Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Nicki Dissing Drake?

Nicki Minaj out promoting the YouTube awards, but in the midst of that, she’s being asked some interesting questions as well. Namely, why didn’t Drake have anybody from Young Money on his latest album? She said she is working on her latest album so that’s that. About the 4:25 mark, she says “Drake can do what Drake do, but Nicki Minaj is a whole different person.” We know she is a different person, but it definitely sounds like shots are being fired.

Oh and for you that thought she was Photoshopped in the Halloween pics, you can see she ain’t. Straight off the Instagram.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    Maybe Drake realized there’s no real good artist in YMCMB…

    • Didn’t they just sign Paris Hilton?llllllllol…lol…Drake is one of those “no good artists”–And whats up with that Tyga guy he spends more money than anyone on the label and sells the least amount of records…He seems like a liability.

  • Nikki ain’t got nothing on me for real for real

    • brotha_man

      dont be amping if u dont like to share

      • Eli Pinilla

        Dont get catfished homie

      • brotha_man

        right. i gotta chill, thanks bro. dont wanna get te’oed

      • Eli Pinilla

        Acronym for girls( only on internet)

        G. uys
        I. N

    • brotha_man

      snapchat me some photos

      • How about OMFGno

      • sakiru oresanwo


  • brotha_man

    YCMB are a bunch of broads

  • brotha_man

    YCMB act like a bunch of broads

  • Obi Won

    So much for

  • atlantahiphopshop

    I don’t know which is worse, Nicki and her fake everything, Illseed sucking her d!ck, or us falling for her publicity stunt breadcrumbs leading to her new album.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Wayne aint had a hit without drake since the carter 3…same for baby and dj khaled

  • 2012Industry1

    Soooo…if Young Money’s losing (cause they are losing) then Drake should lose too? Honestly, she needs to take heed to what Drake is doing and follow suit. She sold half of what her first album did and her star is dimming quick. She looks like a great whore….but her music is wack, and that’s what got people’s attention first! Just ask EVE! If Eve would have stayed on point with her music, she would be much bigger in all facets today! Stop hating and open your eyes.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Drake is outshining the whole Young Money crew even Lil Wayne.Lil Wayne gotta step his game up

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    Nikki has a lot in common with KIZZ – never being seen without wearing the wig helmets and thick make-up

    • And white folks respect them so why can’t we? She is a performer and I am sure you don’t want no bushy bit#h on the stage with no make-up and no ass..When she was rapping hardcore on a project staircase no one cared because she was looking like a dyke…Now she is giving you all what you want so take it.

  • They sounds like any other artists who just got money and are starting to see that there are more opportunities out there….We all heard it before that whole “ride or die” mentality and now they all have millions no more teamwork and sticking together anymore…Money change people…It’s only a matter of time untill they start to air each other out because of their competitive success.


    lol… it is time for YMCMB to renegotiate a real deal with Drake… Dude want to be his own boss… and he proved he can make it on his own… Album 3 being successful without Nicki or Lil wayne help means Drake Brand is stronger… Numbers don’t lie And it seems like Jay-Z is “Mentoring” Drake to get to the “NEXT” level… YM beware!… Steve Stoute would love to have Drake…

    Nicki on the other hand need to chill the hell out… she might ask Drake help very soon to sell her CD… I haven’t heard a sick verse from her since Kanye “Monster”… Do your Album 3 Nicki then you can talk shit… The pressure is on…

    • I disagree Drake is lucky that he had that youngmoney machine backing him up…At the time YMCMB was the hottest label out, you might think that he has all these skills but it’s more that skills, it’s about pushing that product.
      Nicki is very over rated in my opinion, but she does have some loyal fans and that is one of the best things you can have in the business–Call her what you want but she connects with her fans and I am sure that she will be doing some acting and move past Hip-Hop.

      • NEWSKULL

        Oh Please!… They backed him up cauz they know in the mainstream world Lil Wayne would not last for long at the top… They have to find that talented and VERY marketable dude to replace Wayne and compete with Eminem at the same time and keep that mainstream money on lock… And that’s DRAKE … They signed him because he was on point musically but on some real shit they knew his ethnic background would allow him to overcome a lot of “obstacles” in the music business… Drake ain’t no punk and he is playing his card well on all sides…Numbers don’t lie! It is time!… THEY WILL RENEGOTIATE or else… Jay will snatch his ass like he tried to do with Wayne back in the day…

        Once again Nicki can not survive in the mainstream world she is trying real hard but people are bored of her ass… Album 3 will make her or break her… She is out there doing all kind of features just to stay relevant…. but none of that shit is popping… she is saying he same shit over and over again… the gimmick is up… She better get back to that Hip-Hop urban world ASAP cauz when they close the door they close it for Good ask 50 lol…

      • justmathoughts

        drake was blowin up with or without young money, he was buzzin over here in philly before so far gone

  • MrNoName2K

    All them YMCMB “divas” are played out..

  • $17637591

    Drake has out grown Young Money. Weezy gotta b tight that Drakes album was fire without any YMCMB involvement.


    • BigHomie337

      Nah homie, Drake album sucked ass. It was easily his worst album of all 3 plus the mix tapes.

  • Sean Power

    I think we reach for a beef there do different artiste

    • timwest1000


  • Sean Taylor

    Why is Nicki looking hard like a man and Drake is making a duck face like a girl?

    I swear times have changed!!