Chris Brown May Be Saved By Secret Service Agent

(AllHipHop News) If new details in the Chris Brown alleged DC assault case turn out to be true, the R&B singer may have to thank a secret service agent for preventing him from going to jail.

TMZ claims to have access to documents that reveal a witness to the October 27th altercation outside the W hotel overheard the apparent victim admit to police he was never struck by Brown. The officer later denied speaking to the witness, but a secret service agent who was at the scene also apparently heard the alleged victim’s admission that Brown never assaulted him. The agent shared that information with DC police.

The original felony assault charges against Brown were already reduced to misdemeanors days after his arrest. He pled not guilty to the crime and checked himself into rehab.

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Officials from the Los Angeles County Probation Department began an investigation for a possible probation violation on the part of Brown. The singer is still on probation after pleading guilty for assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

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  • Montezuma1

    Chris you gotta put more distance between you and the fans. Too much fuckery.

    • Blaq_Boi

      I still fail to understand how fans/haters can have so much love/hate for an individual they barely know. To the point you fabricate sh*t that could end someone’s career. It’s sad my dude

      • Montezuma1

        Fan is short for fanatic not fantastic. Nuff said. lol

      • Holla

      • Homegrown Chicks

        The level of disdain this man has received for smacking Rhianna (once upon a time) is illogical at this point!! From jumpstreet the feminists and their sympathizers have been trying to lynch a kid and saddle him with a criminal stigma as an adult. Those folks are still out here in ABUNDANCE!!! And they do NOT subscribe to logic or fair play, they see their agenda and that is IT!! They won’t rest until Chris is: 1. Broke 2. Incarcerated. 3. Deceased.

        And people need to start understanding how DANGEROUS feminism has become to males!

        And I see any ABUNDANCE of male feminist sympathizers. This is what Chris has to be mindful of, there are males out here just as washed as females! Combine that with Rhianna fanatics, racists, and a legal system that will assist in facilitating their madness, you have a recipe for disaster.

        This is what Chris Brown is up against!

      • They want that bread!

        If Breezy, Diddy or Oprah punch me, I’m going down & leaving on a stretcher….in a neck brace.

      • Homegrown Chicks

        This too!!

      • I wanted Breezy to have done it…& gotten off Scott Free, I mean:

        ” I ain’t with this gay ‘chet!! I feel like boxing!” <>


        Instant classic

      • You can only truly hate what you once loved….real sh!t

  • We as Fans need to give artist their space. It’s stuff like this that make it hard for respectful fans to get a meet and greet with Jay-Z

  • Jayson C Williams

    Everyone was tearing him down a few days ago. Facts out & the man did nothing to violate his probation.. Let’s see if he gets time & let’s see how many of you switch sides knowing you were ready to hang him. Smart move on rehab might do him some good

    • He has dirty urine…hence the rehab to avoid the probation violation.

      Excellent moves by Breezy!

  • Live Well

    That story sounded incomplete from the beginning.

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  • Brando Williams

    chris needs to chill from the spotlight for a couple years