Amina Buddafly

Hip-Hop Rumors: Amina Buddafly of LHHNY ‘Didn’t Know Peter Gunz Had a Family’

Amina Buddafly is attempting to do some damage control now that the world has watched her in her role as Love & Hip-Hop New York’s newest resident homewrecker.

In a recent interview with Bossip she claimed she did know that Peter Gunz had a family because he lied to both she and Tara (Gunz’ baby mama). Apparently, she’s “just a nice girl from Europe,” and what we see on the show isn’t what it appears to be. Here’s her statement:

I might look a little bad but I’m here to tell everyone it’s not what it looks like. I had no bad intentions, never have. Im just a sweet girl from Europe. It’s all real, it’s real love. I really didn’t know. Peter and I have a relatioship that’s based on knowing what peter told me. He told her lies and he told me lies. 

Ok, we’ll stop here for the sake of sparing us from choking to death on the bullshit. It’s obvious that Peter did go back and forth between the women, telling them different things (which is foul too) but a woman with “no ill intentions” would have ended the affair as soon as she realized the man was involved.

Let’s not forget how she gets up in Tara’s face claiming that she’s Peter’s wife because of a stupid “Mrs. Pankey” tattoo in an upcoming episode of Love & Hip-Hop.

Catch the full interview here.

  • JerZeBoy

    I’ll hit that shit allday…….

  • Immortal

    Stupid, but better than the Inside Man “rumor”.

  • thegroove112

    I’d take bb moms but I’d still hit Amina

  • Chris Walker

    how she didnt know when she on the first episode giving his baby mother a hug at the talent show when when she was singing and then she was arguing with rich about his baby moms if u are going to be a hoe at least be able to wake up and look in the mirror and be comfortable with that damn smh