Epic Fail of the Day: Woman Dressed as Boston Marathon Victim For Halloween Fired From Job


People usually reserve Halloween for showing their entire arses, literally and metaphorically but it seems like 2013 took the cake. Blackface and mocking human life ran rampant as folks dressed up like George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and also…Boston Marathon victims.

This woman is 22-year-old Alicia Lynch and she went to work dressed as a Boston Marathon Victim. Once this photo went up on social media, she got dragged for dear life. She got death threats and she has now lost her job. Mega fail.

Let this be a lesson to everyone who thinks it’s cute or creative to mock the dead and/or an entire race of people.

  • Good, Stupid Bitch…People Trying To Hard Lately And Its Good They’re Being Reprimanded For The Fucked Up Things That They Think Is Cute.

  • Executive

    She just cursed her self! What’s up with people being insensitive?

  • Executive

    Wouldn’t be funny if one of her loved ones was killed in a bombing.

  • Jayson C Williams

    She honestly didn’t see anything wrong with it? That’s what’s wrong with white ppl. I can say a lot wrong with my own but they are just super naive & insensitive. That’s what privilege and a superiority complex does to a person, makes them a f*+!king idiot

  • King Alvarez

    yall cry about black face ALL the time, but yet you have people dressing up as “indians” and “mexicans” with panchos on and sombrero hats and no one bats an eye, huh…..

    • DJ7

      Mexicans…Indians…They are our sons…educate yourself on the history and stop falling for the okie doke you’ve been told …even when you think you know…you haven’t even scratched the surface…King Alvarez, we are one fam

      • JondoE303

        Real Life

      • johnblacksad

        Not to mention… a poncho or a sombrero are both just attires…

    • Papi Peligro

      Man real talk. White folks dressed up like them with leaf blowers. Then the other white guy walked by like good costume dude I own a landscaping business and a bunch of them work for me. This is awesome. I ALMOST FELL OUT. LIKE HALOWEEN OR NOT You will get killled,

    • Seriously

      lol how are you going to be Mexican and ignorant against your race. Sombrero is a hat and a pancho is attire. Im going to say it and the hell with what everyone thinks Mexicans are the most ignorant people Ive ever met on earth. People can say what they want about black people but them mexicans are ignorant as hell its disgusting.

  • JondoE303

    I hate to say it but she got what she deserved what did she think was gonna happen when she walked her a$$ out of her house that day?!?

  • Irvin Findlay

    They got a picture of her. It’s gonna be hard for her to find another job I believe. WHat a dumba$$

  • Ike’s Mood

    DAMN?!?! white folks dont even like it when they mock they own!

  • sesa

    Us white folk don’t want to claim her.

    • Guest

      You better f’cking claim her who da f’ck else would??

      • Seriously

        nobody but someone white would dress up like that for halloween

  • soyhiphop

    go and marathon your ass to the unemployment line đŸ™‚ you b!tch

  • Seriously

    white people are raised to feel they have are superior to all other races and people and have a superiority complex and as a result feel they can mock any and everything

    • IDestroyStupidPeople

      False, your generalization shows you nothing and make assumptions based on what you feel. How I was raised was to be respectful to all unless they are being unfair to others. This girl is just an idiot though, this would get anyone fired. Actions of one should not reflect on people as a whole.

      • You’re right, action’s of one SHOULDN’T reflect on people as a whole, you’re absolutely correct…yet it happens to us Blacks day in and day out, and has been happenin for generations. And his generalization really ain’t as far off base as you think, cuz no one BUT a White person would feel it was ok to pull somethin like that. Maybe an Asian, but a lotta them try so damn hard to be White it’s almost to be expected.


        not sure what you tryna say by saying asians would try to pull something like that because they try to be white? i dont know where you live or what kind of asians you hang out with, but that is an ignorant statement unless you have some sort of statistical evidence to prove it.
        everything else you sayin is on point tho

      • You’re right I shoulda clarified, I meant Americanized Asians cuz for the most part they tend to try and identify more with the White side of American culture and look at the other sides in the same a lotta Whites do. I’m only sayin some of em though, not all or even most. And I’m strictly speakin from what I’ve seen livin in a college town with a large Asian population on campus, not tryin to make any blind generalizations. Cuz quiet as kept I used to kick it with this BANGIN ass Chinese shorty back in like ’05 or ’06, I ain’t a thirsty type of nigga but baby almost had ya boy wide open. LOL So I’d be a fool to say they’re all like that, feel me?

      • IDestroyStupidPeople

        “yet it happens to us Blacks day in and day out,” That’s stupid because that happens to every race everywhere. Her costume has nothing to do with race and your bringing it there.
        Just because a lot of white people are hicks doesn’t mean everyone is. Just because Hispanic people eat culturally significant food like rice, beans, and ground beef doesn’t mean they love taco bell and go there every day. Just because Rap is a predominantly black music genre doesn’t mean every black person likes rap. Please, furthering ignorance is not beneficial to anyone.

      • Nah hold up my dude I ain’t the one who injected race into the mix, that was the cat you originally replied to. I agreed with you that the actions of one shouldn’t reflect on the whole, but unfortunately that just ain’t the way it works and that’s what I was tryin to point out. Serious question, are you a White cat? It’s all good if you are, I’m just curious cuz that’s the vibe I’m gettin, and would explain why what I said might not have come across fully to you.

  • PhilTheGreat

    Ha, wow. She bettter move.

    • She’d have to move to some Amish town or some shit where there’s no Internets, it’s a WRAP for shorty. LOL

  • Obi Won

    yeah that was just dumb!!!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    She should just get a lawyer. Its not illegal to dress like a dead person. Its not tasteful. Count Dracula was a real person you aint gonna get fired for dressing like him. Or Marylin Monroe. Or Tupac, he got shot and killed.

    • JimJames29

      Agreed, people are so sensitive, its a joke


        maybe true, but people should respect the death of innocent people and the younger generation of people are becoming too numb to others’ misfortunes. she does have the right to wear what she wants, but think if there was someone who lost a family member at the marathon bombing and saw this…not cool


      people might dress up as tupac or marylin monroe because they were famous and people would dress as them for that aspect, not just because they died. the runners were just ordinary people who were killed for no reason. i hope you see the difference

    • Code of conduct / Morality clauses / At Will Employment = No case

  • Willuminati☆Imortali


  • danboy1386

    The world needs to stop taking its self so seriously. Insensitive
    absolutely! Distasteful definitely! But still a joke.

    • Sean Taylor

      Nothing funny about that….

  • brotha_man

    too soon? company should have a policy on this.

  • black god

    I bet if her mom had gotten blown up at the marathon she wouldn’t have dressed up that way.

  • All bullshit aside, this clueless broad is proof positive of how the media and entertainment industry desensitize the masses to death and tragedy, to where she’d actually think somethin like that was funny. Yeah it’s America, she has a “right” (whatever THAT means) to dress up how she wants…but at the same time mufukkas woulda had just as much right to kick skin off her forehead behind it too.

  • keenan88

    An entire “RACE” of people. That comment was downright low asshole.