Chris Brown

Rehab Could Be “Too Little, Too Late” For Chris Brown

(AllHipHop News) The news surrounding Chris Brown’s alleged assault in Washington, DC keeps getting more layers. After submitting to rehab and reports that a secret service agent at the scene of the incident provided police with information that could possibly keep the R&B star out of jail, the latest turn is that Los Angeles probation officials are not buying CB’s attempt at rehabilitation.

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TMZ reports that the L.A. Probation Department sees Brown checking himself into a rehab facility for anger management as “too little, too late.” Brown was interviewed by probation officers before going to rehab, and sources tell the entertainment site that the department is ready to issue a harsh report. If the judge decides to revoke Brown’s probation, he is looking at a possible 4 year sentence in jail.

“Probation is gunning for this guy. They’re embarrassed by what he’s done over the last two years and they’ve had it,” the source told TMZ.

Brown is currently on probation stemming from a guilty plea in the assault of his former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Since that time he has been involved in several highly publicized violent encounters.

In 2011 Brown threw a chair through a window during his appearance on Good Morning America. In 2012 he was involved in a bottle-throwing altercation with Drake at a New York nightclub. Earlier this year things got physical when he and Frank Ocean got into an argument over a parking spot at a studio in West Hollywood.

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  • He might get the 4 years but probably only do 6 months or less you know how they treat black folks with money….But on a more serious note, Brown need to spend some time away from the public and jail might be the best place for a little while…And at the end of the day he is grown he makes grown-up decisions so be a man and be resonsible for you’re own actions, do your time.

  • Obi Won

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