[Video] Review Of Eminem’s MMLP2

The whole world seems to be trading/sharing/listening to the Eminem album, the Marshall Mathers LP 2. The opus named after the classic album of 2000. The dude APT has recorded a early review of the album that gives it a 7.5 out of 10.

Check out the review and see if you agree with his assessment of the latest by Eminem.

  • Lildre7

    7/10 disappointed em fan


      f you

  • jo22k .

    the album gives me MMLP, TES and some Encore, not comparing to the first MMLP but as a stand alone album i give it 9/10. i think he delivered and MMLP2 is much better than Relapse, Recovery, and Encore.

  • montdogg
  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    after hearing Survival, Bezerk, Love Game, and Monster I had really low expectations for the cd. it’s actually pretty damn good. he shouldn’t of called it MMLP2 in my opinion but there is some good ass songs on it. some bullsh*t ones too but still some good ones.

    • GSizzle21

      The “bad” songs also make a lot more sense when you listen to the album in it’s entirety. Berserk still kind of feels out of place on the album though.

      The first time I heard “Monster” I thought it was the worst song I’d ever heard and, though I still only think it’s “OK” at best, hearing it in context with the rest of the album made it a lot more listenable.

  • Giborsome

    Damn he went Hard on this album…. This was crazy


    “stronger than i was” is the best song on the album….

  • Number


  • Jibbexed

    Wow just wow, I can hardly even keep up with this album, even the slower songs are pure addyrlyn, he’s often spiting lyrics so fast, I’m missing the amazing word play.

    No its not the same as the first MMLP, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • NumberData

    Dude… like this album goes against every modern grain of Hip Hop how was it not rated higher?

  • Haganeno Renkinjutsushi

    I think you need to re-listen, the album is very good

  • Clarence Clementine

    How can anyone possibly digest, let alone review such a dense album in less than 24hours. First Impressions tho, CLASSIC

    • Nicky Mancinelli

      it is quite incredible, a step up from recovery but no comparison to his early work, that being said, this album could win the Grammy for album of the year…

      • Clarence Clementine

        As it should, they jerked him for album of the year with Recovery. About damn time..

  • Guest

    I get that people are fans but you seriously need to start being objective. Most people calling this a classic are probably the same people who called relapse a classic(an album even Eminem said he didnt like)

    • Adam

      I liked Relapse a lot. It was dark, moody, and felt like a thematic album with top production by Dr. Dre. A lot of people jumped on the band wagon that it wasn’t a great album because of it’s lower than expected sales, Eminem’s opinion on the album, and several critics.

      I know plenty of people who put Relapse above Recovery which is seen as more of a pop/rock/rap record than actual hip-hop. It’s all differing opinions, but I’ve grown to appreciate Relapse quite a bit and would put it well in front of Recovery.

    • GSizzle21

      “Same Song and Dance” is one of my favorite Eminem songs ever. Relapse is a better album than people want to give it credit for – it’s not a classic album though.

      The thing is I could relate to the album because I was personally in the same sort of place he was when he made it. The year before was probably the worst year of my entire life and I made lots of terrible, selfish decisions and didn’t care about the end result of anything at that time. I was not myself for a long time.

      Recovery was the same way for me because after that rough year or so of life, I was rebulding myself and transforming into a new person, yet still dealing with the ramifications of some of my decisions on an everyday basis.

      My stage of life always seems to be in parallel to where Em’s is and it makes his music that much more powerful for me on a personal level. That’s not some random ass “Stan” shit either, I truly honestly feel this way.

  • You Know

    Great album imo 8/10

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    first listen. BLOWN AWAY… very impressed. BUT TO REVIEW IN SUCH A SHORT TIME ,,,… ITS DEF NEEDED FOR THE WEBSITE BUT ID SIT ON it at least a good few days before giving it a numbered rating. i can say its definately better than his last album.

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    deluxe tracks “fullalbum” aint even out in full yet. smh dumbass review.

  • feelinewzelan

    This album wasn’t THAT bad but IMO the beats were whack. I think he shoulda got amongst the TDE crew and there sound and also done some dark demonic shady shit with OF aswell, but I did like Headlines where he apologised to his mom and I didn’t mind the track where he’s singing on the most of it either. A different em that I didn’t mind but the track with Kendrick was pretty whack, he needs to get amongst the sound that’s leading the rap game right now and not make his own style, because the TDE/OF sound is where it’s at right now and eminem would be amazing on tracks like that.


      stfu those beats were tight

  • SQL

    After listening to the album(minus the bonus tracks) i liked the following
    1. Stronger than i was
    2. So far (a bit)
    3. Headlights
    4. Bad guy(especially towards the end
    5. So much Better
    7. *sshole


    haven’t even listen to it yet and already love it


    what other rapper doesn’t cuse this dude is stupied




    why is he spoiling stuff punk




    eminem needs to pistol whip this punk

  • Adam

    Not even close to Relapse. Relapse is personally one of my favorite Eminem albums, and I thought Dr. Dre had top notch production on it.

    This album doesn’t fit the vibe of MMLP, the beats are a real mixed bag, Dr. Dre didn’t have much input in it, it wasn’t as edgy, and it had a lot of pop on it.

    Overall, it’s a decent rap record, but I think it will be a real swing and a miss for Eminem.

    • GSizzle21

      I don’t think the album is supposed to have the same vibe as MMLP.

      Most rappers sophomore album is their worst, Em’s is widely regarded as his greatest and most know it was a once in a lifetime event. It was never going to be matched no matter how hard he tried.

      It’s more like Eminem sat down and, after finally hearing
      his critics/fans out, is taking the time to reflect on where his life
      was, when he did his best work, and then gives us a musical response as to how he feels about many of those same situations now.

      That’s just how I see it, I’ve listened to MMLP2 in it’s entirety three times now but refuse to judge it too much or put a number on it yet.

    • dequan

      relapse sucked ass even slim shady said it sucked like 20 times on recovery…..Insane,” my mom, Same Song & Dance,”Medicine Ball, We Made You ,Must Be the Ganja,Bagpipes from Baghdad,Buffalo Bill,Taking My Ball”Music Box”Drop the bomb on’Em and well stay wide awake sucks lyricaly and my daring and that only leaves 5 good songs imo.
      now recovery imo my fav songs cold wind blows,talking to my self, wont back down, not afraid, seduction,no love,space bound cinderiea man,25 to life,almost famous, love the way u lie, here we go,ridaz, session one,fly away, thats 15 goodsongs vs 5 goodsongs
      lol relapse sucks.

  • Logan

    NOBODY is messing w/ Em’s word play, flows, or lyrics. PERIOD!!! I think Kendrick is one of the best right now and he made Kendrick sound average at best. Granted, not K.Dots usual style. MMLP2 is incredible. Some of the hooks are light, but lyrically, nothing out is close to this. It’ll take a little longer for the slower minds to get it. Thank god it doesn’t sound like everything else. 9.5/10

    • Nicky Mancinelli

      nah Kendrick went in, I ain’t really feelin Kendrick like that but he went in on this shit

  • Logan

    This dude makes no sense. What is he talking about? Shock value?!!! Cursing?!!! He’s wearing a SWAG T-shirt, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t understand lyricism.

  • Logan

    The funny part is the first song on the album, ‘Bad Guy’, addresses how critics would say he’s calling it MMLP2 as a publicity stunt. APT, you need to study the material before you try to teach it.

  • Not as good as Recovery? I think it’s his best album since The Eminem Show.

    • Nicky Mancinelli

      time will tell along with the Grammy potential, if it wins album, record and song of the year for the monster, it could very well give everything not named Eminem show/mathers lp a run for its money

    • Kevin

      Your stupid recovery came out after the eminem show

    • dequan

      lol recovery had not way better but some better beats and hooks then this.thats the only probelm with this shit i only like 11 songs out of 21 yeah recovery had better dj producers


    “Stronger than i was” is the best song on the album…Its better than Recovery, but songs like “So Far”, “Monster”, and “Survival” stop it from being a classic…Should of had better beats…Rick Rubin trash…

  • dequan

    rick rubin destroyed eminem

  • dequan

    this album was soooo pop eminem best albums infinite slim shady ep slim shady lp mmlp1 eminem show recovery and encore was o.k this album had some good songs but to be truthful because eminem listens to stupid ass fake fans, i think its all yall fake ass fans fault this album was sooo garbage i only liked 7 songs so far out of 16

  • Chris Consalvo

    whats the marsha matthers album ?

  • ShatteredWorld

    This rating is pretty spot on. It’s not one of Em’s best albums, obviously, but I’d say it’s his best since Relapse and, possibly, The Eminem Show.

  • Zach Perron

    I have to say, this is definitely my favorite Eminem record since “The Eminem Show”, but it also felt more like “The Eminem Show Pt.2” with a mix of MMLP, SSLP, and a bit of Encore influence thrown in the mix. I think that Eminem was pretty spot on when he said this is more of a “nogalistic” album than a “revisit” to the first “MMLP”, because there is no way he could have made an album that sounded or was lyrically as close to “MMLP” in this day in age, it was the right time, and the right moment. Granted the album has it’s misses (“Monster”, “Stronger Than I Was”), “Bad Guy”, “Rap God”, “Rhyme Or Reason”, “Legacy”, and “Evil Twin” are classic Eminem songs, and “Headlights” is by far his best “ballad” type song! I thought the sampling was sweet with The Beastie Boys (“Berzerk”), Joe Walsh (“So Far”), The Zombies (“Rhyme Or Reason”), and Wyane Fontana and the Mindbenders (“Love Game”), some people might not like the beats, but coming from a huge classic rock fan, I thought the beats were sampled very well for this record. In short, i’d give it an 8.5/10

  • StRIIIK3

    Is that the same house from the first album? It looks like it’s the back of the same house.

  • dequan

    o.k fine i like the album now i think So Much Better is o.k ,the only songs i dont like is Rhyme or Reason,Berzerk” is tity,love game, the lyrics are good the hooks are good but most of the songs could of had betters beat but dont blame it on eminme its not his fault it his producers rick rubin ans dlvp and s1 the only good dj on this album was dr dre and he only did 1 song brainless.and dj khalil is good

  • This album is awesome, in my opinion. Definitely better than ‘Recovery’.

  • lot of racists out there

    Its far better than recovery I thought it could of used a few Dre and Alchemist beats and the Kendrick feature was wasted on a weak beat rappin bout love that should of been a banger

  • james mcclarren

    if you have only listened to this album a few times then there is no need to post because there is no way you caught everything or took it all in in just a few listens