Teddy Riley

Teddy Riley Sues Lady Gaga

(AllHipHop News) Teddy Riley, the R&B singer and acclaimed producer, has reportedly sued Lady Gaga for unpaid monies associated with a song “Teeth.”

The song was released in 2009 and Riley maintains that the singer didn’t pay all the fees he was due.

The Virginia-based producer says he was due 25% of the writing fees on the song, which appeared on Gaga’s The Fame Monster album.

Riley is suing for $500,000 plus punitive damages.

Teddy Riley’s producer chops go way back to the 80’s with Hip-Hop and the New Jack Swing movement he pioneered.


  • Dam when these so called big time producers start suing for amounts that they usually spend in the strip clubs, then you know that the struggle is real….lol

    • DaHomey6Deuce

      So if your “bigtime” you should leave 500K alone….GTFOH

      • Young Goku

        Why you mad tho?

      • Yup….Sounds like he is going broke.

    • Celz

      If you let niccas rob you today why would niccas pay you tomorrow..

  • Terrance Goodman

    Get ya $& they been robbing Peter to pay Paul for to long.
    Own ya masters, production, writing credits etc. N not let a nickel
    Slide it’s business

  • ThatDudeFresh

    This the same dude that been robbing other producers, passing off their work as his for years. Man please

  • Trouble.