Penis Church

Epic Fail of the Day: Church Looks Like Giant Penis on Google Earth

Architects behind the design of the Christian Science Society in Dixon, Illinoisdidn’t think their design all the way through. The church looks seemingly normal on the ground but from Google Earth it looks like a big ol’ giant penis. And get this, the church’s slogan is “rising up.”


Officials at the church seem to be taking it in stride though as someone tweeted the following:

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7.47.33 PM

Imagine that! LOL.

  • therealest1

    Warped minded shit.

  • Jared

    If an architect did not know that , I would say he doesn’t deserve a degree. At one time in this design they needed a top view That’s coming from a mechanical engineer. They new exactly what they were doing, lol

    • It’s not the architect, it’s the designer & the one who approves it.

      • Jared

        Obviously you don’t get the point that someone designed it and approved it and a top view should have been in this process. The designer is the architect. The person who acquired the designer/architect approves it.

      • The church designed it, or came up with the design & hired the designer. ( The curve, tip, balls, etc.

        The architect “DESIGNS” the structures construction, per the designer, albeit, they may be one & the same, but the church approved it.

        A reflected ceiling plan would show the product, as well as pictures of the project’s completion before it starts production would be show before the design was selected.

        * >> Over 20yrs construction experience

      • Jared

        You just repeated what I said in a non-consise way.
        “Architect ‘designs’ the structures construction”. What’s does that mean? A civil engineer would do that and either way their should have been a top view in the design process

        *>> 4 years undergrad mechanical engineering
        >> 1 year MS in Mech. Engineering
        >>. 2 years as a Mechanical engineer

      • What I meant was, I have seen the architect & the person who initially conceived the idea / concept of the building have meetings.

        As far as the top view, Yeah, they had a top view before ground was broken. They had a top view before they decided to build it.


    these pastors fuking over the congregation anyway…

    • richard_b_hard

      More like Pastor’s Fcuking the women in the congregation and fcuking the congregation out of their money with tithes and the church fund,pastor’s be like I gotta stay flyyyyyyyyyyyyy,need a new Cadillac and some new gators Congregation betta have my money!


    lord have mercy!

  • they knew that shyt!!!! how do you not see that in the blueprints…..probabaly a joke 2 the architect/s…

  • Nukirb

    The carnal world is on a mission to remove Gods authority and smear and ridicule his name. Throughout human history every great leader with influence amongst the masses has fallen victim to either physical or character assassination and most times both. Judging from the perverse, disrespectful, sacreligous and blasphemous actions of people of the current times regarding God and religion the time for atonement is drawing closer everyday. Repent and live eternal life.