Jay Z Adds His 1st Ever Men’s Cologne To Barneys Collection Amid Controversy

(AllHipHop News) No official word on if Jay Z gathered all the facts on the recent allegations of racial discrimination placed on Macy’s and Barneys yet, but it seems as if his working relationship with them is intact. According to Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) Jay Z will add his first ever cologne to his upcoming Barneys collection.

The cologne, called Gold went through 3,200 possible names and according to Donald J. Loftus, president of Parlux Ltd., the name was chosen when Jay Z grabbed the cologne and said “This is the sh*t; it’s gold.”

The fragrance will be promoted through a few outlets and intriguingly will feature a Macys window display of Jay Z transforming into a gold chain. The fragrance will be available on November 20th at Barneys NY and then released nationwide afterwards at prices between $39 and $79.

According to a lawsuit filed by Turkish immigrant Ayla Gursoy, Macy’s security guards had an arrest quota of five per week and had a “race code system” to “facilitate its targeting of Middle Eastern, African-American/black and other nonwhite shoppers.”

  • johnblacksad

    “No cheap cologne whenever I ‘sheesh-sheesh’
    Success never smelled so sweet
    I stink of success…”

    • RapItUp

      LOL! the new black elite!

  • maya

    Won’t make much difference. Nobody really stands for anything, anymore.

    • brotha_man


  • J.C.

    the design looks a lot like Usher’s UR cologne
    just sayin’

  • A black man marketing smell good called GOLD, A BLACK MAN TURNING INTO A GOLD CHAIN??? NOPE, THAT’S NOT RACIST…

    • It’s not racist when the black man himself came up with the concept, it just goes to show that, that’s the way we really do think so we shouldn’t be offended when others judge us.

  • dfwricwil

    How does a Department Store have an arrest quota? They must have a high theft rate. Dam SMH.

    • They do, didn’t Foxy Brown’s brother get arrested 3 years ago from boosting with stolen credit cards after they been watching him for months from that same store…Point is even celebs steal from Barneys.

  • jubileeshine

    fools gold

    • Vic Sage

      Damn straight!!”

  • John Q. Public

    He already released his own cologne before. this is not his “1st ever”

  • Immortal

    Wasn’t it Hov who said Money, cash, money cash hoes?

  • JimJames29

    3,200 names and the one they chose was ‘gold’? They need to smoke more pot

  • Great for Jay-Z but I could have sworn they said that this partnership was for charity????????????????????????????

    • brotha_man

      you my friend, were bamboozled.

      “Great is truth, and it will prevail”

  • Golgo 13

    lol >>>>Jay Z grabbed the cologne and said “This is the sh*t; it’s gold.”

  • paperplain

    this is a straight pr stunt to save face before the holiday, hence the generic name and packaging. the called in the camel face coon to save the day. but yall just sip slow on the look aid

  • C. Black

    Why folks trippin cause its called gold. All the diamonds and gold come from Africa, and Africans are an ornate peoples originally anyway, its in the folks blood to rock that fresh shit, it looks good on the skin. Dont give up ALL of your soul to integrate into this culture, rock that shit with pride.

  • Sean Taylor

    I wonder if it smells any better than Beyonce’s breath?

    • BeeBeeGun


  • I still respect Jay-Z, you all can’t expect a man to miss out on millions, just because of some random black people who got racially profiled in Barneys…Let them work that out in court Jay-Z is a brand he doesn’t know any of those people, if Jay stopped his business plans for every black person who is hoodwinked then he would be living right back in Marcy projects….Black folks are always doing stupid sh!t, then wanna turn around and protest.

    • Vic Sage

      You give respect way to easy like a groupie giving the gush to a rapper..” You need to practice celibacy Dunny…” Respect comes in layers and paradigms…you clearly have mastered none..” Shawn Carter had a chance to step out of his J persona and push his chest out the same way he did when he took offense to Cristal’s head honcho exuding racial overtones in regards to African-American’s partaking in his brand…J reacted immediately and took a stand…” And now he’s cowering behind a platform babbling about how he’s a victim being demonized and crucified and how he has to: ‘wait for the facts’!!” Right…Clearly Hovie would rather ‘Sleep with the Enemy’ rather than ‘Fight for the Village’…” Naw Dawgs ‘Justice is Balance’…That’s in my nature; and I don’t hand out respect like I’m handing out free Monster Drinks in a promo on the corner..”

    • lordloveaduck


      • Whatever—I respect Jay-Z because If you are trying to make money you have to stay focus and keep you’re eyes on the prize, the man has plans for his money and his family when he dies, so they will ALWAYS be financially stable–You on the other hand are one of those people who think that money grows on trees and just because you have it all that means you should give it away to make everyone happy…You are the dumbass for sitting there thinking that one should drop what they are doing because the streets called your’e name–You didn’t make Jay-z rich, Jay-z made himself rich, so why are you trying to dictate what he should do with his money and business? You silly fans think that because you bought an album or 2 that you can force an artist to do what you want them to do…In a perfect world Jay should have done whats right, but we don’t live in a perfect world and Jay-Z is no ones leader…..Again this only makes you LOOK LIKE “A DUMBASS” because you are sitting there thinking that rappers represent our communities, they don’t.

    • Joseph Morris

      your the reason why white people think its okay to randomly stop a black kid and search him.. your the reason why barneys selects black ppl to stop outside the store because of 58 cases of fraud in a yr .. in a city of 8 million ppl where stores see 58 cases of fraud a day.. even though russians,bulgarians and just white ppl in general commit fraud of all sorts on a way larger scale then blacks but none have said they were stopped.. your an idiot and a media jackass

      • Whatever you say—You are that crab in the barrell–Jay-z don’t shop in Barneys he does business there, maybe you and all the other black folks who want better treatment should put yourself in a position where you don’t shop in Barneys, but only go there to do business–Then you will see how much better they treat you…You fail to understand that 90% of black folks only have that mind set to walk up in a racist ass store and still spend your hard earned cash–you will feel better as a black person to walk into a racist ass store and instead of spending, you walk out with a check. Thats my point. Change the way you think and the world will open up to you…You can’t end racism with racism.

      • Joseph Morris

        u cant end racism with racism so i walk in there and get a check ?? i dont shop in barneys bro.. we blacks should put our self in position to do business with them ? lmao your a moron ..

  • Vic Sage

    “He should have titled it: ‘Disillusioned Ni**a’ because that’s exactly what he is currently at large as he continues to share his bed with antagonists and opportunists [Barney’s]; All while he’s still waiting on a perch for the….Uhhhhh wait for it…”the facts!!” Fact is J; you have blown your teachable influential moment as Shawn Carter the man..” This is what Harry Belafonte was trying to relay to you before you felt like you needed to disrespect him…” Now it seems that Karmic interlude has ventured into your realm…”

    • jubileeshine

      harry Belafonte faced down kkk bullets to bring support to the sncc freedom riders.
      jay z = major fail.


      • Vic Sage

        ‘Absolutely and unquestioned…” Nice to know that there are still those of us that truly understand and comprehend what ‘magnitude in the moment’ is Jubilee..”

  • jubilee shine

    jay z + barneys = kanye + confederate flag

  • ihatefaggots

    That shit should be called old,fck uncle tom ass Negro.

  • Obi Won

    lol, Jay Z had that “F You Pay me” mentality a long time ago.
    Put that product on the street and get these fans, and insecure stinks bodies to buy this Gold!! lol
    In a month or 2 no one will remember what happened at Barneys

    “I had a ghetto boy bop, a Jay-Z boycott
    ‘Cause he said that he never prayed to God, he prayed to Gotti
    I’m thinkin godly, God guard me from the ungodly
    But by my 30th watchin of “Streets is Watchin”
    I was back to givin props again and that was botherin
    about as uncomfortable as a untouchable touchin you
    The theme songs that niggas hustle to seem
    wrong but these songs was comin true
    And it was all becoming cool”– Lupe Fiasco-Hurt Me Soul

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