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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game’s Alleged “Ghostwriter” To Sue????

This rumor is one of epic proportions. Why? There is a man out there purporting to be a ghostwriter for The Game. Yes, The Game. Now, we know Game as one of the dopest rappers around and one of the dudes that kept the West alive when it was in a slump. Now, this mystery rapper is claiming that he wrote on The Documentary, but never got paid for “Dreams.” The artist is not coming forward just yet, but is rumored to looking into his options. But, here is the crazy thing. Other than 50 Cent, nobody has claimed that The Game ever used a ghostwriter to my knowledge until now. What do you think? BS? The Truth? Insanity or so so real that your mind is blown?

No comment from The Game yet…because this is exclusively being released now.

Do you believe?

  • Shortyo610

    Its True We sued game for not paying us….. The artists are Shortyo and Cyssero. Dont believe me look up the lawusit ”

    Affiliated Records Inc. v. Jayceon Terrell Taylor”

    • Stay Phokus

      if it was ya
      ya need new careers cuz the game lyrics are garbage

      • Celz

        Smells like a hater

      • Stay Phokus

        I’ll be the hater that hates wack shit
        when was the last time anyone said game killed that song he was in

      • Executive

        I recall, never.

      • Shortyo610

        we didnt write for every song lol just a handfull, and when u write for a cheap muthafuca thats wht you give him!

      • Stay Phokus

        ok I’ll retract my statement on the base of you telling us which songs ya wrote

      • Shortyo610

        i dont want to get into to much of it, but we wrote collectively on all the games mixtaped from You know what it is vol 3, ghost unit, and the album doctors advocate

      • Stay Phokus

        so all the g-unit disses
        fair enough statement retracted

      • Shortyo610

        lol that is true…

      • Jah Jah

        that was 2009- are they giving you a hard time? What was the decision? What songs exactly did you sue for?

      • Shortyo610

        we been suing him since 2009! we just settled like a few months ago!

      • Jah Jah

        thats awesome- so you guys went to trial? I dont see anything but a docket number.. what songs did u sue for? Im about to enter a suit that is ridikky

      • dfwricwil

        LOL. You a fool for that one.

  • Executive

    I like game but his ryhmes ain’t that complex to be needing a ghost writer.

  • Executive

    Now if 2 chainz had a ghostwriter they’d be lying cause he one of the most lyrical rappers today…. No nigga would ever say!

    • Eric Collapsar

      lol, damn right, lol

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  • Ronald Allen Booher

    Cyssero and Ya boy definitely wrote for him before. I also wouldn’t be surprised if J Cole wrote Pray.

  • dehova

    Its 40 Glocc tryna get every dime out of homeboy

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  • Ihatehater

    All that nigga does is name drop anyway. What did the ghostwriters do, supply him with celebrity names? Lol

  • fasho

    50 never said he wrote game’s lyrics. He said he wrote the hooks cause Game could rap but didn’t know how to make songs

  • Guest

    Actually “How we Do” was claimed in Jah Jah v 50 cent… that song had GAME ON IT–

  • Guillaume Pilon


    he suck too much to have a ghost writer

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Next we’ll have someone say that they Ghost wrote for Chief Keef.

    • dehova

      “That’s that shit I don’t like”

  • brotha_man

    I cant think of any other rapper that name drops more than game, and for that reason i call BS

  • aafsf

    theres nothing incredible about the DREAM lyrics… its bout the games past…. who would wanna pay someone to write about their past??

    • Dointer

      Ever read an autobiography?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      Sauce Money wrote I’ll Be Missing you by Diddy .. so its not that far fetched …

  • Faaaarrrrrrrtttttttttt…..

  • Banksy

    Why is this hard to believe? Games highest selling album was written by 50. I mean really any nigga that becomes a stripper for money will do anything for fame and money. Including using other peoples words and reciting them like an actor.

    • iller

      I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn..since you believe that. Go back to thisis50, whiteboy.

      • Banksy

        Game is that you or some bitch ass fan dick riding?

    • Papi Peligro

      Man 50 wrote the hooks. Which is evident when he singing all over them. That’s not writing the lyrics. Jay Z had people write hooks for him all the time.

  • LexxBrown

    If this was true the time during the Gnot beef 50 would have exposed this. I say this is BS.

  • iller

    Looool at this fat boy Shorty O still at it. Known as the biggest scammer on earth with alot of lies, Game or not & you still expect people to believe what you say? Smh

    • Wonka

      I was saying the same thing. Shorty O, really?!?! Shorty’s the reason Cyssero never blew. Demanding $ out of Game to sign and it backfired. Damn, I thought dude was dead. Please stop with the you ghost wrote shit. FOH

  • Montezuma1

    I believe they all have contributors eventually if not from the start if they’re commercial. Not hard to believe.

  • PhilTheGreat

    Producers who have worked with him always talked about him writting songs right there in the studio. I’ve actually seen vids of him writting and rapping his lyrics through his smart phones.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      verses but he probably still getting help with melodies, hooks and concepts … those are all elements to making an complete song … its a million rappers that can do verses all day the game is one of them …. aint no denying his rap skills there are several vids of him on youtube spitting off the top freestyles that were dope … one of which he was on the couch wit the hustler aka cassidy and still did his thing ….

  • Dadon850

    Please understand that others write on rappers songs all the time as far as hooks or chants. Doesn’t mean someone was writing his verses. Guys get paid under the table for this stuff cause they don’t want to use their real name for legal reasons, contract reasons, or other shady type reasons. Saying he wrote on Dreams has nothing to do with him being a ghostwriter for Games verses.

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