Ludacris and Justin Bieber At The Apollo

Hip-Hop Rumors: Justin Bieber Gets Vid Taped By Brothel Heaux

DAMN BEEBZ! A few years ago, you were singing about Jesus and stuff. Look at him now. The young boy done got caught out there with some straight up prostitutes, joe! But, peep game. While he was spotted coming out of the brothel, these chicks went and video recorded the boy sleep on the fold out bed and all that. DAMN! LOL! GOTTDAMN! Now, they are speculating that there may be even more footage out there than just this. That boy can’t blame Lil Twistie and them for this one!

Check out the video below.

If they give this away for free, then what do they have in their possession worth selling?

That’s the question I have.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Wigger constantly in dumb shit shit.

  • johnblacksad

    Quick come up shit*

    *TM @therealest1

  • So what Illseed? You would go to Brazil as a superstar, who can’t
    even go to a 7/11 or a Walmart and then go to the local favela to
    dig a girl? Don’t be hypocrite.
    The safest way to smash some decent girls in Brazil is going to
    a legitimate brothel and select the best of the best.
    We ain’t 12 no more, so Beebz isn’t.

    • Truth Powell

      Nah you go to the club and take your pick of the chicks there. Cmon man.

      • Try that, good luck.

        As a worldwide known superstar going to a local club to
        pick girls. In Brazil. HAHA.

      • Truth Powell

        u act as if that doesn’t happen on the regular.

  • Andy

    LOL tbh this is probabaly the first and only thing I can respect about him, I know when I’m old enough I’m definately taking a trip to Brazil.

    • brotha_man

      never been to brazil, but went to japan, and japan did not disappoint. Brazil is next on the ol’ round the world bucket list

      • Andy

        Haha I’m thinking Brazil, Japan, Russia (and the other Eastern European countries), and maybe Germany should be good places to visit with an abundance of hot girls.

      • brotha_man

        Germany is dope as well! if u white its awesome, if u black its awesome’er….no matter what youll have fun. its hard to be bored in Germany

    • Truth Powell

      Paying for sex is not respectful. Im disappointed in the biebs.

      • johnblacksad

        them fine freaky escorts tho…

  • ihatefaggots

    That looks like a man

  • MrNoName2K

    See people start f*cking up when they start denying sh*t Who cares what he do, hes a damn up and be like hell yea i did it. Im sayin can you blame him?

  • PhilTheGreat

    Lol hope that nigga smashed like it was his last…

  • brotha_man

    got this man in the fetal position…thats some bomb azz pus*y


      Might as well have his thumb in his mouth smh

      • brotha_man

        he in one of those i was f*cked up the night before sleeping position. I wonder if he was gone off some candy, and they got him doing some socially unacceptable things on camera (no TMZ)

    • That ‘ole roll over & turn your back to her pu$$Y!

  • linnex236

    like Cynthia implied I am startled that people able to earn $7229 in one month on the internet. look these up


    • JondoE303

      Kill ya self die today!


    Never fall asleep around random bitches

    • brotha_man

      never fall asleep in brazil! they got goons for days

  • Thaynan Ashley Alves

    Primeiro ele é um idiota, veio ao país se achando o gostoso, abandonou o show, fez uma festa com algumas garotas, e ainda foi em um Prostíbulo.. Essa garota estava na festa que ele deu para 20 a 30 garotas.. Quando ele foi ao Prostíbulo pegou duas garotas e ainda mendigou valor HAHAHAHA
    Ele é uma criança mimada, uma mocinha que tem medo de sair do armário, tenho pena das fãs desse menino porque gastam dinheiro com uma pessoa que não tem vergonha na cara e se faz de idiota falando que não visitará mais o país.
    AAAAAH claro esqueci aqui tem mais Mulher que homem e isso para ele não é vantajoso.:X HAHAHAHA

    Não é porque é Brasil que se tem apenas caipirinha, carnaval e Mulheres.. pelo contrario tem países que dependem muito do Brasil..
    E o Brasil é muito bonito, deviam vir conhecer o país e enfim conhecer mulheres decentes não fazer como ele, que ainda saiu falando mal do país.

    • Arth Monroe aka DJ ARTH

      Translator please?

      • johnblacksad

        “First off, he is an idiot… goes to a country… parties a whole lot with all kinds of hoes, ends up in a brothel… chit chat… something about 20 to 30 hoes… somehow the Biebz ends up with two of them…
        The Biebz basically is a cry baby… commentator goes on to say that she is saddened that the biebz is actin like such a fool, wasting his money on bullshit, he has no shame in his game et cetera…

        She concludes by saying people always associate Brazil with binges of Caipirinhas, the carnival, and women… but actually a lot of countries depend on Brazil…
        She encourages everyone to go visit her country which is by far better than what this story portrays… she said come and meet decent women instead of hoes like this who misrepresent her country”

        You’re welcome… and I don’t even speak portuguese! Just english, spanish, french and two african languages you have never heard of…

      • Thaynan Ashley Alves

        basicamente isso mesmo #Johnblacksad…

        First he is an idiot, came to the country is finding the tasty, left the show, did a party with some girls, and was still in a brothel .. This girl was at the party he gave for 20-30 girls .. When he was picked up two girls at the brothel and even begged value HAHAHAHA

        He is a spoiled child, a little girl who is afraid to come out, I’m sorry for the fans that boy because they spend money with a person who has no shame in the face and does not visit that idiot talking over the country.

        AAAAAH course forgot here’s more woman than man and it is not advantageous to him.: X HAHAHAHA

        Not because it is Brazil that has only caipirinha, carnival and Women .. on the contrary have countries that rely heavily on Brazil ..

        And Brazil is beautiful, should come to know the country and finally meet decent women do not like it, it still came out bad-mouthing the country.

      • Aganju Ilu-Aiê

        Its the same pattern miley used in MTV… its all been planned to make $$$…and people fall for that…a masterpiece
        publicity stunt!! no damage at all everything under control

  • JondoE303

    Stealing stories from media takeout again! Low budget a$$ shi!t cuzz

  • Obi Won

    Less lil Twist and the rest of them clowns, and more Brothels for Bieber.
    Makes him look less corny

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