Epic Fail of the Day: Tow Truck Driver Forgets to Secure Car, Sends it into a Ditch

Imagine you get into an accident and can’t move your car, so you call a tow truck…

The tow truck comes to remove your vehicle only to accidentally send it tumbling into a deep ditch. Womp womp.

That’s what happens in the following video.


    He’ll probably get a promotion

  • Immortal

    One less crossover mini van on the street. I’d thank him.

  • DayuuUUUMMM!

  • Give a ditch a car, ditches love cars

  • Romia Blue

    lol…safe to assume this was a front wheel drive car in neutral

  • lmfao im in the clouds….

  • Escobar

    LOL! DID YOU SEE HIM CHASE THEN STOP! “No, NO NO!… Fcku it… Ayo let’s go..”