Eminem Makes Public Service Announcement Against Music Piracy

(AllHipHop News) A great man once said “want my old sh*t, buy my old albums”, but there is also the adage “the best things in life are free.” Today (November 1st), Eminem sent out a public service announcement to address online piracy in the wake of his latest album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

The album leaked online earlier this week and the Shady Records machine quickly went to work to suppress the leak. Eminem and his management even went as far as making Rap Genius remove the lyrics to the songs:

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 4.02.34 PM

In Eminem’s public service announcement posted on the Shady Records YouTube page, he comically denounced the act of music piracy stating that it takes money from people who work hard on the album. But, he did empathize with those pirating:

Not that I wouldn’t have done the same thing when I was a kid, but now that I rap for a living, BUY MY GOD DAMN CDs!

In his 15 year career, no Eminem solo album has sold less than 3 million records worldwide and his last album, the heavily pirated 2010 Recovery sold 741,000 copies in its first week.

Check out Eminem’s Public Service Announcement below:

  • Mega Don

    hahaha i dont like enimen but that announcement was funny

  • Antoine Hart

    he will still go platinum

    • LaurynHernandex

      Yeah,13 year olds love him. He should stop whining.

      • johnblacksad

        exactly! what’s the cry about? smh…

        I prolly won’t even download it… never was able to fcuk with Em like that…

      • LaurynHernandex

        It’s not good. All the beats trash and rap god is ehhh

  • Escobar

    That SNL skit ting he did wit dat “gwanning foh dat cupkyake” ting wit dem gyals play pon me wonder tinkin awho Eminem realy is

  • ciscoNoDrink

    The sad thing is. I dont even want the album for free. My HD space is too valuable

    • LaurynHernandex

      True that

  • 86Jordan

    Yeah E he’s a struggling starving artist #sarcasm

    Hack it folks, and make them all tour he’s still richer than 99.5% of the world. Not like he has to do anything at this point for more $, he’s even bragged about it many times. So whatever ◔_◔

  • DesignatedH8R

    This shit is old, from an Obie Trice mixtape.

  • Sean Power

    that was funny nice funny twist on issues

  • Bados

    You got too much damn money already, we gonna download it, we not making you no more richer, be satisfied enough that we listen to your shit!

    • ILLAmusic

      Be an artist and say that…what if you’re job told you that you should be satisfied to come to work. This is peoples lives,and its not purely for your entertainment

      • Bados

        I’m just talking bout eminem in general he’s rich and rolling in money, have his own label and discovered multi platinum artist like 50 cent. so if he doesn’t sell records what is it really gonna do to him? he’s rich as a bitch you have artist like P diddy that doesn’t even care how much he really sells cuz he’s already set for life with money, so all we gonna do is go buy his album and make him that much richer?….but i do understand where you’re coming from cuz i’m artist myself and i hope to make it someday and if i was to come out with album i would definitely want people to buy it cuz i would want to make money off my hard work, but if i’m all set with money and have solidified myself in the game what the heck would i care, cuz rather if he sells or not he still gonna make that money off his tours and such! so he in’t really losing shit!

      • ILLAmusic

        Cool…you’re the only one I’ll even respond to because you want to be an artist. But for 1, this is going to sell regardless..I download too, but I still buy the album because I love music, and have a respect for the artform. And 2, when you decide to start becoming an artist see how it feels when no one will buy you’re music because they can get it free.I dont care if he’s rich or just starting, it’s work you’ll understand when you get in the studio!

      • ThatBostonMan

        Plenty of artists with as much talent as Eminem are not millionaires. No one is entitled to being a millionaire. No one else whines about not having enough money to afford their private jet so why should we put up with it from artists?

        Eminem is rich, he’s not broke. If he were broke maybe people would buy his CD but everyone knows he doesn’t need any more money and let’s be honest, his fans aren’t the kind of people who would spend money on CDs. Maybe if he had different fans he would sell more CDs but then he wouldn’t be making the kind of music he likes to make.

        Certain people like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, T.I. Drake and Jay Z release CDs. None of them complain when fans don’t buy enough albums because they understand that the albums are to promote the tour. The tour is where the real money is. The superbowl concerts, and stadium events. And of course you have to transition into being a businessman.

        Maybe if you do more than just try to sell a CD you can make money again. Sell perfume. Sell merch. Produce a movie or two. Why is Jay Z and Diddy so rich? They aren’t just making music CDs.

      • man, the game changed, if u rap u gotta build a buzz and do shows to get money.

      • ILLAmusic

        Do you rap? How’s that buzz comin along

      • hows your buzz?/ ILLAmusic ahahahahahaha

      • ILLAmusic

        Excellent….thanks for asking

      • ILLAmusic

        Now, back to my question. What do you contribute? You seem to know how an artist makes money nowadays so enlighten me

      • ILLAmusic

        And you can haha all you want homie…but at least I can put my real name and my real picture up while y’all hide behind avatars and dumbass names like meth cook. FOH

      • tee hee

      • ILLAmusic

        tee hee? Ok, so what I get from that is you don’t do shit in the industry and apparently you’re a 10 year old girl too. Thumbs up bro

      • nah i was mocking u because you come off as a queer. google “mocking”. u have the face of a fat lesbian woman and the head of bull from night court. they are all laughing at you…

      • ILLAmusic

        I think you should Google mocking….where did I say tee hee to be mocked on it? Go look up words before you use them

      • the part where u sounded queer

      • ILLAmusic

        Oh…that was clever. Again, if you wanna pop off put up you’re real info….until then you sound like a bitch

      • LaurynHernandex

        He gay also

      • ILLAmusic

        Don’t take it somewhere while you’re using a fake name bro…put you’re info up

      • damn yo ur real name is ILLAmusic?? woh..

      • ILLAmusic

        Im a producer…so yes it is. And my money is good, trust. Again…if you wanna pop off put you’re real info up

  • soyhiphop

    hulk share mp3juices flowhot great sites to dl the album for free when it hits shelves

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      ok Juelz Santana AY!

  • BrotherMan21

    last album I bought was them No Limit cds back in middle school… I been downloading ever since

    • Young Goku

      lol i read that in ya voice

    • Master P ghetto dope!!!! classic shit right there!!

  • Guest

    sure and i got a PSA for eminem- stop trying to rob me of my 15-20 dollars by release SHIT music like love game (even tho kendrick just barrrrely saves it). more shit stuff like monsters laziness, how about so far.. dont even get me started on asshole. why dont u release RAP records with RAP artists and maybe ill be 1 to buy your album (for the record i actually BUY albums i got 4 of eminems albums minus encore and recovery..ill admit mmlp2 is better than those.)..til then ill just download the 5 songs i like for free and wait for the next one hopefully itll be rap. just bc u have 3 rap verses(shit some songs r sung all the way thru) dont make it hiphop..its hopPOP

    seems like Em always trying to do some extra shit… just spit.

    • LaurynHernandex

      Lol you know Eminem won’t rap with the real spitters he’s scared. He got on with Jay z and beat him,but we all know what Nas did to jay. Em don’t listen to JZ stay in the comfort zone of weak spitters.

      • ummm FAIL!!! he just did a record with kendrick and has done records with slaughterhouse.. next time try to make an actual point before u spout off some bullshit LOL

      • LaurynHernandex

        I already told you he died by royce that whole cd. I said someone not in his camp. You lost two days ago

      • you forget that you were wrong dumbass lmfao

      • LaurynHernandex


      • vandyll

        Royce did kill him on every track. Em did his thing but that nigga Royce was FIRE!!!

      • Guest

        lol. he used to rap with the spitters though and kill them all on a song. all his albums pre relaspe have all featured rappers and they were great songs..so were the more mainstream songs on those albums. these r just there to be there and worse than b4

      • LaurynHernandex

        What spitters? He never rapped with Nas,Vinnie Paz,Aesop Rock,Pharoe Monch,AZ,Scarface,Ice Cube. He rapped with weak artist.

      • Guest

        hes rapped with plenty of rappers go look at tracklisting for all his albums until relapse.. even on his wackest album (encore) the best thing has his features and a few songs.

      • LaurynHernandex

        50 cent and obie trice aren’t spitters.

      • Guest

        lol 50 cent raps.. obie trice is a lyricist, if you dont htink so you never listened 2 obie.

        and why name 2 out of all the feautres on all his albums?

  • Executive

    No such thing as loyal fans anymore.

    • ThatBostonMan

      No such thing as loyal employees or employers either. Welcome to the real world.

    • LaurynHernandex

      You download every other rappers albums free,but you want eminem to be diffrent? F that lol

    • loyal fans??/ lol… if they download the album then they are listening.. that being loyal.

  • Frank

    Whaah. I’ll buy your lil album when the shit hits the shelves. Ida gave you ya $15 if you was there to take it.

  • ThatBostonMan

    Eminem, you’re rich. You don’t need the money so this appeal to morality works about as well as Bill Gates complaining about people stealing Microsoft Word in China.

    And I’ve bought some of his albums so I’m a fan, but come on it’s a recession and most of your fans don’t have jobs. If you want to make more money you’re going to have to do more to earn it than just making a hot CD.

  • arrdeesss

    Cool story bro, but I think i’ll stick with pirating.

  • Clondyke Classic

    Em got bars n all but i can’t fucc wit his shit


    Nigga offered me 3 for $10 earlier. ….no thanks….I’m good dog….i’ll give u for $10 for that copy of shottas tho

    • brotha_man

      shottas my ish

  • LaurynHernandex

    Em should be happy anyone wants ti listen to his trash asss music. Whiteboy fell off hard.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Last joints I bought was the late 90’s early 2000’s when No Limit had them CD cases in them now-a-laters jolly rancher colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • infinit221

    Freeloaders are what’s killing hip hop. These artist are the most popular in the world, but you would never know it cause the fans are so cheap and unthoughtful. I hope all yall bootleggers work for free and never make sh*t in your professional lives.

    • thats the dumbest ish ive ever heard

      • ILLAmusic

        You are a moron bro..dudes the only who made a valid point. No wonder there’s so many garbage artists trying to make that radio hit…because cheap fucks like you won’t support an artist you like (that in itself is a complete contradiction in thought)

      • artist need to support themselves like everybody else lol… get a job, do sumpin

      • ILLAmusic

        Are you retarted? I don’t mean that as an insult…I am honestly asking. An artist has a job…being an artist! And they do “sumpin” too bro…it’s called entertaining (like actors or writers in case you’re lost) besides…nothing you say relates to what I’m asking you. Just admit you have no idea what you are talking and quit talking

      • an artist has a job, creating art. its up to them to find a way to make money, in this era of humanity, you cant just make music, u need to get your self out there, u are a nobody and i mean that as an insult. actors get paid by the studios. u just mad cause u suck and are broke cause no wants to buy your lame ass music.. lol keep making mixtapes bruh

      • ILLAmusic

        Good job repeating. If im a “nobody” explain how I get calls for beats every day…how im able to get local artists on shows with meth, red, killah priest, Lloyd banks, raekwon and many more? Put up one thing you’ve done and lets compare resumes

      • because those artists are opening acts at small shows and they dont get paid infact most have to pay to perform or sell tickets in order to get on.. lol.. n your the one buying the tickets going “thats my beat dude” get a job

      • ILLAmusic

        Ive never paid for a ticket for a show…dont act like you know what we get. Again if you have music put it up..let the people decide

      • oh.. u dont even go then lol… i got a real job.

      • ILLAmusic

        Ok so you have answered my question about what you’re involvement in the industry is now…which is none. And I have a real job dipshit (although last I checked artists were real) so you can stop repeating yourself now, cool

      • hell i got more involvment in the industry then YOU!!! lol thats the funny part!

      • ILLAmusic

        No I know, you got a real job…sounds good b. Enjoy whatever it is you do.

    • Truth Powell

      If artists would make albums worth buying that you can ride from start to finish like in the 90s, people would still buy records.
      People got sick of being ripped off with weak product and now we have a whole generation that doesn’t even know the concept of buying a record. It’s lost forever. r.i.p.

      • Sean Taylor


    • Don’t blame us, blame those same industry people who have access to studios, record labels and confidential information, everyone is trying to get paid, some are just greedy, but it’s usually someone from within even someone as simple as an intern….#justsaying

  • who the hell buys albums anyway?? your wasting your money. Rappers get paid to perform now days, selling albums is chump change. the game has changed. thats why u see rappers just dropp mixtapes for free… the mixtapes are the albums.

    • Sean Taylor

      Exactly. Rappers make money off of touring / performing.

      Nipsey Hussle…holla!!!

    • TRE

      I see you. But you didn’t watch the PSA did you?

  • Don’t blame us, blame those same industry people who have access to studios, record labels and confidential information, everyone is trying to get paid, some are just greedy, but it’s usually someone from within even someone as simple as an intern.

  • I must confess to me when it comes to music I kind of don’t see it as stealing, if someone bought a song from itunes then shares it with me, it’s their property that they chose to share with me, it’s not like they put a different name on it and sell it as there own work. There is a difference between reselling for profit and sharing for free….The artist loose money but it’s beyond the publics fault blame it on the internet…Point is they need to go after the big corporations who make it available for us to even have the option to share music online.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Kill yourself, without QUEENS rap niggas wouldnt have no money. Russel simmons , run dmc, ll cool j, kool g rap. mc shan,lost boyz , 50 cent , NAS ,ja rule mic geronimo, ,onyx. Oh yeah//////////////////// QUEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jame Shivar

      You never make sense Elmo!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        we legends, while ur whole family’s existent could go without!

      • Jame Shivar

        You just a dumb ass. You not even half the man I am kiddy! We could all go without your Existence sucka

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

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      • Jame Shivar

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      • Jame Shivar

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      • Jame Shivar

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      • Jame Shivar

        Ur Sooo Homoish! Go suck a bag of baby dicks!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        nicca go have ur ugly ass children catch a pac ride!

      • Jame Shivar

        g0 ride a AIDS dick screamin HIV fagboy, Stop speakin on my children

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        nicca FU(K UR BUM ASSSSS KIDS!

  • sesa

    Bunch of people acting like you know what the deal is. Buy albums. Album sales help the people that aren’t rich….Sound engineers, song writers, instrumentalists. Complaining about spending $10. Bum shit.

    • truth

      They get payed before the album even hits the shelves!


    Pac=GOAT…Pac released 3 classic albums in 2 years…He wrote “7 Day Theory” in 3 days and “Hail Mary” in 30 mins…And during those 3 days he created 21 songs…Thats 7 songs a day…No rapper in history has ever created classics that fast…Not to mention, in 5 years, he created 17 years worth of material…If that’s not the GOAT, i don’t know what is…

    Em the best alive, but he still got a long way to go to be on Pac level…Plus Pac never had a Dr. Dre (Death Row artists and Pac admit that Dre didn’t put in work like everybody thought), Just Blaze, or Rick Rubin, who are arguably some of the best hip hop producers ever..

    • Opposite Of Everyone


      None of his fans are 70s babies, they’re all cats who’re younger than him and weren’t into hip hop before he came out so didn’t know any better.. but as they say, “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”

      • eddieknucks

        Most of his fans at the time of his death was 70 babies. He could have been better but he had raw emotion in his lyrics. That’s what connected us 40 plussers. We was angry and amped up. Would he have fell off if he had lived? Probably. At the time he was and still is the shyt.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        dunno bout that bruv,

        I would say most Pac fans were probably under 15 when he died and therefore more impressionable to the overly dramatised/sensationalised narrative of his life.

        Personally I just didn’t like his voice, flow or beats and compared to his contemporaries on the East in the same era there were so many superior (and actual ‘hip hop’ not merely ‘rap music’ ) artists that he didn’t even register on our radar…

      • vandyll

        Exactly I believe the legend is actually far better than the artist skill set. It’s my belief that if he was alive the worship and praise would be at a much lower degree than it presently is. Good rapper but a way better personality and captivating character.

      • Jame Shivar

        Malcom X Turned DMX haha. Pac was dope. But really didn’t have a lot of good music to me. I was in to a lot of other music. He had the right image at the right time. Especially when joining Death Row.

    • vandyll

      Man what I’m about to say Is not gonna be liked by many but I’m a give you a honest and unbiased opinion of Pac. He was a great song writer, he was able to capture emotions, and he was definetly a great contributor to the art form. That being said he was nowhere near the greatest of all time. His lyrics were just average compared to those in his era. There are emcees from that era that never sold as many records or were as popular as him but simply annihilate him lyrically. Now most people are big fans and they let the love they have for him outshine his actual level of lyrical skill. He was decent but by no means was he the best. Also while on that topic neither was Biggie. I was into Big heavy and I loved him as an artist but he was not the best rapper ever. He had some hot ass rhymes n great songs. But his body of work although impressive was way too short to be considered the best of all time. Now as far as impact no two rappers are even close to them. Both of them were extremely influential and beloved. But there were many other rappers who were far sharper lyrically.

      • Jame Shivar

        Agreed! You must be in your 30’s?!

      • vandyll

        lol! close but nah I’m 40. Been into this art form since I was 7. Every part of my life from my finances to my view on women has matured except one. My love for the authentic Hip Hop. Till this day I still get amped when a nigga spitting that shit that makes me rewind and hit my people up on some “Yo u ain’t gonna believe what this nigga said.” shit. I will never outgrow this music, when it’s good that is. See with age comes less patience and more understanding. The minute I hear a subpar rhyming nigga on some billy basic shit, I’m out. No tolerance for wack shit at all. LOL!

      • Jame Shivar

        I’m not 40 yet (33) But I def feel you on that.

  • vandyll

    I can’t blame people for not buying cd’s. If you listen to the lame shit these weak rappers talk about on every song then they don’t actually need you to buy an album. I mean think about it they say shit like the following:
    1. I’m rich your broke
    2. I can phuk your girl because I’m rich and your broke
    3. You hate me because I’m rich and your broke
    4. I’ll kill you or have someone kill you because I’m rich and your broke
    5. I have a lot of cars and in exotic models you rarely see because I’m rich
    6. I’m from the toughest city on the planet but I moved because I’m rich
    7. I got more kicks than you because I’m rich and your broke
    8. I’m at the strip club throwing money away because I’m rich
    9. I have really expensive jewelry and you don’t because I’m rich, your not.

    Based on the assumption that all rappers “keep it 100” as they love to repeat over and over to the point of annoyance. Then they actually don’t need you to buy their music. I mean after all why buy a half ass unimaginative album to listen to somebody insult you? So phuk em! Hit the road and perform them insults live night after night in city after city to earn your money. You’ll be aiight…wait your already aiight. According to your music.

    • That’s the funniest shit ever!!! I bought the J. Cole though. Schoolboy Q you’re dope but I still mean what I said nigga. I’m downloading your shit. You know why?

      • vandyll

        Lol I don’t know why, but please enlighten me. I copped J Cole as well because he just seemed like a straight up emcee with something to say. Although I thought his production could be greatly improved, I thought the rhymes and concepts were on point. I also buy Joe Budden when releases material because that depressed mawfukka can rhyme his ass Off. Other than a select few I don’t buy music anymore.

    • Couldn’t say it better. But this seems to be what the low end consumer wants.
      Those people who are not bright enough to be able to turn on a computer.

    • truth

      Realist comment in a while!!

    • Omg–I am in love with these comments, I agree with everyone…I guess it’s safe to say that consumers/fans are not having it anymore…When you have people like Kanye West acting like he could have been as successful without us, then next time around we won’t purchase your music, just download it for free…I so agree with you all.

    • mayne ma album dnt have anee of dat bullshit mayne im reel!

      • Jame Shivar

        No You a Dumbass G! I’m Tired Of Seeing Your Comments! STFU & Go Finish School!

      • jr565


  • Opposite Of Everyone

    I remember discussing this topic a few months ago on here and I thought we’d all agreed that the best way to keep rappers raw and hungry was not to feed them cause if you eating you ain’t hungry and if you ain’t hungry you’re not raw..think someone called it the ‘Hunger Music’ movement…

    Basically, Em been straight corporate for well over 10 yrs now. He makes pop music.

    Now when he was broke and comin up he made reasonably adequate hip hop. Therefore if you want to hear him spit that reasonably adequate shit again, it’s in your interest for him not to be selling records (even though he’s already rich so it doesn’t matter whether we do or not).

    Piracy/downloading is absolutely not theft. Theft is when someone takes something from you and you don’t have it anymore. In the case of downloading, the artist still has their music, it’s just that someone else has it as well.

    Adolescents and even 20 and 30 somethings weren’t around when hip-hop itself was in its infancy but trust me the music was better when everyone was broke, rappers looked like bums and all their claims of material wealth were pure fantasy. Even the music itself often sounded broke in terms of recording quality but make no mistake it sounded realer, more hardcore and nothing WHATSOEVER like the bubblegum Hollywood ish every rapper and his learning-difficulty seems to model themselves on nowadays –

    Don’t listen to rappers talking about “if you don’t buy my music how am I supposed to be able to afford to make music for you” – music always finds a way and it is through struggle not luxury that creative genius is channelled (plus it’s a lot cheaper to make music nowdays than 30 years ago, so as long as they own a computer they can afford to make music).

    Furthermore, your average MC is already rich according to their raps so I’m sure our money would be better spent on someone who actually needs it (charity anyone?)

    The last thing the world needs is another rich rapper, it’s not good for the music or the artists own soul and integrity to be vulgarly wealthy and in the pockets of corporations.

    To summarise, the way forward for ensuring the proclivity of quality hardcore hip hop music is simply thus –



    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      in a sense thats actually what the music business itself does to an artist especially one with out the business knowledge … keep em broke !!!! #tlc

    • I agree with your logic….It makes sense to me.

    • John Warr

      10+ years ago you didn’t have a vast quantity of stuff to graze on. You listened to an artist and took the time to feed your head with their output. So it was better, now you are jumping from one song to another, one group to another, never really listening to anything. Also your artists from 10+ yars ago have matured and are telling a more complex story. You just ain’t listening any more. You ain’t grown with them, your still looking for the same shallow 10+ year old stuff. Its deeper now and out of your depth.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        Apart from the fact that your assertions about my growth are entirely baseless, I agree that there was less music 10 yrs ago but I don’t really see the relevance of anything you said to what I was saying, are you sure it was me you were responding to ? My central argument is that hunger feeds creativity and a life of luxury and riches does not beget raw spittage. I’ve lived through ALL eras of hip hop (70s till nowdays) and am merely lamenting that what started out as the voice of the common man is now the territory and property of the privileged and no longer has any element of R.A.W!

      • John Warr

        10 years ago there was more music than you could ever listen to in a life time. That there might be more, more music than you can ever listen to is pretty much irrelevant. What has changed is one’s ability to access a greater portion of that more. The result is that one isn’t making a commitment to the music. One is simply grazing in a field of alpha alpha grass.

        All genres change. It would be a pretty sad state of affairs if country blues had stayed wedded to the Mississippi delta, never moved to Chicago, and never developed into hip-hop.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        I hear that argument but I don’t think the music is evolving but rather devolving back to the nursery rhyme level it started with 40 years ago except this time it’s being made by (relatively) rich people rather than ghetto folk (the US ghettos nowdays are incomparable poverty-wise to the 70s and 80s when Hip-hop was born) which robs the music of it’s original humility or nobility cause everyone’s a spoilt brat nowdays.
        When you’re poor and braggin about being rich it has a little more beauty than when someone who really is rich is throwing it in your face.
        This devolution or retardation seemed to start around the turn of the new millenium, prior to which hip-hop was reaching a plateau of sophistication in terms of technicality and lyrcial complexity etc…
        I wouldnt agree that we’re grazing in a field of Alpha Alpha grass either; all I’m hearing is hot garbage and it’s difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff cause anyone can make an album without even leaving their bedroom…

        Anyway, regardless I’m still sticking with my Don’t Feed The Rappers slogan.
        Genius comes from Hunger
        Laziness comes from having eaten.

      • John Warr

        Poverty / Ghettos … in 2007/8 there was the biggest transfer of wealth from African-Americans to corporate America since 1865. As the sub-prime ripoff became clear. Who they jailed for that? Some guy that was ripping off rich white folk.

        Yep every one can make a record in their bedroom, but there is a huge difference between the drummers 2nd-cousins bedroom production and that of an expert sound engineer.

        By the mid eighties I’d gone back to the blues, and from there into jazz, and jazz-rock-world-fusions. Take a time trip back to 1969 and Bitches Brew, follow the careers of those that were playing on that and on Live-Evil. Check out the bands that were spawned from that. 30 years on and I’m still discovering new stuff.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        the poverty ain’t the same though..people aren’t in rags anymore… in any ghetto nowdays, unemployed are wearing sneakers, t-shirts, jeans and hats i could only have dreamed about owning in the 70s and 80s…unemployed people are fat as well! In the 70s and 80s people were skinny cause they couldn’t afford to eat !

        I listen avidly to music of the last 500 years.. I’m a music teacher so I feel it’s a responsibility to promote it as well.. I still keep my ear to the ground for new stuff though but I think too old to be captivated by an adolescents take on things so my view is probably tainted by age, just like my elders were dismissive of hip-hop when it came out..

        As for production value, I’d have to disagree again. Modern DAW’s make it simple to achieve a clear and powerful sound with minimum requirements from the user. When I started producing in the 80s it was a struggle just trying to get a half-decent quality recording done; nowdays we deliberately place noise in the mix for effect! It’s the innovation of rhythm, melody and harmony I’m not hearing; the whole industry seems to use the super-fat pre-fab sound quality as a crutch rather than bothering with interesting or original beats.

        I agree on Bitches brew being ice-cold tho; I sampled it on a couple of beats I made round 93 with a chopped up Amen break underneath.

      • John Warr

        So we have becoming grumpy old men eh?

        I dunno I still think that experts can lift the sound quality, and we come to expect that, the modern may lower the entry point to getting a decent sound but …

        Props on Bitches brew recently got hold of Pangea and Agharta one amazing day. For jaw dropping can’t beat decent world fusions. Try out “The Astounding Eyes Of Rita” – acoustic North African rhythms …

  • Lloyd Banks new albumn goes harder than anything out right now and that shit is free. I would’ve bought it if it was for sale. I would’ve bought The Games free shit too. I guess all I’m trying to say is if rappers want us to buy they albumn then make something worth buying. I downloaded Eminem’s new shit it’s wack.

    • mayne how do u buy sumtin dats free? duma$$ nigguh

      • You’re one dumb ass dick head Down syndrome looking dude. It figures you can’t read. I’m surprised you have enough sense to navigate the internet your special ed teacher must of booked marked this page for you to get to. I say that to say this. I said IF those CDs were for sale they would be worth buying. Learn how to read. It’s niggers like you that has white folks shaking their heads at us. Ya bish!

      • ryan

        why do you sound so STUPID. GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

      • ryan

        he is saying if it WAS FOR SALE he would buy it but its free.

  • Juan Spin Serrano

    I’m gonna keep downloading for free cus most of these albums suck anyways. Out of a hole album 2 or 3 songs are good. I’m glad I didn’t buy the slaughterhouse and yellawolf albums..em’s beats suck. They have too much going on. Too many sounds all at once. No doubt eminem can rap. But sucKs at production. Stick to what your good at

  • mayne imam be hownest mayne! buy ma CD mayne des nigguh Eminem played out mayne! wat Eminem kno bout dat savage lyfe mayne? des emoshunal nigguh a sell owt mayne! im a reel nigguh from da N.O mayne you boi webbie bout dat lyfe so cop dat savagelyfe4ever album mayne ya feel mah? and free ma nigguh boosie mayne!

    • ryan


      • ryan

        learn how to spell

  • What they do is very good and necessary because the phenomenon is now so much abuse.

  • ryan

    Well stop making garbage. Eminem sucks now. Hes a sellout. Looks all fucked up. Last good cd was The Eminem Show. Everything else sucks.

    • ryan

      TRUE HIP HOP is dead. Its now HIP POP. LMAO like rappers doing shit with miley cyrus an bieber LIKE REALLY????????

    • Ryan I can tell you a true hip hop head. Thanks for getting at that clown with me. And I agree with all you say about the state of hip hop. Come with the lyrics and we will come with the money to buy CDs

  • I support Eminem’s PSA and think more artists should speak out against piracy. Music sales in the U.S. have dropped 47% since Napster first debuted in 1999 and has cost the music industry approximately $12.5 billion in losses. Profit losses mean job losses: approximately 71,000 have been lost as a result of illegally downloading music. As Eminem stated, it also means more touring, less time with family, etc. So please pay artists for their music. It’s stealing and it’s wrong. You get paid for your hard work and so should they.

  • Jame Shivar

    Never really liked Em,, although he had some Classics. If all these Rappers could Just Say No To Drugs!

  • Shane

    Eminem sucks now? He’s a sellout? Sure about that bud? Just off of the MMLP2, 17 out of 20 songs are on the top 100 chart. And the 4 singles he released are ALL in the top 10. Check you thinking and ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIS LYRICS FOR ONCE…..

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      eh? rappers getting in the charts is one of the key criteria for selling out so your argument there doesn’t really hold water I’m afraid…

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