Hip-Hop Rumors: Stevie J Begging For Mercy?

Word on the street is that Stevie J is asking his baby mama to chill out! She apparently has been causing him much stress and strife. Last week, AHH broke the news that Stevie J seemingly owed his ex over one million in back child support of their two kids. He hasn’t exactly denied the allegations, but she certainly has her paperwork in order.

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip-Hop Star Stevie J. Accused Of Owing Millions In Child Support

Anyway, he definitely it a bit shook, in terms of having his business out in the street. According to Radar Online, he asked for her to chill the hell out with these press conference stuff she was doing at the time.

”What’s going on, uh I see all this press it’s going crazy and then I see something ’bout a press conference on October 31. I would ask you not to do a press conference…so let’s try to figure out what we doing, what’s goin’ on aight?”

She didn’t respond and had the press conference anyway, according to reports. I’m glad I don’t have any baby moms, because this seems like it could take years off your life.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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    She trying to get this bread…

    • Sean Taylor

      I guess raising a kid doesn’t require bread.



        no you fail Bi+ch…I said that because that’s what Stebie J always says…

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    I wrote her dumb ass on twitter and she responded to me saying that the 1.5 mill or whatever is the amount of back support. I asked her what child needs 1.5 mill and you are getting thousands a month. Still she is not struggling to get a f*cking job. Don’t expect because you have a child not to work at all or use a man as a pay day. Let them provide the necessary things needed such as food clothing and shelter needs but her also provide. Child support cases also look at the mother. I also believe the american judicial system is designed to destroy the black man and black family. They psychology push the separation of man and women. Then in turn they can lock them up. I get if he pays nothing then that is wrong but if he is paying then getting money so you can live a superstar life is another thing. Those type of women are the worst kind of women on planet earth and usually those types are after good men or good fathers who do their best. I have experienced it from a triffling ignorant baby mama. Bad fathers are horrible but the women are just as wicked who try that pay day sh*t! Fk her! When he gets locked up then what, you can’t pay when you are locked up. The only one that suffers is the child. It doesn’t create a healthy bond and makes a child bitter as an adult and they repeat that same process to someone else.

    • heavyboy

      bruh…. if he owes that much money that’s a f#ckn problem…. not saying it’s cool to go on blast behind it but that figure is out of hand*

    • Out here, you still owe if locked up.

      Flip side :
      IE: RaeKwon IG’ing $500 dinner plates while daughter’s mom is struggling, or not giving her $$$ = wack.

      I can understand a 9-5’er, slaving for minimum wage, but if he’s eating….the kids should eat too.

      1.5 is ridiculous though.

      • Truth Powell

        They lock you up, and the payments never stop accumulating. So if you owe $500 a month, that you already can’t pay, and they lock you up for non payment for 3 months, you get out with a fresh $1500 additional debt added to the one that you couldn’t pay already.
        How does this even go on in our society?
        Do not be mistaken. Most men that are behind on child support or don’t pay is because they don’t have the money to pay. Not because they’re rich and are just trying to stick it to the mother.

      • I agree 100%.



    • Opposite Of Everyone

      and what did she reply to that?

    • Shatariah

      looking at ur comment, im like this long af this this dude just wrote a novel, but it was worth reading and I agree with you.

  • mayne I wood tel ma baybee momma 2 shaddup an suk ma dick!

    • heavyboy

      he probably did…. and now she’s doin a f#ckn press conference*

  • Jdilla2982 .

    This ho did a press conference these hos are out of their mind

    • Pirate7x

      Stevie’s the ho too screwin’ around with ratchet broads buying them flat-screen TV’s. I respect bro and think he’s funny but he reaped what so.

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  • Executive

    This what happens when you think with your dick!

  • Sean Taylor

    Pay you f’ing child support instead of pretending you got dough on the tv show and you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol ouch truth hurts lol

  • baller187

    foget kids that always the downfall money wise

    • Golgo 13

      ye im glad i don’t have kids now at the moment

  • DAMN…shit like this makes me glad me and my bm stay on one accord and have minimal involvement from the courts, we got our own system worked out that works fine for us. Courts stay tryin to jam me up but she stands tall for a brotha everytime…to the point, she actually worked with me to get support dropped altogether at the last court date cuz I help RAISE mine, ain’t none of that visitation bullshit. I’m aware enough to realize I’m the exception to the rule though, cuz I done seen some of my guys out here go THRU it behind these lousy ass broads. And if you’re one of them cats out there that’s goin thru it like that too, hold your head and keep doin the best you can…long as you do that, when the kid gets older they’ll be able to put two and two together and piece together what’s really good.

    Side note: Of course you wouldn’t know nothin about havin a baby mama Illseed, to know that would mean you woulda had to have actually got some pu$$y at some point in time.

    • vandyll

      I second that. Me and my sons mom split up when he was about 10. I asked her what she wanted she told me “Give me x amount and if he want sneakers video games ect. then thats on you I’m not killing you so handle it.” I agreed stuck to my end of bargain and I gave her that. Even when her friends was like “He got money he can pay more” She never took me to court, never was spiteful. It wasn’t all peaches an cream but it definitely wasn’t fights and turmoil. She did right by me. My son got so much shit because I wasn’t getting killed financially so he got mad Jordans and every game system with hella games, and clothes and whatever else he wanted. The best part is she never really spent my child support. She banked it now my son is 22 sitting on over 25k for college. AND THATS HOW GROWN FOLKS DO IT!

  • $31339281

    She Right- doing what she gotta do to get paid….if talk, text& web worked- wouldnt be behind. Get $ shorty. Take care of your kids ngas