F#*k Minista Paul Scott—“Why N.W.A. Should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!”


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This piece by Khalil Amani is in response to TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s editorial “F**K N.W.A. – ‘Why N.W.A Should NEVER Be In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame'”

Rap group N.W.A. (Ni**az Wit Attitudes) was one of the seminal groups of the genre known as “Gangsta Rap.” From Compton, California these guys became stars before the radio embraced them. They rapped that real hardcore street ish. They rapped about smashing chicks. They rapped about being gangsters—and like any great movie of the Godfather/Scarface ilk—America was drawn to them. They sold over 10 million records in America alone and now they are being nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Yes!

But hold on! Stop the presses! This guy, Minista Paul Scott (Who?!), a social critic (and I guess, a hip-hop head of the conscious variety) ain’t happy about it! He has laid the plight of urban, ghetto-dwelling America squarely at the feet of N.W.A. Hot dayum!

(Minista Paul Scott)

But why do we even care about what Minista Paul Scott thinks about N.W.A.? Like who is he? (His bio. says he’s been on a shed-load on TV shows and created “African Liberation TheoIogy”–a rip-off of James Cone’s “Black Liberation Theology.”) So I have to assume that his voice/opinion is somewhat important in hip-hop circles to be on Allhiphop.com, (and other sites) ‘cause a nigga like me?—had I spoken ill of N.W.A. would’ve gotten the talk-to-da-hand! So I guess he’s impotent important. I guess…

Am I missing something here? Are we talking music or are we talking “The Destruction of Black Civilization?” (See Chancellor Williams’s book) What is this dude “Minista” Paul Scott talking about? By virtue of his self-proclaimed title “Minista” he’s either on some religious and/or pro-black stuff or he’s just a hater of N.W.A.’s discography. We can assume that he’s the pro-black consciousness of the hip-hop nation whose Negritude is quite substantial. (Or a blacker-than-thou afrocentrist who wants to be hip-hoppity cool by using Ebonics/slang/regional dialect to misspell “minister”—thereby helping contribute to the legacy of N.W.A.’s dumbing-down of the hood. Side-eye.)

So Minista Scott doesn’t wanna see N.W.A. in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Why? Because he insists that their music spawned the decline of black people and influenced the young to a life of criminality and is responsible for the deaths of black people. He further claims “N.W.A. represents everything that went terribly wrong with the art-form [of rap].” In short, N.W.A. made it cool for blacks to kill blacks. This is the simplicity of his argument.

I was a 20-something year old college kid back in those days who used to blast “Straight Out Compton,” “Tha Chronic” and “Doggystyle” and never once did I think about picking up a gat and pushin’ a nigga’s wig back! Never once thought of affiliating myself with the Bloods & Crips! I’ve never shanked anyone and I was a huge gangsta rap fan! (Still am, ’cause Fiddicent’s “G.R.O.D.T.” stay in my CD player!)

But let the minister tell it! These ghetto children were the zombies of N.W.A.

Forget the fact that gang-life in the hood started waaaay before hip-hop was even birthed! Forget about the socio-economic blight of impoverished areas like South Central, Compton and Watts. Forget that the Bloods & Crips were the stepchildren of the Black Power Movement of the Black Panther Party, which was dismantled by J. Edgar Hoover’s “Cointel” (counter-intelligence) program and left to their own devices. (See “The Cointel Pro Papers” by Churchhill & Vanderwall).

I mean, this is, apparently where Minista Scott wants to take it!

N.W.A. is no island! They didn’t come on the scene out of nowhere (as the minista suggests!) They are the product of the legacy of Los Angeles, which they were exposed to daily. Blaming N.W.A. for the ills of black life is akin to Rush Limbaugh blaming Trayvon Martin for his own murder! N.W.A. were victims of circumstance! Their world-view had not evolved out of their community.

And since when was the standard and litmus-test for musical greatness judged by an artist’s civil and political works towards his own people and neighborhood? I mean, like, are those rock & roll bands asked about how much influence they had on white kids taking Quaaludes, acid, speed, smoking reefer and dropping out of school and running away to San Fran’s “Haight-Ashbury” district to sing the Beatle’s “Strawberry Fields” and all of the ills that plague white folks in their communities? White-on-white murder may be lower, but let me guess—I bet white economics is higher in white neighborhoods! (Does it really take a rocket scientist to deconstruct how and why N.W.A. rapped about criminality?)

I don’t hear white folk dissing Cat Stevens a.k.a. Yusef Islam about his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination, although he’s had some sketchy-ness in his life that some could say indirectly hurt America [forget a hood!] (i.e. his quoting Islamic law regarding the fatwa against Salmon Rushdie for his book “Satanic Verses”  and seemingly turning his back on his Christian faith and country.)

Now let’s get to the music, which is really what the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is all about! N.W.A. was iconic! There’s no denying what they brought to the table! So it was violent! So it was dirty! So it was negative! So it was gritty and filled with tales of hood-life gone awry! We get that! But it was truthful! And the WORLD got that!

N.W.A. is to gangsta rap was Elvis was to Rock & Roll! Do you know what they were saying about Elvis when he was gyrating his hang-low in the faces of adoring white chicks? He’s evil! He’s the devil! But Elvis changed the game! The same can be said of N.W.A. They changed the game! Is it their fault that people got tired of the politically charged music of X Clan and Public Enema Enemy? All N.W.A. did was expound and built upon Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message.”

At the end of the day, it should (only) be about the music that gets a person or group inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It should be about a group’s impact on pop culture (whether negative or positive) and how great their music and movements where. All of the self-righteous negritudenal (I know that’s not a word, but it expresses my point!) posturing to have a musical group stay within the confines of acceptable racial boundaries is ludacrisp silly! If Minista Paul Scott says, “Fuck N.WA.!” I say, “Fuck Minista Paul Scott!” Now give N.WA. their just desserts!

Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. Amani also writes for Hoodgrown, Maybach and Sext Magazines. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” iuniverse.com 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One at http://www.khalilamani.ning.com Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Youtube @ yahweh 12 Khalilamani@yahoo.com

  • Mel

    Hell yea tell his punk ass NWA is the truth. THey started this shit. Many families are eating off their creation.

    • scottytreid

      What families are eating off their creations? I’ve heard it all, NWA is feeding the people like they running some kind of food assistance or survival program in the hood. lol..

      • While Dre’ is giving Jimmy iovine’s daughter’s alumni $70M while ignoring HBCU’s.

        Only thing Mel eating off NWA is hot, steamy, man milk!


      • ZUBU

        “Only thing Mel eating off NWA is hot, steamy, man milk!”


      • Had to :

        for that one.

        Mel is gobbling up the man goo!

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  • SpliffThaMobbaholic

    I was pretty much saying the same thing…kudos

  • TheInfiniteToker

    You know, it’s the ROCK & ROLL Hall of Fame. Rappers should never have been inducted into it in the first place.

    • ihatefaggots

      Stupid rock&roll hall of fame is for al type of music.

    • Kappa

      In the words of Chuck D. when Public Enemy was inducted: “We all come from the damn blues.” Welcome to the 21st century hater


    Rok the royal what say u sir?

    • @Real_SirJamie

      I have NOTHING to say except “Proverbs 26:4” to you, and “Proverbs 26:6-9″ to the rest of you, and Proverbs 26:10” to the All Hip Hop staff. We’ve already left the FACTS (not our opinion) on the table. nowarningshotsdotcom and MilitantMindedStudyGroup or RokTheRoyal@facebookdotcom. This is what happens when people’s belief is crushed with truth. They reach for anything. I have nothing disrespectful to say about this man. He won’t drag me to his level of ignorance and beat me with experience. Shalom.

      • Fugg it then, I have plenty.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        LMAO uh oh…

      • TALK_BOSS

        Relax sir……I’m just bored today…..was only hoping for an entertaining debate….I dig no warning site….he makes good points…..I don’t always agree but I respect

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i expect a response like this to come from a C.O.O.N

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    “I don’t hear white folk dissing Cat Stevens a.k.a. Yusef Islam about his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination”

    and because this coon knows this is a hip hop site he using tricknology with this lie. white people did diss cat stevens just like they still diss jane fonda for the same reason.

  • Enisoto Adika Ekunsirinde

    It is sad when you have 51 year old Black/Afrikan Men talking like miseducated Children. N.W.A. Was purposely put together to counter Afrikan Liberation. Dre said that everybody is talking this Black Power ish so we came with the niganiganiaga, bitchbitchbitch. Also, I have yet to hear an apology fromDre to Dee Barnes. Btw, if you are a Black/Afrikan using Elvis as an example, you are OUT OF YOUR MIND! Get some help Khalil!

    • PhdrrruckBoy

      When Dre said, “everybody is talkin’ this Black Power ish”, you have to realize that conscious Hip Hop at that time was over a lot of people’s heads. Unless you were studious and into learning Black/Afrikan history, you weren’t going to catch everything groups like Public Enemy or X-Clan was saying. After learning about Ancient Afrikan history and Nile River Valley civilizations, I understand X-Clan a lot more than I did 20-25 years ago. After learning about Black/Afrikan history in America, Public Enemy’s music make more sense to me. NWA was direct and made music in a way that the unlearned could easily process.

      • SBRon

        Damn, you missed the bus!!! Guess it’s never too late, though…

    • SBRon

      Word!! I was ready to post on his Elvis shit alone…And WhoTF cares what other white folks thought about dude, anyway?!? “Who Stole the Soul?”!!!

    • Wizedollars

      You don’t have any evidence of what you’re talking about. NWA was created like any other music group at the time, no white power structure had even heard of them and actually refused to market them for years after they came out. You hotep negroes are full of unsupported conspiracies……

  • jubileeshine

    this trite essay is not helpful.
    social criticism of music/art is vital. but proclaiming to defend the ethical integrity of the ‘rock and roll hall of fame’ to do it is cartoonish. the standard here is musical contribution not social. nwa are hiphop legend, and with contradiction.

    • Dear Mr. Amani,
      Your personal attacks on Truth Minista Paul Scott, Public Enemy & X Clan degrade your credibility within Hip Hop, even if they may endure you with the Rock & Roll / Pop demographics.

      >> In Wu-Tang’s voice : “This is Hip Hop!”

      To this day, PE, X Clan & Min Scott are actively working to improve their communities’, while it appears you’re using this effort to support the opposite.
      IE: In contrast, Dr. Dre gave $70? million to a school Jimmy Iovine’s daughter went to, while historic HBUC’s still suffer.

      While PE & X Clan were advocating picking up a book, NWA was advocating picking up a gat for Black on Black.

      The ABC song is knowledge set to music. In the 60’s, the top songs were Aretha Franklin’s “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” and James Brown’s ” I’m Black and I’m proud” and there were riots in the street because the more you respect yourself, the less likely you are to let someone violate you..

      When the Rodney King rebellion popped off, X Clan & Public Enemy were the top groups, along with NWA, and look what happened. The cointelpro agenda was to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah who could electrify the masses, “By Any Means Necessary” and that includes infiltrating Hip Hop through artist, executives, and even putting their sloppy pasting, Zionist Fawk Boy Hip Hop agents like Jubilee Shine among us to distort our focus.

      • DJ7

        Get em…I knew you were

        Sooner or later

      • SBRon


  • Iam360WISE

    I wonder how and why this article made it past the Gate Keep without checking shawty’s ID ? Slim said he was in school when the Bodies where droping , Slim talking about some DjkaySlay & I did this & Wrote that …..lol. You have a Islamic Name & wrost then cursing You typing Hype that stains Your Soul. Look here Chump Middle Finger You & Your Uncle Tom Comrades .Dont Post a Check Your azz cant Cash…online nor in life. ThankYou for Proving Why WE fight the Against the DumbingDown. I could Feel sorry for You … But This Digital Gangsta shix is for them Bammas . If You want 2 holla at me please google 360wiseguy. Im hear to help you Shawty ….Help Me Help You !!!! Contact Me ASAP !!

    • Peace!

      P.S. :

      That’s ” Yasin ThreeSixty Wiseguy ” on FB!

  • Bodie

    I agree that N.W.A should be there, but if you debating wit dude, don’t start off saying Fuckk him.. Feel me

  • PhdrrruckBoy

    Why are people bitchin’ about whether or not NWA belongs in the RNR HOF? You all should understand that the RNR HOF does not validate Hip Hop music. NWA does not need the RNR HOF for acknowledgement. NWA expressed the conditions and frustrations of black communities. They expressed the climate and effects of gang violence and drugs in LA. What the F*CK would the RNR HOF know or even care about that? They’re only doing this because of the level of controversy NWA created at the time.

    • scottytreid

      The only expression of frustration they created is “F**K the Police” name another because I can not think of any. The rest was just commentary on the ills of the hood but not in way that they were trying to bring light to the hood, they were glorifying the ills. I do remember Ice Cube doing “Burn Hollywood Burn” with PE discussing racist propaganda in Hollywood productions. No, we don’t need the RRHOF to validate Hip-Hop, true that. But I don’t consider NWA a Hip-Hop group, they represent gangster rap aka corporate rap aka Slave Ship-HOP.

      • Wizedollars

        They’re not hip hop? Based on who’s standards?

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  • DAMN…as big of a Truth Minista critic as I might be at times due to how he tends to come across, it ain’t never been THAT deep for me to just say fukk the man. I agree that blamin NWA for all the Black community’s ills was reachin like a mufukka and he was just as in the wrong for sayin fukk them cuz as kids (basically) at the time in a still relatively new genre of music, they had no way of knowin the impact they’d end up havin, but like dude said in an earlier comment there was a REASON they were thrust into the spotlight like they were, which was to nullify the self-awareness the “conscious” movement promoted. Like I said it’s no secret I’m a huge critic of the Truth Minista’s pieces sometimes, but even I keep the criticism to the content of his articles instead of tryin to discredit the brotha’s credentials and attack his character. There were some valid points made here and there in this article, but all in all this was some lame duck shit for real.

    SIDE NOTE: So AHH is promotin inter-journalist beefs to try and boost hits now huh? That’s what the game’s come to for “Hip-Hop journalism” in 2013? That’s even weaker than this article.

    • I wasn’t going to say it, so I’ll just co-sign in JohnBlacksad’s pencil.

      They should let Truth Minista respond, but……

      • Yeah they need to go on and let the brotha get a rebuttal in cuz that was a real cheap ass shot on this “author’s” part. Frontin like no one knows who the Truth Minista is, meanwhile I never even HEARD of this Khalil cat til now.

      • Honestly, I’m kinda of glad that they either didn’t let the Minista respond, or he chose not to, on FB, dudes researched this dude & it doesn’t look good!


        Plenty of inexcusable ‘chet!

        It would have degraded the Min to respond. It would degrade me to respond in kind, I mean, he has COON LIFE tatted on his tummy!


      • LMAO Ah man, say it ain’t so…his shit public?! I gotta see what everyone else is seein.

      • Hahahaaa, nah man, I don’t know if you have the discipline to see that ‘chet & not come back & air homey out!

        The temptation is too strong, but if you insist….link up on FB & I’ll send you the link. The ‘chet is He-Larry-Us!

      • SBRon

        Huh? A turd burglar on the DL (& I ain’t talkin’ bout Hughley)…?

      • Nah, he would have to do a complete 180 to work himself up to the level of DL Turdburger. ( << *LOL~N)

        It's that bad, but let the brother live.

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  • Wizedollars

    TI employees more Negroes than X Clan. That is REAL black empowerment backed up by facts and numbers, not just hotep talk!