Prank Bank

Epic Win of the Day: Man Gets Told to Strip During Halloween Prank Fail in Compton

Roman Atwood decided to prank the host of Prank Bank in what turned out to be an epic affair. Basically, the Prank Bank host dressed as a ghost and began randomly scaring people in the streets of Compton but he got more than what he bargained for when some pissed off men (who were in on the prank) forced him to strip. Check it out:

  • Casor_G

    Man that’s some funny shit!!!!

  • Michael Thompson II

    Lol just seen this on worldstar

    • That be the new phrase round hea!

      • ONE


  • Peter Morris

    Lol he did good. Some people would be crying like a bitch!

    • Celz

      Yea he a real one for that..

  • anonymouscaveman

    this is wack

  • Hahahahaahaaaa!

    That was fugged up & funny!

  • Justin Kase

    FAKE.. seriously why didn’t he say oh.. the camera is there see it is a joke.

  • richard_b_hard

    real compton niggas woulda shot him then robbed him