DMX and Tashera Simmons

DMX’s Ex-Wife: DMX Once Got High And Shot His Manager (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Tashera Simmons was married with DMX for 14 years until their 2012 divorce and has seen her fair share of incredible DMX events. While talking with DTFRadio, the estranged ex-wife of Dark Man X vividly detailed an incident which involved an inebriated DMX firing a gun at his manager in a hotel.

According to Ms. Simmons, in 1999, while pregnant, her and DMX’s manager went searching for DMX at a New Jersey hotel after the MC had gone missing for three days. When the pair got to X’s room he greeted them with a gun and after some opposition, X finally agrees to pack up his belongings and leave the room. The paranoia returns when the three of them arrive downstairs and X sees a large gathering of people for a convention. Tashera attempted to calm him down, but before she knew it X let one off:

He was like ‘Yo Tashera, somebody’s following me. I’m telling you.’ The manager is about to lose it, like scared to death. Next thing you know we hear a pop and the manager fell to the floor. I’m like ‘what happened?’ and I see blood on the floor. Then X was like, ‘Somebody shot him. I told you somebody was following me’. Mind you, I go down to the floor to see where the manager was hit at which was the foot and you see the bottom of X’s bookbag with smoke and a hole at the bottom.

Check out the full interview below as Tashera explains how the pair fled the hotel, got caught by police and more:

  • Damn, that was touching as hell… Wow X….

  • chippc

    I think its safe to say ‘a woman’s fed up”and broke, so be prepared to hear alot of unheard (albeit not surprising) new stories about X.

    Say what you want about Puff, but Kim Porter keep her mouth shut!

    • Diddy paid that $$$.

      • ZUBU

        Word bro, Diddy paid to shut her mouth, My opinion he paid dudes to be silent as well about gay shit…….. IJS

      • IE: Usher?

  • JerZeBoy


    • Dontoure Smith

      Really bruh?

      • JerZeBoy

        Don’t know where your from but this is some detailed info and for some one on probation/parole, or just in general, doesn’t look good and someone that loved you at one time, should take this ti their grave

      • Dontoure Smith

        They can’t convict you while you’re on probation for something that happened probably around 98 99 ish

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  • Dontoure Smith

    So thus far, none of the people commenting knew DMX got high and did a lot of dumb shit? No snitchin? No talkin? What exactly is she telling that most people don’t know?

    • moonwolf

      People do know about this though. This was during the Hard Knock Life tour era where they raided his house right after & found all the guns & shit. It was publicized back then. They talked about it on the Behind The Music too, its old news. This was just more in detail.

      What she didnt tell this time though is that the manager was actually X’s uncle Ray Copeland who used to manage him lol.

      Dog Man X baby!

      • JerZeBoy


    • Jared

      Precisely, she is telling us a particular story that hasn’t been told before….

  • ZUBU

    LMAO!!! My brotha X is a fool lol……. Some rappers pretend they hood, gangsta, crazy-wilding out, etc. X don’t pretend!

    • Hahahahaha!

      I fell the FUGG out!

      >>Through for the night after this one!


      • ZUBU

        LMAO!!! You know X is crazy, raps version of Ron Artest and we all know Ron Ron is not wrapped too tight. Being a real brotha knowing how life is I love both them brothas, they both welcome to my home for holiday dinners. I got people in the fam that remind me of them. Hell, I think we all got a DMX or Ron Ron in our family. We still them love though

      • X is more welcome than most!

  • tdot

    Where my dogs at?!?! X stay trippy…this dude really lived by his name DMX (darkmanx) while these fool wilding out trying to be somebody esle this guy be living that life for real…with out a doubt coked up or high as hell this dude MUCH more intelligent that alot of ppl OUT THERE!! #facts #boutdalife #crazymuthafucka #dogforlife

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  • DMX

    Snitch ass baby motha now the police gon be on my dick

  • LexxBrown

    This story was already told.

  • I still don’t understand why someone would put their personal biz up 4 the world to see. What do you gain from it…Even if the story got out a long while ago y talk bout it today