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Joe Budden & Tahiry Discuss How Flirting On Social Media Impacts Relationships

(AllHipHop News) Fans of Love & Hip Hop New York get to watch Joe Budden and Tahiry live out the ups and downs of their relationship ever week on VH1, but the two reality stars are also followed by an interested public on social media. The Slaughterhouse emcee and the urban model spoke with The Grio recently about how being overly flirtatious on Twitter plays out in real life.

“Men and women, our perspectives when it comes to social media are a tad bit different,” explains Budden. “Women take that like the girl is there.”

Tahiry had a different feeling on the impact of flirting on social media.

“You shouldn’t be tweeting like you’re single. You should have your significant other’s feelings in consideration,” added the Harlem native. “You can’t be tweeting and flirting with other chicks in the public eye. We’re both in the public eye. You’re mad disrespectful.”

According to Budden then only way a dispute over actions on social media can be resolved is to “just succumb and do as she says.”

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Watch the discussion in the video below.

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    id let tahiry sit on my face, real talk! QUEENS!

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    I’ve always thought she was a hot chick banging body etc. but both of those facial pics were not very flattering, maybe just bad angles, bad day, etc. Not hating on the girl, but damn AHH give us a pic of her looking hot!

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    she a fool LOL joey stay disrespecting her and anyone believes or agrees with what he said is a clown too

  • No thank you for the Ghetto advice…I think that only applies to him and his relationship.

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    only insecure ppl get mad over social media posts

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    He’s a celebrity, a lot of women follow him because they like his looks and his confidence..those same women buy his albums and go to his shows…so when he takes you shopping remember in the end it was those same women you have an issue with regarding interaction that put the money in his pocket to buy you nice things. She needs to realize this isn’t some average random person on twitter or social media..you can’t make him live by average person rules because the average persons income doesn’t depend on how other people perceives them.

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    these two need each other to generate interest for themselves. They manufacture these issues and drama with each other with hopes of getting a spin off show. I don’t even take them serious anymore.