Son Of Former Def Jam President Accused Of Rape At New York College

(AllHipHop News) In conflicting stories that involve alleged sexual assault, racism, and nepotism, the son of former Def Jam Recordings president Carmen Ashhurst-Watson stands accused of raping a 21-year-old women at Sarah Lawrence College.

According to a report by, SLC student and North Carolina native Annie Robertson claims fellow undergrad Garvey-Malik Ashhurst-Watson of Scarsdale New York forced her to have sex with him in September after a night of drinking with friends at a campus dance. She made the public accusation in a Facebook post that included references to “tying nooses” and “hanging your boys up.”

Ashhurst-Watson denies that he forced Robertson to have sex and believes the entire ordeal is an example of a black man being portrayed as a sexual deviant by a white woman playing the victim.

Ashhurst-Watson defended himself in a letter writing in part:

I am also a child of Hip Hop and a member of that community as well. My godfather is one of the founders of the Def Jam Recordings label. In advance of joining the Sarah Lawrence community, my mother was the president of that company. I come from the part of Hip Hop that rejects the misogynistic, ultra masculine images for which the genre has often been rightly castigated. I come from the longstanding progressive tradition of Hip Hop, from KRS-One, Chuck D and Q-Tip, to the present day voices of Talib Kweli, ?uestlove, Toni Blackman, Dead Prez and others. We have learned tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and we frown upon gender bias, sexual discrimination, class discrimination and of course, racism… I suppose that when a young woman of her background accuses a young man from mine, in the area of this country where she is from that should be enough to take the freedom of the young man for a long time… Of course, we all know that a young white woman unjustly accusing a young black man of inappropriate sexual misconduct has happened in the past (a history of which we were all recently reminded in a poem written and publicly posted by my accuser). It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.

Robertson, who is openly gay, says she offered for Ashhurst-Watson to spend the night at her apartment so he could catch a train back home in the morning. In her account he then initiated sex against her wishes.

“He started kissing me. I didn’t kiss back. I’m gay, I don’t kiss boys. And at that point I realized what he was doing,” said Robertson. She admits that she never told Ashhurst-Watson to stop until after they both were naked and he began performing anal sex. He eventually did stop and then went to sleep.

Ashhurst-Watson says Robertson told him before entering the apartment that she was a lesbian but “would make an exception in his case.” He claims Robertson then invited him back to her room and had consensual sex. He also denies being drunk or sodomizing her.

Ashhurst-Watson was arrested by Yonkers police and released due to lack of evidence and the inconsistent accounts. Robertson later went to a local hospital where a rape kit was performed 7 hours after the incident, because a female nurse was unavailable to conduct the medical test. The case is still open and charges can still be filed.

What complicates the situation even further is the fact that Ashhurst-Watson’s mother and former step-father both work at Sarah Lawrence College leading Robertson to suggest that their roles at the institution could be playing a part in what she sees as an injustice by the college and the local police.

“The Sarah Lawrence community as a whole is deeply distressed when individual members of our community are suffering or feel oppressed,” said the SLC’s  vice president for communications and marketing Gerald Schorin. “But our responsibility as a democratic institution is to follow due process; to do otherwise would be to sacrifice the principles we hold so dearly as a College and a nation.”

Robertson is still unsatisfied with the current outcome of the case insisting she was assaulted.

“Consent is asking someone a question and getting a ‘yes.’ That didn’t happen,” she said.

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  • MrNoName2K

    **WARNING** If your at a party or whatever and theres any alcohol around… dont even look at a b*tch, YOU COULD CATCH A CASE!! Sh*ts getting outta control

    • Doc Franchise

      on the real…..simple rule, if you can’t pull her sober don’t try it when she’s wasted

      • That’s real dialogue. I don’t even like fukkin with drunk bitches, never have…shit just ain’t my flavor. Ain’t no brownie points in pullin someone who ain’t even in her right frame of mind, that’s that sucka shit. She could be the coldest one in the club and it still wouldn’t mean a thing in my book…pull her at the grocery store or somethin when she got all her mental faculties about herself, THEN you’re doin somethin.

      • jazzoh

        What about if you’re at a club and both drunk laughing and talking and vibing and everything seems like green light ? A lot of people are bandwagon homosexuals and really don’t know what they want they are confused I think in turn they are confusing ESP a female its a lot easier for a woman to be gay for a few weeks for kicks or possibly bisexual when a man goes that way he has crossed a line that he can never really come back from maybe that’s the male perspective but there are a lot of gay in college women out there that were never truly gay me personally I am not in the biz of converting “gay” women if they decide what did I do I’m “gay” that is my identity right now and I have violated you get an article in ahh well if your moms ran def jam anyway.

      • jazzoh

        Also it says she didn’t say stop and when she did say stop he stopped and went to sleep if that’s rape then shit has got real and scary how many men are in this exact same situation across racial and cultural lines everyday you guys are right we need contracts and video smh

  • RichFromBX

    not really seeing any racism here – wouldn’t have mattered black or white, a chick makes that accusation that you raped her you’re going to get arrested. He was released pretty quickly once the story started to look like BS.

    After reading the post, it’s a stretch to say there was anything racist in it. Her use of the term “noose” and “boys” wasn’t such that it could be tied back to lynchings the were perpetrated by animals.

    • Jayson C Williams

      You know what a noose is? You know she’s from the south? They hang ppl like you and I for something simple. It’s a threat period. If you can’t see that than you may need to review what’s deemed racists. This ain’t got anything to do with animals n if you suggest so, seems very ignorant. Smh

      • RichFromBX

        did you read the “poem”? there’s no way to pull a racist context from it or see it as a threat to physically hang someone like they had in the past. Also, if in this girls mind she’s convinced that this dude raped her then she’s going to go after him in a way that would hurt, using racial overtones. Apparently she wasn’t so racist that she was hanging out with the dude, went back to her room by herself with him and got to the point where dude was inside her.

        The reference to animals has to do with the people who did the hangings back in the day. Yes, someone who would hang another human being for nothing more than being black is an animal so when I reference them and their actions I’m going to refer to them as animals.

      • David Williams

        It doesn’t have to be a threat to actually physically hang someone to be racist. She didn’t say she would work hard to get him convicted and sent to prison, she didn’t say she wanted him sent to the gas chamber, she didn’t say she wanted him executed in the electric chair…..she said “I’ll be hanging your boys up till the spirit takes them and their legs stop twitching.” She chose the image of a lynching to express her attitudes. How anyone can read that and not see it as racism boggles my mind. Maybe everyone should do some reading and research on the history of racism in this country.

      • RichFromBX

        maybe I’m not as sensitive to situations where people are trying to find racism in something where if this dude had been white it would be a non-issue.

        Personally for me, I find the commercials for Popeye’s chickens highly racist and offensive and would rather see more energy put to shutting that sh!t down rather then here…

      • Not sure if I’m completely with you far as your comments regardin the story, but you’re on point with the Popeye’s part…I cringe every single time I see one of them commercials, or any chicken commercial for that matter…cuz we ALWAYS seem to be the main faces on those commercials.

      • Jayson C Williams

        See Popeyes doesn’t bother me. Because you have to know the product. Who doesn’t like fried chicken?? We can out that stereotype because it’s nonsense.. But all commercials now a days have some sort of black “ambassador” if I can say that, in their commercial. This is more serious and shouldn’t be compared to a rape case

      • You’re right, and most of those ambassadors are singin, rappin, dancin, playin a sport or eatin chicken. That don’t bother you even a lil bit fam?

      • Jayson C Williams

        Not the chicken part. I know it’s used to stereotype blacks but I eat maybe once every 3 months and facts are not 1 race doesn’t like it, but everything else does bother me

      • I feel ya, ain’t one race that don’t like the yardbird…LOL The thing is, when are they gonna make any of those other races the main spokespeople singin and dancin about the chicken, why it ALWAYS gotta be us at the forefront of the chicken campaign?? It’s far from a coincidence after all the time it’s been happenin, only reason we don’t got a slice of watermelon in the other hand in the commercials is cuz that’d make it too obvious.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Singing and dancing is a big part of our community period wether I like it a lot or not.

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    With the way things are going, you’re going to have to video tape the girl saying she want the work and is not under duress before you go in. At the party pulling a chick with a contract in the back pocket.

  • brotha_man

    if u famous u need to have broads sign a contract and then get it notorized

  • kixxxers

    Camera Phones are going to have to be used before you administer the D!ck on these HQz! “I “Becky” on the 4th of Nov. 2013 am totally down with this Chocolate Treat”!

  • David Williams

    What rapist takes all his clothes off before raping his victim? And then sleeps with her in her bed? In a piece she published online, speaking to Sarah Lawrence college, Robertson wrote,”When you are finally able to burn me at the stake, frame my ashes for your school’s distinction. Until then, I will be tying nooses with the strong cords of my voice. I will be hanging your boys up and invoking my no until the spirit takes them and their legs stop twitching.” This quote provides strong (and startling) evidence of what kind of person she is. She does not even try to disguise her racism. She will be “tying nooses” and “hanging your boys up … until … their legs stop twitching.” Your “boys.” Obviously she refuses to give up the racist privilege of calling black men “boys” that is traditional in the South, where she is from. That she claims “her poem’s racially loaded language was unintentional” is blatant evidence of her willingness to lie; it is impossible for an educated young woman in this day and age to use such language “unintentionally.” And she is eager to give us a glimpse of what she wishes for the young man she invited back to her room after a night of drinking. Those who have seen photos of any of the thousands of lynchings that have happened in this country will recognize what the young woman is longing for, as described in Billie Holliday’s “Strange Fruit” – “black bodies swinging in the southern breeze … the bulging eyes and the twisted mouth… then the sudden smell of burning flesh.” It’s called lynching, and can be accomplished these days with words such as these, which can ruin a young man’s life. Many black men have been lynched in this country on the word of white women with questionable motives.