapped it would be fake since em actually raps about his life, if nas was rapping about ems life that would be fake and fugazi.

      • LaurynHernandex

        Nope. He sells because he’s a pop sensation that wears dresses,lets men t bag him live on tv and is average.

    • ummmm yeah…. not really doe… have you heard black people rap?? most only rap abc bars. cat rhymes with hat. eminem is trying harder with his bars THEN ANY MC DOING IT TODAY!!!

      the hooks on this album are ‘meh” but the bars are the best since em dropped his last album..

      • LaurynHernandex

        Lame. You don’t even know black mc’s. YOu just Know drake,wayne and kanye and think they must be the best. You know 10 rappers top. Em fell off and those verses are random rambaling. A bunch of multis with no meaning.

  • SQL

    After listening to the album(minus the bonus tracks) i liked the following
    1. Stronger than i was
    2. So far
    3. Headlights
    4. Bad guy(especially towards the end
    5. So much Better
    7. *sshole

  • $49453565

    lmaooo dis is too funny it kinda dope idk i guess

  • its funny how black people are so mad at em, just because he is better then every black rapper and any rapper of any color.

    they getting flashbacks to elvis! ahahaha

    • LaurynHernandex

      lmao. Em isn’t better than anyone outside of Lil wayne drak and Kanye. Loaded Lux still calling Ems little self out. Em wack

      • loaded lux? who is loaded lux??? you gotta earn your way up to battle an eminem. LOL loaded lux, thats the funniest ish ive heard all day!! ahahahahaha guess what?? Em is better then every rapper that is rapping right now!!! Deal with that on your own time ahahahahahaha

      • LaurynHernandex

        lol long paragraphs mean you lost. XD

  • danboy1386

    i like it kinda reminds me of old pharcyde. couldnt be more different than the hiphop thats on the radio right now that can only be a good thing.