Chris Brown

Chris Brown Catches A Break In Assault Case

(AllHipHop News) Chris Brown is in legal hot water in an assault case in Washington D.C., but the singer has received some good news.

Investigators have not been able to find any video footage of the alleged fracas.

A fan alleges that Chris Brown punched him in the face after the fan tried to photo-bomb a picture with another fan. Chris charged that the man was trying to get on his tour bus without permission.

Secret Service agents back up Chris Brown’s account of the events, and also say they heard the alleged victim stating Brown didn’t hit him.

Brown voluntarily entered rehab for anger since the incident.

  • Dodged A Bullet…Chris Better Tighten Up Before He Lose It All

  • Jayson C Williams

    Really dodged a bullet. Take this as a sign Chris. Take a year off the scene bro.

    • Live Well

      Why, cause somebody tried to lie on him to get paid? Keep pushin, Chris.

      • Jayson C Williams

        No because he’s on probation for beating his girlfriend and doesn’t realize ppl will antagonize u because they don’t like you, & u can’t beat up everyone! That’s why! And if you were a real fan you wouldn’t enable as your last comment veered towards! You don’t enable he needs help bottom line don’t be ignorant!

      • Live Well

        You act like you’re in his camp and you know what he “needs”. You know about as much as the rest of us know, which is just enough detail to drive a story. You’re basically saying he should put a halt on his livelihood because he’s being targeted by opportunists. Yes, he needs to pipe down and get his anger under control but a voluntary year off the scene??? That’s career suicide. You want him into hiding until hes off probation? That’s insane.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Do u sound like he’s doing a good job working and being on probation. Every week it’s another story! Ppl like you are going to be his downfall! Thinking it’s ok to behave like this, displacing blame. It’s the “opportunists” fault huh? It’s their fault he beat up Rihanna and is on probation huh?

      • Live Well

        Yes, it’s the opportunists fault when they file an assault charge every week that gets dismissed or discredited after the facts come out. Keep pushin, Chris.

      • Jayson C Williams

        That’s not what the post said. Is it their fault he beat Rihanna? Is it their fault he has anger issues? So it’s the opportunists fault that he faught frank ocean over a parking spot? Me & you would of serve a few months but he’s been giving chances? And for what? To mess things up? So it’s the opportunists fault he can’t control his temper? Keep displacing blame bro, I see where you lie with your moral code

      • Live Well

        He’s paid dearly for Rihanna, as he should. The rest of that stuff you’re spewing is just regurgitated gossip site reporting.
        Yeah, my moral code won’t allow me to pass judgement on people. How bout yours?

      • Jayson C Williams

        It’s not all gossip. You said earlier that I’m not in his camp. True but we all know someone in the industry, some reliable some not. All I can say is it doesn’t take a genius to see that he needs to chill. His life means more to me personally than his career. I don’t want to see any blk man go to jail, but if he keeps ending up in news clips than jail is where the LA prosecutor is going to send him, they love making examples of rich blk men

      • Live Well

        We agree on that.

  • One of these days he’s gonna push up on the wrong dude and they gonna punish his little fairy behind. All fruity looking and stuff

    • Ghost

      You don’t even know what happened. Typical media puppets. Believe anything & everything the media feeds you

  • remy730

    All the BS stops, if he signs with them people….. like his girl did. she’ll even come back.

  • O please the record label bailed him out once again, and now owes them even more albums, royalties, and shows….Chris Brown is a slave to the industry, we all know how Brown is going to end up, no one wants to say it though.

    • therealwayno

      Really? The record label can bribe and pay off secret service AGENTS (plural) to lie, but couldn’t pay off one dude Chris allegedly hit?

      • No I am saying that, his record label is paying off who they need to, just to keep there artist”Chris Brown” out of jail as a way of protecting there investment…Everytime the label has to send a lawyer to court to fix Brown’s problems they are just billing him, so that they have more rights to his brand…Basically the record label is the reason why Chris Brown is not in jail for all the bullshit that he been doing. It’s not luck it’s about protecting the labels property, and that no matter what Chris Brown does, he is still owned by a record label who will keep him out of jail because they can’t make money from there artist while behind bars.

  • Live Well

    Story never made no damn sense anyway. Everybody jumped to conclusions without all the facts. What else is new, though.

  • Marina

    There is someone really after Chris…It is not about Rihanna`s case anymore it is about eliminating the obstacle in the music industry. Chris Brown is a serious rival in music for the most of artists.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      the ni***a is dumb as a brick. it aint no conspiracy. He’s just the average young dumb ass who made some money.

    • PBM1986

      This nigga sing and dance… He’s not a political figure… Aint nobody after him but a bunch of mone hungry women.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Some of you guys need to really read what you write and figure out that you weren’t taught well. His behavior is not acceptable period. Nobody did this to him, he beat Rihanna, he had the world hating him, he goes off at every person that shouts anything wrong about him. It’s not the way you handle a situation like this. And listening to half of you, I see why ppl are increasingly doing stupid shit everyday. No sense, no morals, no level of anything that resembles intellect

    • Shirley A. Adelman

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      • vandyll

        Your uncle could buy another one if he has your ass working sucking dick in the back seat part time. You should look into that as a possible career move. Probably a lot more profitable than spamming.

    • if u read the police report from the chris/Rihanna incident u will see she punch him in the head 7 times before she caught that ass whoop she asked for, moral of the story if u don’t wanna get hit don’t hit

      • YaheardSyndicate

        you must be such a bitch. how about keep your cool and leave her on the side of the road. Statements like this make me wanna slap you and i promise you would do tnothign but call the cops.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Nah you’re wrong. Period! You don’t beat a woman senseless like that. If that was either one of our sisters or moms, we’d blank out. Think about what you’re saying and think about how ppl view blacks? You can’t justify beating a woman only cowards do that! Gotta do better as blacks. That’s not acceptable period

      • Linkz

        on some real sh!t the diff between chris and ike is that it happen once and thats alll you do realize people make mistakes like youve never did something that was wrong GTFO with that. its only so much you can take before you lose your cool and thats human no matter what the gender just remember that when you get on your soap box …and if shawty forgave him and moved on you should too ! just saying

      • Jayson C Williams

        You are def right. BUT he has the opportunity to make it right and his behavior isn’t signifying it in the public eye. Not saying he’s a fault for every incident but he has to do wayyyy better at keeping a low profile. There’s ppl out there with power that want his head!!

      • Linkz

        I feel you on that but i mean to keep throwing the riri beating in his face is just stupid tho i mean i dont see anyone telling r.kelly damn son you ate that lil girl @ss dog like really or how charlie sheen can do what ever he wants but its cool or how other celebs are in the same boat and do the same dumb ish but a get pass let the kid grow up already they need to back up off him already

      • Jayson C Williams

        Same situation different apporcach. R Kelly laid down low down low, when he caught his issue. He shifted his content n music as well.. Ie trapped in the closet. He was quiet. Now compare bc to his approach? Yea we have a young kid not knowing how to handle ridicule or show humility. Now a days fans have a closer eye on their artists. Instagram, Twitter etc so he’s more accessible . He needs to go away for a year let ppl forget about him he’s still young, rich and will still be a woman beater! That’s what he needs to realize how ppl will view him until he changes his approach

      • People view people by there actions and not there race, besides no one in my family would let a man beat on them unless they like that shit……because some women do like to fight with there dudes #getoutside

      • Jayson C Williams

        U make no sense

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Chris “Bobby” Brown, needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Urban entertainment is such D*** riders they made excuses like “he’s young” man Ike Turner was young when he had his foot in Tina’s ass. Dont nobody owe Chris Brown a second change, like Malcom X said every black person is an entertainer in some way. Sign up the next cat who can sing and dance and wont throw chairs through windows, fight in clubs and beat up black women. None of yall liked it when your dad was slapping your mom around yet, you tuned into this clown at the B.E.T. awards…gtfoh!

    • Jayson C Williams

      Right! Unfortunately you’re right. I like Chris but society doesn’t owe you shit and they show you by dragging you through hell because that person thought they were larger than life

  • SpliffThaMobbaholic

    WHO REALLY CARES…? people get way too caught up with celebrity issues like they dont eat, breathe, bleed, & shit like any other human being…Chris Brown whooped Rihanna’s ass but the question is what did she do to send him to that limit…domestic violence happens everyday but because its a celebrity u only read about it…give it a rest…

    • Fresh


  • Homegrown Chicks

    So basically Chris didn’t do ANYTHING! Woooowwww, pays to reserve your judgement until the facts all come to light!

  • $18916246


  • Michelle :]


  • eddieknucks

    All you cats on here saying ” a woman could hit me 100 times and I wouldn’t hit her back” are fuckin crazy. No one has the right to touch you. You have the right to defend yourself. That ninja was scared and came out his bag. I have restraint but if a woman hits me continuously with the intent to really hurt me, like it feel like a man hitting me, I gotta get her off me. Period. Society got it fucked up. Teach your daughters not to act like men. Everyone keep there hands to themselves.

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