EXCLUSIVE: Young Dro Explains 7 Year Album Break & Missing Grand Hustle Cypher (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop Features) Even with a dozen mixtapes released over the last 7 years, Atlanta’s Young Dro has kept a noticeably low profile since his debut studio album Best Thang Smokin’ hit the streets back in 2006. The Grand Hustle rapper has seen a career resurgence in 2013 by participating in Hustle Gang’s compilation mixtape G.D.O.D. (Get Dough Or Die), dropping his DJ Drama hosted free project Day Two, and delivering his official sophomore LP High Times.

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In a recent interview with Mr. Mecc for, Dro was candid about why it took so long for him to jump back into the game full-time.

“I was just keeping myself afloat,” admits Dro. “Plus I got lazy though, like every n***a do.”

Dro eventually shook off the apathy to return with the hit “FDB” off High Times. The video for the trifling baby momma f**k off anthem is pushing on two and half million views on YouTube. Up next is the single “Strong” produced by DJ Mustard and featuring fellow A-Town native 2 Chainz.

Along with the man formerly known as Tity Boi, Young Dro also connected with another top-selling Atlanta rapper for his latest work. Hustle Gang leader T.I. appears on two tracks on High Times, and despite not trading verses with his boss and Grand Hustle comrades during last year’s BET cypher, Dro makes it clear that he is down with the label that Tip built for the long haul. For him, the wordplay display is just not a part of southern rap tradition.

“I respect up north that’s where it comes from. Them boys put you in a circle, and everybody, they test their ability. Down south we just swaggin’, bustin’,” explains Dro. “I’m cool on that. That don’t determine my ability to be a rapper.”

Even though Dro does not feel the need to enter in the much talked about cyphers to show his skills as a rhymer, he does address the new streak of competitive fire in Hip Hop sparked by Kendrick Lamar’s name-dropping verse on Big Sean’s “Control.”

“The verse was phenomenal, but if you were to break it down to what really got people all ‘rah, rah,’ he was just saying names,” adds Dro. “[He’s] making it more competitive to them. I’m in my own lane.”

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Young Dro’s High Times is available for download on iTunes.

Watch part 1 and part 2 of the Young Dro interview below.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Dro is pure wack juice straight up!

  • Sparky Flinstone

    I can dig it!

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  • Rico

    So you change the rules of being a ‘good rapper’ to satisfy your personal belief in your own skills (or lack thereof)?
    Good one.

  • brotha_man

    soooo…………basically u are making an excuse on why u are not a good rapper.
    what i took away from this is u dont take ur rap career serious!

    • Shirley A. Adelman

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    • Fredrick”The Truth” Douglass

      No he’s just letting you know that all that cypher shit is for rapping ass rappers who can hardly make a full substantial rap album let alone a song, and down south we grow up making songs which is the science behind making a hit per se being able to stay afloat in the game.-Fredrick”FuckACypher”Douglass

      • Not every “Rapping ass rapper” is bad at making songs or hits that is false. There are plenty “Rapping ass rappers” that have number 1 hits. Young Dro is enabling people to believe that being a bad rapper is cool and making hits can only be done if you are swaggin’. That is pure retardation serious.

  • David Gonz



    Tokyo Diamond……….

    • RapItUp


      • NEWSKULL

        my nigga!…lol

      • RapItUp


  • Bhigh Williams

    i would be like, nigga you interviewing me, not Kendrick and walked off

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