Kanye West

Epic Win Or Fail? Kanye Wears Confederate Flag Gear To Barney’s!

Kanye West is known for…being a topic of controversy. Well, here we go again. So, Kanye has made headlines for selling his new gear at his shows, but he’s tour isn’t really going as planned so he’s got all this extra Confederate gear. He took a shirt and a jacket and wore it to Barney’s. And somebody took a picture of it.

Some are saying this is simply media whoring 101, but others are saying that Kanye is subtly telling Barney’s what he thinks of them, all the while walking out with nothing in silent protest!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • stephen

    you cant really say….whether he’s winning or failing is all within the thoughts of the beholder!!! in my eyes he’s pushing the envelope of originality, or atleast trying to….while alot of people like to play the safe roll, i like the fact that he tends to go off the deep end….

  • s0rethumb

    In 20 years it may be worthy of a footnote in history however right now he’s looking like Clayton Bigsby.

    • Escobar


      “Then Jasper said: “Look here, n!gger, if anyone’s gonna have sex with my sister, it’s gonna be ME!” “

  • Freezamon

    More of our people died under the current Us flag than the Confederate flag. The civil war itself was just a way for rich English Jews to take over the manufacturing from the south because the south was out producing with free labor (slaves) while up north the working white man had no slaves, they indentured servants that had to be paid for services. Its all about economics at the end of the day. Still Barney’s rich english Jews….nuff said.

    • ZUBU

      Bro I concur with what you’re saying almost completely, I disagree with the south have manufacturing, the north had the (industrialized-manufacturing) whereas the south had the agriculture industry cotton, farming, free labor, etc. You are totally right about it being about money.

    • Celz

      That’s cool and all and there is definitely much truth in what you said. But I think you would agree that the current system is much improved, while still deeply flawed. But real talk who the fucc would pass up an opportunity to get more bread and help end slavery?

      • DJ7

        I know you’ve watched this board long enough to have peeped out Edogz drops on slavery…if not, I’m sure he’ll be through here soon enough to drop game…in 5,4,3,2….

      • Yeah man the big homie Edogz stays with them gems for that ass. He done put me up on quite a bit of game on here over the years.

      • DJ7

        That’s the homie…doing exactly what he’s supposed to do….each 1 teach 1

      • Yes indeed, yes indeed.

      • Celz

        Trust I already know imjs.. Dude was arguin FOR the Rebel Flag as if we had a better chance in that circumstance. The deck is stacked completely against us, but at least there is a deck to begin with..

      • Much improved for who? Not us, that’s for sure. Just cuz we’re allowed to get a lil paper in our pockets and can bone a White girl every now and then without havin to worry about bein strung from a tree, don’t mean shit’s better. It’s more covert now, they realized the old system of doin it out in the open wasn’t gonna fly anymore so they had to reformat how they go about things.

      • Celz

        My family has Dr.’s in it. That’s much better than broke ass share croppers in Louisiana that we started as… So maybe this fucced up system isn’t much better for you, I’m sure there are exceptions to each rule.. But most niccas are MUCH better off In the current racist fucced up system..

      • Much better off in a system where schools in predominantly Black areas are bein closed to make way for predominantly Black prisons? We still get harrassed by police just like we did then, we still get denied employment and housing opportunities just like we did then, they still use us for their entertainment and the butt of their jokes like in the minstrel show-era, so how much has REALLY changed fam?? The whole rash of blackface Halloween costumes is proof that ain’t nothin changed but the date. I don’t argue that bein a doc is a much better opportunity than a sharecropper but come on, we both know a Black doc is the REAL exception to the rule, as unfortunate as that is. Like I said, just cuz they allow us to participate in their economic system now (to an extent), don’t mean it’s all good…cuz aside from a select few, they’ll only let us accomplish SO much before they start to put the clamp down, it’s the AmeriKKKan way. Just goes to show we’ll still eat shit long as they put bbq sauce on it.

      • Casor_G

        they could always move…or people stop screwing up there own community

      • Celz

        We shouldn’t have to move from here if we never moved here first.. But that’s a good point. I want to know where this magical perfect country with no crooked cops, and racism is. This is about as close as you’re gonna get… There are some countries better in certain areas but along the common theme of life it is ALWAYS give and take..

      • Right, cuz it’s so easy for a family just barely gettin by to just pack up and move to a better area at the drop of a hat huh? And it’s several different reason’s the community’s screwed up, it’s nowhere near as cut and dry as you’re tryin to make it out to be.

      • Celz

        Yes all that is much better than when my fam were sharecroppers.. Like are you really saying we were better off as slaves? Come on bro you not in denial. Like are you really comparing blackface costumes to lynchings my nicca? You must have no clue how niccas had back in the day.. Holla at ya grandpops.. Newsflash ANY country you move to white, black, or brown is going to try to keep the on top money on the top.

        The discussion is not if the U.S. has problems or not, we all know about Cointelpro and etc etc, it was comparing the current country to the previous one. No need to put words in people’s mouths.. Niccas is intelligent on here that doesn’t help prove your point..

      • C’mon now fam, never in my life would I say we were better off as the type of slaves we were back then. But let’s be real here, you gonna say Trayvon wasn’t a modern day lynching? And that was a Jim Crow-era type of trial if I ever saw one. Then Halloween comes around and you got White kids runnin around in Trayvon and GZ costumes like the shit’s cute, and what do we do?! Not a DAMN thing, as usual. At least at some point we stood up against the lynchings and other shit back then. You got me twisted though my dude, I’m WELL aware of how shit was back in the day and I have quite a few personal experiences I could share as well, and I ain’t but 33. So I’d appreciate if you didn’t try and play me like that. Whole point I’m makin is, just cuz they took the chains off don’t mean slavery ain’t still in full effect, it’s just evolved from how it was back in the day…now we’re monetary slaves, do you have any idea how much revenue’s generated from Black dollars? We’re the only race that will willingly spend with other races even though they refuse to spend with us. Koreans got the Black hair products hustle locked, yet for all the billions we fork over to them they won’t spend a single penny with us. Hell WE don’t even spend with us half the time. How are we anything BUT slaves when we don’t own or control a thing of substance? When we’d rather defend a place like Barney’s than give those dollars to one of our own?

        Not only that, let’s look at how privatization of the prison system has made Black incarceration a lucrative business venture, and how that directly ties into how shit was back in the day. You got the 13th Amendment, where slavery was “abolished” EXCEPT in cases where a person was imprisoned…fast foward to 2013, where private companies are bein PAID to lock our Black asses up whether we’re guilty or not, therefore makin us slaves all over again. Do you honestly think it’s a coincidence that 12% of the national population makes up the majority of the prison population? Do you think it’s a coincidence they’re closin more schools and buildin more prisons? Don’t get it twisted fam, shit might be “better” now but the struggle’s still real as a mufukka.

      • Celz

        Then we on the same page then.. Dude tried to put both flags on the same level like if one is flown then the other is cool. Naw flying the confederate flag as a part of heritage is not cool. That’s all I’m sayin. I was never excusin the wrongs of this country. It sounded like you was playin me to left on some Uncle Tom shyt when I was just sayin the Confederacy was anti American and more anti Black then America ever will be..

      • Ok I feel where you’re comin from now my nigga. With that bein said, in all honesty the only difference I see between the two flags is the Confederate one symbolizes bein more open with the racism, while the American flag represents the more under-the-radar side of it. Wasn’t no Confederate flags bein flown in Watts in ’65 or Chicago when they assassinated Chairman Fred, or NYC when they gunned Malcolm down. When Malcolm and MLK started the dialogue of takin the racism in this country to the UN as a human rights issue instead of just “civil” rights, it was the entire country, not just the Confederate states. Feel me? When I see someone rockin a Confederate flag though, I’m at least able to get a good idea of that person’s stance, so if they get on that racist tip I’ll be more prepared for it.

      • Immortal

        Thanks to Ye, you can’t even figure that out clearly anymore

      • Touche. Touche like a mufukka.

      • ZUBU

        Real talk they still enslaving many of us they just changed their style. Because in some southern states they got what they call prision farms (The P Farm). You work out in that hot ass Louisanna, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, sun all fricking day. If that is not slavery what is. Northern, Eastern, Western states they do the same thing you just may not be in the sun as much. Prisions For Profit is nothing but modern day slavery. Back to what you said bro look at the percentage of us they are locking up. I know you understand it my brotha, anybody that can’t see that I can’t relate to.
        Yes a few of us do much better, we always had free black men who prospered, doctors, lawyers. Heck one of my intellectual mentors W.E.B. Dubois graduated from Harvard in the late 1800’s. A few brothas always got ahead, and back then many of those brothas reached back and enlightened other black folk. Each One Reach Teach One.
        Most of these so-called successful blacks today are never gonna help these masses, they just want theirs. The brothas who died so we can have this modicum of freedom are rolling in their graves at many blacks who are in a position to help the masses!

      • Negro Peligro

        You really don’t know your history.

        3. You can’t blame the government for a large swath of our population not taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there.

        You worried about Blackface costume. THAT’S NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB TO POLICE.

        Trayvon Martin got shot. THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATED THE POLICE STATION. You would have never gotten that.

        NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO BE PERFECT. You are going to get denied employment etc. based on your color. You might get a job based on your color. The government can’t police everything. The fact though a company can’t legally do it forces companies hedge their hiring processes against the law. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m sorry way better country. A lot of those “INNER CITY” kids get FREE HEALTHCARE, FREE COLLEGE, FREE BREAKFAST, ETC ETC ETC. Alot of middle class kids would have loved that opportunity.

      • Get real dude, do you REALLY think I was unaware of those first two points you made?? You think I haven’t had conversations with my elders who experienced that shit firsthand and told me about what they had to go thru?? Man please. Furthermore, I already acknowledged your point that shit’s way worse in other countries so it was kinda redundant for you to bring that up again. And please name one time I said it was the government’s job to police the people wearin Blackface costumes. You can’t, so don’t put words on my fingertips. I asked what did WE do about it…we as in Black people, not the gov’t. And like I said, we didn’t do SHIT as usual…cuz we’re so busy partyin and thinkin we got it so good (half of us STILL screamin that “my president is Black” bullshit) that we ain’t payin a lick of attention to the bullshit goin on right under our damn noses. And even when it does come to our attention, we just give it a pass. They make a blatant mockery out of us right to our faces and we allow it to happen, it’s almost as if subconsciously we’re scared they’re gonna take our lil “opportunities” away or somethin if we speak up on it or fight back. And then when someone does say “Hey shit ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, cuz this really ain’t what’s poppin”, niggas get on bullshit…”Don’t you DARE talk ill about Massa, what’s wrong witchoo?! Massa give us free healthcare, free college, free breakfast…boy GET outta here with all that talk about closin schools and lockin up Black folk in record numbers, don’t you know we got it GOOD?!”

      • Papi Peligro

        You said their wasn’t no difference between the American Flag and the Confederacy. I just pointed out there is and things are better. Its not perfect. They are building private prisons to lock away Immigrants into force labors camps. Only some laws have passed to reduce the power of private prisons in this area. More needs to be done. BUT TO SAY America isn’t the greatest country on Earth or let alone not better than the Confederate states you have to be out your mind.

        On the blackface you said people showing up to party’s in Black face was a prime example of the degenaration of America. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION, THE KKK, BLACK MOORS, Black Sovereigns, NATION OF ISLAM,mOVEON.ORG, HALIBURTON, PRIVATE PRISONS, RACISTS BOSSES ARE ALL PEOPLE WITHIN AMERICA. They exists because of the flag but don’t represent America. DEFINITELY DON’T REPRESENT YOUR OPPORTUNITIES IN AMERICA. You can’t stand and point out bad things white people have done and say all America is bad. I see more WHITE people with Adopted black children than black people with adopted white children. I see white people volunteering in Africa and the US helping out in the AFRICAN American communities. Are their factions in the United States that are bad and do bad things yes. But BLACK MOORS don’t represent me. I don’t think ALEC represents all white people. Or even the system.

      • Negro Peligro

        We got all the legal rights. YOU CAN’T CHANGE PEOPLE. That’s not the governments job. Its the governments job to make sure you are legally protected from discrimination in places of opportunity. WE DO A GREAT JOB OF THAT. Go to other countries and enjoy their CLASSISM AND RACISM AND NATIONALISM.

      • If they were doin such a great job of protectin people from discrimination though, we wouldn’t be commentin on this article cuz the Barney’s thing wouldn’t be an issue, them and the NYPD woulda been reprimanded and that woulda been that… if we had legal rights then cats like Mutulu Shakur and Mumia Abu-Jamal wouldn’t still be behind bars after all these years for obvious frame jobs. As the old saying goes, ain’t no justice, it’s just-US. And the gov’t is what helps keep these mechanisms in place, they saw the strength we had when we came together back in the ’60s and now they do everything in their power to ensure that never happens again. I feel what you’re sayin that shit’s a lot worse in other countries, hell my pops just came back from the Philippines a couple weeks ago and was tellin me how bad shit is over there…but that don’t make shit sweet over here, feel me? And since over here’s where I reside and have been affected by a lotta the shit that goes on here whether directly or indirectly, this is what I’m focused on.

      • Immortal

        It’s not that we don’t have legal rights, it’s that we don’t know and are uneducated in what most are. Outside of a jailhouse lawyer, honestly how many laws can you think of off the top of your head? It’s not the governments job to educate the public. It’s our job to become educated in all things that affect us. The government is just required to give us a place to do it in. I do not like what the NYPD is doing to those un NY, but as one mayor goes another comes in, and he doesn’t like the stop and frisk, so maybe some change will come of it. Barney’s is still a topic because let’s be real this site keeps stirring the pot, so they get hits, and we keep yappin about it. I’m going to wait till the lawsuits are over and see what happens then. Fcuk Jay Z. Ain’t like I’m supporting him anymore than he’s supporting me, and that’s not hate, just realism.

    • Negro Peligro

      Lets talk Percentages. Not total numbers. That STRIPS AND STARS WOMPED THEM RUNNING REBS. According to the confederate FLAG ALL BLACK PEOPLE WERE SLAVES and subject to die as property.

  • Quintin Williams

    At least he is showing how he feels. We should all go to Barney’s with about 20 people and don’t buy nothing as our way of saying we don’t appreciate the sterotyping that surrounds our race. Jay-z really dissapointed me because he is our voice for solving issues like this.

    • Thomas Smith

      disappointed you how, in business is not about black or white, its about green and last time I check when you have mouths to feed and you want to keep a roof over your head and somebody wants to buy your product. That’s a one up not a – especially when your black selling products to rich people…..

      • Quintin Williams

        Thomas, give me a yes or no answer to this question and an explanation why so I can understand your views on this matter. Question: Would you have handled this situation the same as Jay-Z especially coming from an area where you can relate to this situation?

      • I don’t know the cat, but sadly he just might have handled it the same. Cuz that’s the outlook we as Black people seem to have these days, “long as I’m eatin then fukk everyone else”. It’s some real tragic shit, and why we’ll forever be at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole in society. We’ll fling each other under the bus with reckless abandon before we’ll reach a hand out to help one of our own up. But STAY fightin for every lil White cause that pops up, like we’re gonna actually benefit from it somehow…and we’re the ONLY race who does that, the ONLY one who don’t practice group economics to gain us more power.

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug


      • Immortal

        I’d agree with this except where you mentioned we would fight for any lil white cause. I can’t go for that because that would put down any and every man of color that is in a position of authority or influence, and lessen his struggles to make things right. Blacks are a blacks worst enemy. We can’t allow one of us to succeed because we didn’t get it ourselves. So we justify how we earn money by any means nessicary, and that is wrong as hell. 10 Armored Cav aka Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airman, we have had soo many warriors, WEB DuBois, MLK, Malcom X, soo many academics, readers, thinkers, Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice, why can’t there be more? We have teen prodigies in academics graduating college in their early teens. But we don’t idolize them. We allow ourselves to be moved in a negative direction by those who wish us harm; black and white. Look at the state of hip hop now. Almost 20yrs ago there was a balance between gangsta and conscious rap. Where is it now? I’m rambling, but in closing, until we are willing to look in the mirror and do a true check up from the neck up, then all the ills that come to us are caused by us. We can fix it; do we want to is the issue at hand

      • Yes indeed, and I wasn’t talkin about the individuals who actually do fight for us, and DEFINITELY not the forefathers. Like you, I’m talkin about us as a whole in the present-day so we’re on the same page with it. We have so many issues plaguin the Black community it’s almost nauseating, yet and still we REFUSE to come together and create a constructive dialogue to try and reach solutions. Like you said, we’ve allowed the dollar to overshadow any and everything else of importance in our lives…and not only is it wrong, but it’s pretty damn sickening too. And to answer your endin question, honestly at this stage in the game I don’t think we DO wanna fix it anymore…for the simple fact, it’s too many subservient niggas out there now who think shit ain’t still broke just cuz THEY ain’t broke. They only wanna look at themselves and not the big picture, everyone’s so self-centered and narcissistic now it’s pathetic.

      • Immortal

        Brotha, this is where it starts. On a dumba$$ website with folks who care to debate what is going on, bringing up valid points and counterpoints. No one knows everything, but we can all know something if we talk about it. What you say here, then go and talk to your friends and so on is how the future will be shaped. But your whole point is spot on.

      • Absolutely. That’s what I try and tell cats all the time who get on that “Stop talkin about what needs to be changed about it and do somethin”, I’m like “Mufukka I AM doin somethin by simply creatin that dialogue, maybe in the course of that somethin can be said to spark an idea in someone in a better position to do somethin tangible than me.” I’ve noticed that the cats that say that are ALWAYS the ones who don’t believe there’s a problem to begin with, ain’t doin or a sayin a THING to try and fix things. I try and build with my offline peers out here but these niggas STAY on some ol other shit, it’s difficult to find anyone in the area with any type of interest in growth. I’m with ya 100% though, but in order for any kinda real difference to be made we’re gonna need more of our own to get off the bullshit and get on board.

      • Immortal

        Brotha, I had to sit and think about a reply for what you wrote. What I came up with is YOU are setting the example, and whether or not you know it, someone is looking. And that someone will like how you carry yourself, how you talk to others, and how you try to educate others and encourage them to seek information for themselves to validate your points, and for them to expand on your points. YOU don’t need an army of followers when YOU are the educator. KRS doesn’t have a mob he chose, he has believers who chose him. You don’t seem to fall into the negativity that persists on this site, and I would ask you to continue. Someone is looking; reading and you could be making a difference right here. Stay positive, even when you don’t agree with what someone says. I know one day we’re not going to see eye to eye, but as long as we can talk about it, make those arguments, we’re both smarter in the end for it.

      • Yes indeed bruh, damn good points…and I do get people all the time who tell me I motivated em to look into things they had no idea about before, and in turn they pass their new knowledge on to their peers…so in retrospect I suppose I am doin my job a lot more than I give myself credit for…LOL Far as you go…real recognize real fam, and you’ve always come across as a pretty solid brotha who’s aware so even if we did happen to be on separate pages on an issue, I honestly couldn’t see anything less than intelligent and respectful dialogue takin place. It’s a certain caliber of cats I try to reserve the e-venom for, I’m sure you already know the type I’m speakin on. LOL

      • I highly doubt Jay has to worry anymore about keepin mouths full or a roof over his head though. Everyone wants to excuse shit just cuz it’s makin money or whatever, but at what stage in the game does INTEGRITY come into play? Fukk the business aspect of it for a min., that “it’s just business” mentality is just one of the ways they keep us fukked up and cosignin bullshit. I just hope you’re not one of those Jiggapologists, cuz if so my entire comment was a waste of keystrokes…cuz it’s no secret there’s absolutely NO reasoning with a Jay-Z drone, none.

  • Mega Don

    Is alot of self hate you would never catch me dead wearing that shit i hate white people

  • Tom Donahue

    The Canadian flag is more powerful then all others, forget this confederate american shit, FAIL

    CANADA > america

    • ZUBU

      Canada??? LMAO… GTFOOH! Drake is that you Aubrey? Aubrey and the lil’ Justin Beiber kid can get the hell out of America. The only reason yall even free is cause we like security for yall sofffft asses still a british colony all these years. SMH…. Canada

      • Guest

        Just so that you know England legally owns the U.S.A. LOL

      • ZUBU

        They may think so, we broke free after the American Revolution, as in revolt from their rule, as in we ain’t payed them no tea in well over 200 years. But if you say they own us I guess thats what you believe. Much like Canada, Great Britian would get smashed without America protecting their prim and proper asses. Long live the Queen yall support the Royals like they’re special and all they do is look down on you commoners, and bless you with their presence.
        The british parliment, the house of lords and the house commoners. The house of commoners have some guts, but the rest of you commoners are just getting pimped and you happy about it! SMH………

      • Immortal

        Since you had to use the “guest” name, look at it like this. there would be only TWO international languages spoken if the USA hadn’t gotten involved in WW I and II. They are German for the western hemisphere and Japanese for the east. And now it’s only one…American English. So while GB enjoys the tea they drink, had it not been for us, they’d be enjoying schnitzel every night.

  • dehova

    It might just be me but it seems like this was done to be ironic

  • jd

    The Ameican Flag means the same as the Confederate flag to me. I don’t see the difference at all.

    • Celz

      Except the fact that it was flown by an army who swore to kill as many U.S. soldiers as possible and were fighting to keep slaves. The Confederate army was brutal and they declared war on the U.S. and killed hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers. 1/4 – 1/3 of every U.S. soldier that died in combat was killed by a Confederate Soldier.. Fucc that flag..

      • Eric Collapsar

        And the stars and stripes has killed and oppressed millions around the world.

      • Celz

        Every countries flag has blood on it.. That’s not what we’re talking about.. Valid point nonetheless

      • jd

        Fucc BOTH them flags. ALL wars are brutal. But saying “1/4 – 1/3 of
        every U.S. soldier that died in combat was killed by a Confederate
        Soldier.” makes no sense. Its like saying 1/4 of every Confederate
        Soldier was killed by a US Soldier. Of course! Thats who they were
        fighting against! Who else were they gonna kill? But yeah oppression,
        death and pain under both those flags.

      • Celz

        There is oppression under every Flag, no excuse just real shyt. This country is bad but the confederacy was worse.. People especially whites be so quick to denounce Nazis or Imperial Japan.. When the Confederacy almost killed more U.S. soldiers than both of them put together in WW2.. That’s the point. The average white person would have a fit if Germans were non-Nazis but rocked swastikas just to “represent their past” or if black professionals didn’t particularly care for the BPP or the SLA but just wore that shyt because “that’s where we came from”. It’s a cop out that white people use to keep racism in our face. Either rep the whole flag or not at all. All I’m sayin is it’s worse..

        I would say Fucc the bad shyt that’s been done under the American flag, because as bad and as foul as the shyt has been and still is; you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to live. But if you say Fucc the Flag I understand that too.. The Rebel Flag is STILL worse tho..

      • Immortal

        Now that last paragraph sums it up perfectly. If you don’t like it here, go somewhere you think is better. You’ll be back pretty soon. And to all my African American brothers, why is it that we call ourselves that, but real Africans laugh at us when we do? IJS for the sake of argument. Thoughts?

      • ZUBU

        Brotha Swan, you know its all love but I don’t refer to myself as an African American anymore I use to. I think it was a label given to us after Negro. I view myself as a Black American, I’m Black but nothing about me is African. NO DISRESPECT but like you say Africans don’t view us as being African in any capacity. I know Africans I’m cool with but they don’t deem us the same. Oftentimes they view us as a lost collection of Black people who don’t know their history…. hmm.. It’s not our fault we ended up in that position, just our plight/fate….. IJS Peace Bro

      • Immortal

        Zubu, I meant no disrespect to anyone, but was trying to make a point to those on here that would dis this country over another. I’m the same as you are when it comes to being an American. The US has many faults, but it’s the only place that gives you as many chances to succeed as you want, the only place in the world that gives you tier 1 healthcare when needed, and gives you a wide range of freedoms to do whatever you want, whenever you desire. Zubu I have much respect to you and to anyone that can make a honest debate and try to educate while debating rather than succumb to the standard name calling. It’s brothers like you, ED, Roc, Malcom, and I know I’m missing a few others that have raised the bar on this site in regards to debating. We aren’t going to see eye to eye, but we all bring in something to make the other smarter. Not to mention if you go back and look at some of the older responses from years back to now, grammar has gotten better, the points have gotten better, and people are actually doing research before posting answers. This is what we need.

      • jubileeshine

        he mean 1/4 to 1/3 of every u.s. soldier killed in u.s. history was killed by a confederate protecting chattel slavery.

      • jd

        I understand that, but the point remains. Thats who they were fighting against. Soldiers kill.

      • jubileeshine

        the point is what are they killed for.

      • jd

        Honestly I enjoy and understand all these great points you guys are making. But for me, its a difference between an oppressor who beats you and one who likes you. Its still oppression either way. The lesser of 2 evils is still EVIL.

      • jubileeshine

        yes but you have to fight your enemies one by one lie mao sd

      • jd

        But who is the enemy? If both are for the oppression of me then who am I for? Neither.

      • jubileeshine

        like I said you have to fight them one by one

      • jd

        I hear you. But again, who is the enemy?

    • Thomas Smith

      You may want to read your history books again please…..smdh

      • jd

        Actually I think you do. If you think one was for you and one was against you, you’re sadly mistaken.

    • Negro Peligro

      Rebel Flag the confederate flag stands for 1 thing and 1 thing only.

      • jd

        Not true at all. Means so many things to so many people.

    • jubileeshine

      pretty sure there was a war

  • I’m kinda on the fence about this one. On one hand it seems like just another instance of his trademark male attention whorin…but then on the flipside it was a hell of a subliminal he sent to Barney’s, especially considerin the fact he didn’t give em any of his bread.

  • Executive

    He got more heart than most niggas. He do wtf he want!

  • 1SOFLO1

    Wasn’t him that said “Bush doesn’t care about black people on national TV”, yes it was him.You mofos want rappers to make a stand, when they do, media whorin!!!! coons!!!

  • thegroove112

    FOH Ye with bullshit! Black power!!

  • ZUBU

    Me personally, everytime I see that flag it makes me sick. I despise it totally in flag form, bumpersticker, tee shirt, etc. The people who love that flag their forefathers wanted to enslave us forever, but to each his own.

    • ‘Chet, what about the one in use now?

      The people who love that flag want* to enslave us forever.

  • Kanye doesn’t give a rats a$$ about anyone other than camera taking his picture. If he cared, he wouldn’t have been going in there in the first place. He would have boycotted the store. This is him being an attention wh0re

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I wish people would just ignore him.

  • I wouldn’t rock ANYTHING, he has on right now …lol.. #2EachHisOwnTho

  • DaHomey6Deuce


  • Wishy washy Kanye, one minute you run from the attention the next minute he is reaching for it…..Like I said about Jay-Z and every rapper including Kanye West “These people don’t give 2 sh!ts about anyone of us, they are no ones role model” They are celebrities who work for that machine that dictates what it thinks people might or might not like….I look to these artists for one reason, and thats for music only, and even then all I do get freedownloads.

    • Man all bullshit and e-bickerin aside, that was probably the realest thing I’ve seen from you on here. These artists don’t give a shit about us or anything goin on with us, I’m glad you see that.

      • DJ7

        Son be dropping some ill sh*t at times…he still be on the boo boo too b.u.t every now and again you’ll catch him kicking some real sh*t that’ll have you scratching your head like….I can’t believe I just agreed with this cat

      • Yeah I SEE that, fam shocked the shit outta me with that one. LOL I’m a man who can give credit where it’s due though, I tip my hat to him for that comment for real.

      • He goes in on the radio all the time.

        Check the show.

  • Picasso Micheaux

    Seriously…Confederate flags, dresses, white Jesus, skinny jeans, blouses…What are you trying to tell us, Ye?

  • Brindle

    this fools got on a skin head uniform… he’s a gay clown

    • Chris

      Maaaaaaane, that’s the FIRST thing I thought when I saw that picture. Kanye lost.

  • ShaStud

    Mad cause Ye doing what he want… Support real shit not what we want them to be.. YEEZUS ALL DAY!!!

  • Obi Won

    He’s going to order some stuff online later

  • AK

    And with the next pick in the racial draft white people select kanye west

  • brotha_man

    should have wore a black panthers jacket

    • ZUBU

      Now that would be bold on his part; this is just weird/strange!

  • I think ppl reading into it too much…seems like he just had on his jacket, it happens to have a confederate flag on it and he happens to be coming out of Barneys. Now what no one is sheading light on is that his big homey Jay Z just released a Mens Fragrance and partnered up with Barneys and more importantly the Jacket says “Yeezus Tour” on the Back of it…the full pic was on Media take out showing the whole jacket, and the confederate clothing has been his theme since the tour kicked off…its not that deep.

  • jubileeshine

    I said on that fools gold page

    Jay z + Barney’s = kanye + confederate flag

  • jubileeshine


    by Amiri Baraka


  • timwest1000

    I wonder how much he invested, or whoever the investor was, invested in this “idea”. If there is a large surplus of them, it will show he is serious, but serious about what? Is he in “black-face” opposite? Is he just looking to SHOCK people? Does he believe controversy sells, so fu(k it? OR, is it like i think it is, He is trying to be deep again and make people wonder what he means and buy it to make a “statement” of some sort. Stupid fans and consumers will finish out the answer. If it sells, BOOM, We see how naive, insensitive and gullible the public can be (Including Ye)
    This flag represents racism. It is like wearing a picture of a person being lynched in the 50’s, there is no art in that, it’s just shock, in a negative way. It will hurt black people no matter how it goes.(Walking on his tippy-toes and sh!t, faggy)

  • BluBlack

    That flag represents Hate and enslavement ! Its costs thousand and thousand of Black peoples lives.So for a black man to wear that flag hes shitting on the backs of our 4 fathers and sister who paved the way for him to be in the position he is in today. Hes a coon and a Black eye on our race !

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      So what do u think about the blacks that are democrats being that the Democratic Party was the party of the KKK

      • ZUBU

        The partys changed sides/gears. Yes Dixie Democrats were around probably well into the 50’s 60’s. Yes Abraham Linclon was a republican. now its changed.

      • jubileeshine

        the progressive element of the republican party ended with the 1876 betrayal of the Reconstruction when the Union withdrew the occupying army which was suppressing the defeated confederacy from reasserting itself. the southern democrat tilden had won the popular presidential vote over the republican hayes. the hayes/tilden arrangement gave the presidency to hayes and the republicans in exchange for pulling back the army and abandoning the forced Reconstruction. this allowed the emergence of the klan terrorism and state sanctioned black codes, template for Nazi holocaust…
        this was the end of the apex of u.s. political development. w.e.b. dubois noted in 1903 SOBF “either America will admit Black folk on the basis of democracy or America will cease to exist.” but America has never been a democracy.
        democrats began to reposition themselves as the “party of workers/ ‘minorities’ ,,,” with fdr…

      • The 14th amendment was the end of the apex of U.S. political development as a free nation.

        Still, you keep sukking Israel’s & O’s d*k!

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        What changed? Both the democrats and republicans worked together to pass black codes like jubileeshine said. We can look at black progress under democratic so called leadership and see that we are worst off now economically speaking then in the past. The democrats are rocking us to sleep

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    I can see why this is a problem wit some emotionally driven black people. But if u as a black person been pledging allegiance to the United States flag then u should be the last to diss Kanye. If u wore jackets wit dat red whitey and blue flag on then ur no diff than Kanye. C’mon black people…….do u think our oppression is wrapped up in the confederate flag and our “freedom” came wit the star and stripes? U can’t be that silly…….emotional, yes, silly……..can’t be.
    Here something even more funny……..ready for this
    The confederate flag supporters was democrats when that flag was a representation of our oppression. So us black democrats is no different than Kanye rocking the confederate flag……..and if u can show me the difference please do.

    Stop being emotional. And by the way. I fly Red Black Green. The flag giving to us by the most honorable Marcus Garvey

    • dfwricwil

      Real Spit.

    • Immortal

      Well I’m not emotional in my writings. but I did and do pledge allegiance to this flag and the country that goes with it. This country isn’t a perfect utopia but if you’re not willing to put in the work it takes to make one inch of it better than you are blowing a lot of hot air. NO WHERE on earth are you given more chances to succeed than here, and I’ve been to many countries over my years. If the red, black and green means something to you, that’s fine. Not going to hate , but if those colors represent a place that is better than where you are with the red, white and blue, then it might be best to go there, and make your utopia. I’m not affiliated with any political party, but I have four generations of family that believed in the red, white and blue to the point that they fought for it, bought into the beliefs, and came out winners because of it. If that’s Ye’s thing, do you man. IDGAF because on one hand he’s taking power over an piece of cloth and a symbol that we hate. On the other, I see a marketing “genius” and a fool at the same time for wearing it. I’m not the judge, so I’ll let someone else make that decision.

    • The confederate flag represented a time when the country was freer & Black people were actually better off.

      250K Black people controlled 1/2 of 1% of the nations wealth, today, 13 Million control that same 1/2 of 1%.

      • jubilee shine

        this website gave this retrograde fascist a column to promote chattel slavery.

      • They would have given you one to promote Israel’s Zionist agenda, except you still can’t write a correct sentence to save your life.


        I see you still “Sloppy Pasting” while sucking on Amiri Bakara’s c*ck.


        You don’t even understand 1/2 the ‘chet you post…we already established that.

  • kixxxers