Eminem Wins Artist Of The Year At YouTube Music Awards

(AllHipHop News) Eminem’s new album is still a day away from hitting stores, but the veteran emcee has already taken home an award as the “Artist of the Year.” He was given that title at last night’s first annual YouTube Music Awards beating out Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Psy, One Direction, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

The video sharing site live-streamed their inaugural awards ceremony around the world. The unorthodox event featured “live video performances” by Em, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, and others. Em performed a John Gonzalez-directed version of the The Marshall Mathers LP 2‘s “Rap God.”

Other winners included Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (YouTube Breakthrough), Taylor Swift (YouTube Phenomenon), DeStorm (Innovation of the Year), and Girls’ Generation (Video of the Year).

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Watch Eminem’s performance of “Rap God” below.

  • JimJames29

    Artist of the year when you haven’t had an album out in years… #racism

    • Michael Murray

      How is it racism if he also beat out taylor Swift, Justin Beiber and Katy Perry? But I do call bs on the fact he just recently came back out and won Artist of the Year. This already looks like an Award I can’t take seriously

      • JimJames29

        I mean, if this was Lil’ Wayne, or even Jay-Z, they would never give them artist of the year if their incredibly hot album leaked but was still a few days away from being released. Kinda odd that we can’t have the lyrics online, because the album is not out yet, but somehow he can take home awards for that same album. Cause don’t tell me he won artist of the year on the strength of ‘berzerk’, lol. They’d do this for Eminem, the beastie boys or macklemore, but never in a million years for a black artist, especially not a rapper. But whatever youtube awards are wack sauce anyway

      • PhilTheGreat

        Maybe it’s from commercial work, promotional work, and live performances??? He other song is like the official sports season theme this year…

      • Michael Murray

        yeah, I see where you coming from. that’s politics for you

    • johnblacksad

      Maybe the rules are different for this Youtube award thing… maybe it has to do with views, comments and whatnot…

      • PhilTheGreat

        Think about the hits he gets with song tags. Think about him having his song as the Call of Duty theme song alone. Billion dollar gaming movement over there.

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  • collinnyo145

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    a year old Jaguar only from working off a home computer… Recommended Reading

  • Troll_E_G

    No way , he should have won that…pure favoritism or a ploy for promo….nicki or Justin,….Hell even Perry but cmon em didn’t deserve that shit n he is far from a rap god…best album was mmlp …no other jawn has come close to that and he been ass ever sense.

    • TRE

      The Eminem Show is overall a better album then MMLP


    I mean that’s that Elvis shit!…

    • DJ7

      you already know

      • ZUBU

        I thought the exact same thing Elvis of this era, they are going to proclaim him the best rapper….smh

  • Sean Power

    this has me lost all you artise put records and video get millions of view and slim win and has put record out yet lol i want how the you tube awards picks the winners

  • ShortDogg

    Of course they will promote and give it to Em’s garbage! As I said before they want him to be the best hip hop artist that ever lived. They don’t even know hip hop. They buy is albums like they are the hottest thing in the streets but you know what, know one even hear or play his garbage in the streets. Let us be real here! No one is going to drive down the streets listening to Em. No one! Only suburb kids that don’t know real hip hop. Dude is Vanilla Ice all over again! Dude music is garbage! Cat and the Hat type nursery rhymes…GTFOOH with that garbage!

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