R. Kelly Rep Says Alleged Impersonator Was The Real Singer

(AllHipHop News) Fans at recent R. Kelly show in Louisiana were upset when they heard that the performer they paid to see was not the real Kellz. It turns out the man they saw was the actual R&B singer according to Kelly’s rep.

Attendees at the event began demanding refunds complaining that the show started late and alleging they were tricked by a R. Kelly look-a-like who apparently barely performed. A local news affiliate KNOE reported that the party’s promoter, Cedric Johnson, sent a text to the station claiming that he was “duped” by an imposter and would refund all payments to purchasers. Johnson later claimed the he did not send the text and rescinded the offer to give any money back.

According to NME, a spokesperson confirmed that R. Kelly was in attendance at the All Black Attire Party on Saturday. The rep says that Kelly was booked for an appearance at the event and not a full concert. Some fans contested that a live concert featuring Kelly was advertised. Promoters deny that was the case.

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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    this sound like the shit MF Doom was doing to his fans

    • InTheNightKitchen

      I know MF can spit but I don’t follow his career, what exactly was he doing?

      • atlantahiphopshop

        had a clone doing shows for him

      • InTheNightKitchen

        Pure craziness b, only sane answer for that is chasing checks trying to be in two places at once. Can’t blame MF if that was his reasoning but that borderlines one of the seven deadly.

        Thx for that info

      • Truth Powell

        Doom Bots……

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  • jd

    That same clone was on that tape too. Thats how he got off.

  • Dream Magazine

    It WAS the real R Kelly and I have Hi-Res photos to prove it. Hit me up AllHipHop if you all are interested in obtaining the images: dreambigboss@gmail.com or 318.426.6202.

  • ll3acdafukup

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