Struggle Jennings

Rapper Tricked Jail Officials In Order To Film Music Video While Locked Up

(AllHipHop News) One of the oldest sayings in entertainment is “the show must go on.” It seems that is even the case if the performer is serving jail time on drug related charges. William Harness (who goes by the rap name Struggle Jennings) would not let being locked up in Tennessee’s Davidson County jail stop him from shooting scenes for a music video even if he had to trick officials to do it.

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Karla West revealed that the department allowed a camera crew to enter the jail under the impression they were interviewing Harness for a documentary. The footage from the visit actually ended up in the video for the rapper’s song “Black Curtains” that was uploaded to his blog and YouTube channel.

“They sat there and asked him 20 minutes worth of questions, just as they would with any documentary about his life and different things like that. At the end they asked, as part of the documentary, could he mouth some of the words to his song and I allowed that,” West told News Channel 5. “We were duped when it seems as though now, their purpose from the beginning was to try to get that accomplished so it could turn into a video, not a documentary at all.”

The “interview” was shot in 2012 before Harness was transferred to another facility, but the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office did not find out about the music video until a week ago.

The DCSO is considering legal action against the production company Creativity for Hire. A letter requesting that all images of the jail or its employees be removed from the video was sent to the creators of the clip.

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UPDATE (11/2): Struggle Jennings released a statement concerning this matter via Facebook. It reads in part:

I received word today about the situation with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office regarding the release of my latest project “Black Curtains”.. Apparently they feel that they were “tricked” by us. Well I honestly believe this was not the case. When the production company arrived at the jail they were given guidelines and proper procedures to follow during filming. Forms were signed and access was granted. No laws were broken and we meant no disrespect nor were we shown any. A public relations representative for DCSO was present in the room the entire time and like all of the staff at the jail that day they were kind and professional to myself and my crew in every way. Our plan all along was to film enough footage to release a short film, in music video format, to build awareness and excitement for the full length “I Am Struggle” documentary… So during filming that day, when we saw the opportunity to shoot the performance footage for “Black Curtains” we respectfully asked permission. We were granted permission to film my vocal performance with no limitations placed on how, when or in what format it would be used.. Our intentions were never misrepresented, maliciously or not. We didn’t trick anyone. We didn’t lie about anything. Ultimately, this is a matter of miscommunication at worst, and misunderstanding at best. The message behind my story is the importance of breaking the vicious cycle that has impacted my own life as well as so many lives around the world… We filmed this with only the best of intentions. Our actions were anything but disrespectful or deceitful. My only hope is that my story and message will reach others and show them that the cycle of the criminal lifestyle can be broken.

To read the full statement visit Struggle’s Facebook page.

Watch the video for Struggle’s “Black Curtains” below.

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  • Thenatural503

    When will these dudes realize this isn’t worth it. Probably gonna add 5 plus years to his sentence as an example.

    • Celz

      You know what the sheriff should let it ride.. This video has a positive message. The only issue is that he can technically be profiting from it himself. That may be the issue. His folks need to ask how much they need to donate to a charity to get this swept under the rug. Hardest song and video I’ve seen in a while..

    • Struggle Jennings

      Not even close to the truth fam.. First off the whole story that we “tricked” anyone into anything is 100% false.. We’re posting the Struggle’s official statement on his Facebook page right now.. But for the record, NO LAWS were broken by the production company, and Struggle is NOT at risk of ANY repercussions.. He’s already been granted parole on his State charges and they’re sending him to Feds to finish his Federal sentence in January..

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  • therealwayno

    That was actually really well done.

  • Chris


  • Quintin Williams

    I like the Country- Hip Hop mix…..AWESOME JOB

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Nice move! That’s some real shit though.

  • Willuminati☆Imortali

    you cannot say that that wasnt a dope ass track…video too

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    That actually is a very nice video. Those cats need to put together a short documentary with the footage that they shot if they want to avoid trouble.

  • Celz

    This is Hip-Hop.. I aint gonna lie I was ready to hate lol

  • hoeyuno

    Nice vidd… I’m assuming that was his seed in the video??… And it was sort of a documentary, in the few minutes we got a quick rundown on his life story….peace!!


    Struggle is the grandson of the legendary country outlaw singer Waylon Jennings. He was part of that era when country singers acted like rockstars and rappers these days and they sang about the same things, drugs women guns violence and getting drunk.


    Yall should check out his video sampling his late grandfather and featuring Yelawolf called Outlaw Sh*t

  • rk3000

    Great Video and song. I hope they can work something out with the sheriff office. The message was real and positive.

  • Raoul Cannon

    Dope and powerful completely raw something we don’t get anymore…..Positive message with a video to match….Great Job

  • ZUBU

    That was a nice song, beat was different but homeboys message was cool Wish him the best!

    • That was an Eric Clapton sample ( White Room / Black Curtains )

      >> In Jamaican accent – “His ‘dam ‘Ding ‘Ting ‘pon blood fiyah rasclot dub plate Homey did!”

      = Good

  • king sodomy

    i was already cocked and loaded ready to talk shit but this isnt bad…better than a lot of rappers that can do their shit straight up.

    • reddd16

      Which is more than anyone can say about you you worthless piece of garbage. You couldn’t even give your mother the son she always wanted. You had to go off and become a homosexual. You’re a living mistake and I hope that someone takes your life one day.

      • king sodomy

        and this is coming from a closet homosexual with pinned up frustrations and questions on their own sexuality so instead of taking a stiff dick up the ass they troll the internet looking for someone to release their sexual frustrations on…step away from the key board and find a big fat DONG to suck you can only fiddle your own butt for so long……LOSER LMMFAO

      • reddd16

        Nothing you say will change the fact that you’re a piece of trash who let his parents down by choosing the life of a flame. All of your “lmmfao” and lol’s aren’t changing the fact that you’re still a homosexual. You aught to be ashamed of yourself for letting your mother down the way you did. What’s worse is that she probably doesn’t know that you’re gay. Smh, how sad!

      • king sodomy

        Nothing you say will change the fact that you’re a piece of trash who let his parents down by choosing the life of a flame. All of your “lmmfao” and lol’s aren’t changing the fact that you’re still a homosexual. You aught to be ashamed of yourself for letting your mother down the way you did. What’s worse is that she probably doesn’t know that you’re gay. Smh, how sad!

      • reddd16

        I know, I know the truth hurts young flame, but it’s something you simply have to learn to live with. Now, why don’t you run along back to Worldstarhiphop and tell all of your little flame buddies you had an intervention and realized that you are unhappy living as a flame.

      • lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Charter

        Lol dude went off

  • Immortal

    This was good. Seemed like a sincere plea for the cycle to stop, and to check the choices we make in life; it’s not just us who get hurt. Keep ya head up man.

  • Tre C

    they might as well put a documentary together. The production team is ill. Song was pretty good too

  • $18592567

    Dope Shit!!!

  • $18592567

    RNS from a country boy…#RespectThat

  • Struggle Jennings

    The whole “they tricked the Sheriff’s Department” story is cool and all, but it’s far from the truth.. The DCSO knew exactly what we were doing, they allowed us to do it, they got in trouble for it, and now they’re trying to spin the story as if they were “duped”.. If you want to hear Struggle’s side of the story check out his Facebook page.. We just posted his official statement on the situation yesterday..

    • Celz

      Checcin in from Cali.. The video and message is real shyt.. About time we get some innovative/ guerrilla marketing type ish for a positive message. Lmao at the police trying to block a video tellin the youth not to go to jail..

  • Dropping Jewels Pro


    • Struggle Jennings

      Not at all fam!! Struggle’s already been paroled on his state charges and we’re not about to submit to a corrupt sheriff, the prison system or the mainstream media.. If you’ve got truth on your side you should never back down.. Just remember that fear is all they’ve got…

  • Obi Won

    Tricked or not this was perfect!!! Never heard of dude but the message nicely crafted.
    This should be spread more vs a “i’m still keeping in real in jail” type trash.

  • Kurt Rambis

    Yohance Kyles you are a moron for writing this

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