Hip-Hop Rumors: Dame Dash’s Latest Fiasco!

Dame Dash is one of the most important people in Hip-Hop history. However, the last few years…have not been kind. The recent word on the street is that Dame is in more mess. Well, first of all, he has had to vacate an upstate mansion he was renting. The word on the street is that he left EVERYTHING in it. Now, that’s a sale I’d like to be at! I’ve seen the insides of the house and its PHAT! (That’s right, I said PHAT.” Hopefully, he was able to recover most of his personal items.

BUT…there’s always a but.

PageSix wrote a not so flattering piece that said Dame trashed the mansion and there were even drugs left in it. (I’m sure it was just weed, but still…)

Roc-a-fella Records co-founder Damon Dash trashed and abandoned his upstate mansion, leaving behind bongs and dirty laundry — but also jewelry and artwork, new court documents claim.

The hip-hop mogul — who once said he was worth $50 million — owes $162,000 in back rent on the upstate Carmel pad, which boasts a music studio and pool.

The landlord’s lawyer, Thomas Mullaney, told The Post that Dash “held the house hostage” for a year in a half while he dodged rental payments of $15,000 a month before he left it all behind.
The carpets were ruined, and his “clothing strewn on the floor as if it were trash,” according to the landlord’s Putnam County lawsuit.

“Mr. Dash simply abandoned the property,” owner Elad Yoran huffs in his lawsuit filed in Putnam County.

Dash claims that he’s fallen on hard times, but Yoran’s lawyer said, “When I look online, he’s rolling around in a chauffeured Roll Royce, and he’s riding in a private plane.

“He’s not living the life of someone who is trying to keep their expenses down so they can pay their obligations,” Mullaney said.

Now, Dame has a lot of new business ventures. Maybe he’s playing a game with his debtors and and stashing his money? I dunno.“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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41 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Dame Dash’s Latest Fiasco!”

    • boobdude

      This is what i don’t get…dudes made shit loads and sure in the early days him and squad obviously go wild and wasted a shit load but the dude is a seriously smart guy i don’t understand how he can end up in such shit.

  1. Thenatural503

    Why do blacks just not know how to manage money? When was the last time you heard of a country singer or pop singer being broke that was white? Or a NBA,NFL player from the last 10 years being broke after making 100 plus million? I’m not talking about guys who played in the 60-80’s I’m talking guys who were making 5 million plus a year.

    Something is seriously wrong with our culture when our rich can’t seem to stay rich.

    • ZUBU

      Dude you sound dumb as shhhiiit, white folks go broke every day. Country Singer Willie Nelson, IRS was all over that ass, I could continue on all day with whites (Donald Trump) who did not manage their money correctly.
      This is not about race or ethnicity its about people skills, black folks are not the only ones lacking them You sound white or a nigga who hates being black so STFU!

      • Thenatural503

        Willis Nelson ain’t made Dame Dash money in 20 plus years man come on now. Oh and as far as Donald Trump that man is still rich to this day. So that’s not really relevant.

        As far as race is concerned it is part of the issue blacks and whites in general have different values when it comes to money. It’s sad but true you can get angry and say I sound dumb or whatever.

      • Celz

        You’re still wrong.. No one in my family has Dame Dash issues.. And I could Google people all day like the the white ex nba player in the northwest who did this same exact thing.. What about Jay Z, E-40, etc etc etc.. Just cuz Dame went broke you swear like everyone does. Improved financial literacy is important but pinning it as a black problem is ignorant. It’s everyone’s problem. Plenty of business people from the hood who got rich stayed rich..

      • ZUBU

        Blacks and whites have different values???? You have to be white to think some dumb shit like that, GTFOH!

      • EDOGZ818

        It’s kinda true, or rather, generation can be replaced with race. but look at the Barney’s belt.

        Maybe other races do it too, but they can afford too….Blacks can’t.

      • Tony G.

        Dame Dash has NEVER made Willie Nelson money..don’t get it twisted.

    • Casor_G

      It’s not a black thing. But since we have so few millionaires when one does go broke it skews the population moreso than whites. Ultimately, we don’t usually have the financial literacy like whites (due mostly to historical circumstances)

    • $18916246

      Black men reared in the urban landscape sadly live by a failed hustlers creed that includes squander, short lived high expense, coupled with even shorter human life expectancy. The corporate transition is hard largely because of their street ties that lay claim to your arrival to your fame and fortune. The discipline needed in the corporate arena is another chapter in the born hustlers life where you go out in blaze or spend your remaining life in a cage. The street hustlers mind set amounts to nothing more than an aspiration to become “the” ghetto celeb…”KING OF THE ANTS”. The pied pumper of illegal substance, then a light bulb goes on and you want out. They long the quiet life minus the truths and actions that made them well off and well known. A business mind at heart the street hustler makes fast money and spends it even faster, everything’s a stolen moment. I shine for today, later for tomorrow…We know not the essence of our glory driven minds…SAD.

      • NEWSKULL

        “I shine for today, later for tomorrow”….


        when we do have access to
        the resources necessary to begin our building process, we don’t feel inclined
        to support those who look like us


        “We know not the essence of our glory driven minds”

        Supply and Demand my brother… IMO Black Women are the reason behind it…They need to rethink their standards … Most of them put Money before Confidence before physics before Intelligence (and in that order)… So smart black men are marginalized, confident and/ or athletic black men are praised but ultimately it is all about money they all crave that financial security/freedom …. come to think of it is the same standards between brothers in all black families… So guess what for black men forget being smart how do I get rich… The media is not helping either, they have been pushing that agenda… (Fair Game if he ain’t booksmart, we can control)

        I must say black men need to rethink their standards too to make it more efficient… As long as Physics is our top priority we will have to deal with their standards…

    • Tony G.

      There’s plenty of whites that go thru the same…when whites file for bankruptcy, its called re-organizing their finances…when we do it, its a big deal made…don’t think its just US..at the same time u do have a valid point.

  2. ILL Will

    Anybody that think bruh broke prolly wrong…i hope so cuz I like to see us caked up unlike these haters..maybe he just said f*** payn these crakkkas and just stashed…media don’t know everything yall…


    Dame went from a succesful businessman to a bum a$$ lookin old fart… Life is tough man, maybe he would still be on good terms with jigga if he wouldnt have signed dipset

  4. Victor Copeland Jr.

    Dame Dash still got bread and I hope he can get bacc to the top bc Dame has had a positive influence on hip hop, regardless of what people may say this man has fed and given out a lot of jobs to people who came from nothing.

  5. Jayson C Williams

    What ever ppl want to say they’ll say it. But my own eyes suggest he ain’t broke. He has rich ppl problem. In fact the upstate mansion has been abandoned because he lives in one of the up & coming neighborhoods in NYC. I know this to be true cause we walk down the same block n passed each other every morning! And though he’s not draped in gold with chauffeurs, it cost a pretty penny to come out of the building he came out of. FACTS! He’s dodging the IRS Like Barry Sanders

  6. Jayson C Williams

    Jay black balled him. Had more to do with dip set! Jays a selfish guy and didn’t want the asterisk by his name when it comes to success. Truth is, if it wasn’t for dames belief in hov, that nigga jigga still be crew hopping! Facts!

    • $18916246

      Is that really a fact or it really wasn’t in the plans for Jay to rise. I’ve said before Jay would be dead if he still ran with Dame. It’s ghetto fab verses the big picture. Jay seen it and Dame spent it. Don’t worry Cam got Dame..right? Black balled is an excuse. Dame presented himself as the business man that between him and Kareem was guiding Jay’s financial career (They let Jay in, is what was said then). I was in the the barber shops when many urban mindsets dismissed Jay’s financially stable rants as simply a rapper talkin sh*t. Jay rose from the ashes of ROCAFELLAS defunct pyramid to many curious minds like “Oh shit …Jay really got doe”. Dame made his choice and his choice was betrayal. He chose Cam over Jay. Jay just left dude alone to be the Dame he still is today…a foolish risk taking business man. Dame will be alright though. Hopefully Jay and Dame could make amends and work somethin out.

      • Jayson C Williams

        I definitely see your logic but In my opinion & rationale we don’t see eye to eye. Jay was a product who they chose to let in, you said it yourself. He def got to big for the shoes that were molded for him. If same would of never been with jay he could of easily made cam a top rapper at his height right after biggie died. Remember cam disappeared. But Dame is loyal to can and once him n jay were solidified he tried to help. Jay took that as a personal attempt to his spot! He had the same machine jay had behind them. The politics of the situation is really blatant! Jay wasn’t in those board room meetings fighting for rice fellas financial freedom and respect! It was DAME! He was the driving force. Jay saw his exit strategy being that, once he made partner, and gained ness. Industry contacts. Jays a snake, and that’s what a huge percentage of business is.. Dog eat dog. As a smart man you have to see this.. If Dame never went as hard as he did jay would not be this big! Dame deserves props bro

  7. sakiru oresanwo

    This is the same dude who came on MTV a fear years back claiming he doesn’t wear the same clothes/shies twice and only bathes with Evian water.shame

  8. Barry Burls

    There is a major difference between being “rich” or being “wealthy”, Jay Z is now “wealthy”. There is a model to be followed here; get rich and invest in your brand.
    Dame is one of the smartest cats that I ever met in this game. Why he fell off is something he should write a book about= It probably could make him some paper.

  9. Nukirb

    The problem with our people is a lack of religion based living even if the religious teachings are used merely as practical life principles. Everything in the physical and visible universe is controlled by an invisible and spiritual (energy/God) force. You can not change the visible and physical universe without changing the invisible and spiritual first. Most people live from the outside in rather than the inside out. If you are motivated by lusts, emotions, ego, fear, greed, etc… then what type of life does this produce. The quality of a trees fruit or if it produces fruit at all is determined by the strength of its roots.

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