Gas Station

WTF News: Man Accidentally Sets Wife on Fire at Gas Station

A Georgia man faces charges for accidentally setting his wife on fire at a gas station. He thought it was a good idea to ignite a lighter near a gas pump and the rest…well, you know where this is going. His wife has second and third degree burns, and he faces one count of reckless conduct.

  • Dubz

    Wait so he wasn’t lighting a cigarette? He was just playing with the lighter? And his girl was standing right there? Damn


    Fukkin genius

  • StillMattic

    “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”

  • ZUBU

    smh, evil and dumb

  • JondoE303

    Aye Matt Swan they story jaccin media take out again Bwahahahahahahahaha refried news type sh!t ya heard

  • Papi Peligro

    Wonder if he’s gonna leave her cause sh’es burnt all up.

  • ceelo727

    The accidental insurance policy is what?! 500,000! Honey, the truck is low on gas

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    lol that sure as hell didnt look like an accident to me

  • soyhiphop

    if she dont divorce him thats gonna hang over his head she cant do no wrong..she will win any argument by simply saying remember the time u set me on fire? women always hold grudges from past dumb sh!t you did

    • “Remember the time you set me on fire?” Ahahaha you ain’t NEVER lied! Shit my girl still at my head over some shit from FATHERS DAY that was the pettiest of the petty, ain’t no way in hell I could be in fam’s shoes after tellin his girl to Flame On. LOL

      • soyhiphop

        i had an ex who kept bringing up the fact that she discover i was sending videos of my d!ck to her best friend. i guess that was a wrong example lol

      • LMAO, that’s cold fam.

  • Maybe he was listening to Alicia Keys’ “Girl is on Fire” or something. Accidents happen

    • Seriously

      what a dumb ass comment

  • Seriously

    That didnt look like no damn accident and he didnt flick the lighter he turned it on and put it close to her until it caught on fire.

    • Without any audio how do you know she wasn’t singing Disco Inferno (burn baby burn) and her husband took it to heart? SMDH

  • Accident my ASS…anyone else hear Eddie Murphy’s Uncle Gus in the background of the vid though?? “Now THAT’S a fire!!”

  • Eric Cartman