DMX’s Wife Talks Son Threatening To Kill DMX At 14 + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Tashera Simmons will soon be legally divorced from her husband of 14 year years, Earl Simmons and her new book You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea will reveal a lot secrets of the relationships. In a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the estranged wife details what startling event forced her to finally leave DMX and more.

According to Tashera, the constant drug abuse and infidelity from DMX was not enough to make her leave the struggling rapper, but instead a threat from her then-teenage son, Xavier:

I felt like if I left X he was going to die. I sacrificed my happiness. It was to the point where I didnt even care. I was like ‘I don’t care. If he’s cheating. I don’t even care. I just want to help him.’ I just felt like he needed me so much. But when my son told me one day that if he hears his father talk to me like that he was going to kill him and he was 14 I realized that it is my responsibility as a parent to leave this relationship.

In addition to revealing the cause of the divorce, Tashera explains that she did not inform DMX of the upcoming tell-all book priot to its creation and reasons that his recent confessional TV appearances and past defamation of her character were enough to warrant such actions:

I’ve been here several times. I never really talk about anything, becasue I really was too ashamed and I felt like people didnt believe me anyway. It was not until he really started exposing himself more. Iyanla Vanzant did it for me. I had been writing this book, had the last three chapters and I just couldn’t get it together. […] And then after him coming, not only here but other places, saying I’m money hungry.

Check out the full interview with Tasheera Simmons as she details DMX’s fist fight with Chris Lighty in the late 90s, what happened to DMX’s finances and more:

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34 Responses to “DMX’s Wife Talks Son Threatening To Kill DMX At 14 + More (VIDEO)”

      • Jason Mazur

        If only that were true buddy. My statement was made out of finding value in all women. In knowing that it’s not just a big butt and a smile s to speak. Some women are good for the eyes, some are good for making money, some are good for fuckin, some are good for nothing, some are good mothers etc. If you take everything at face value you are playing the fool.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Arrie – yep, along with the “likes” – shallowness is our enemy

    • Freebe Jackson

      what type chick did you expect to be dating/marry a barking crackhead? She was with X when he was regular crackhead nigga….

  1. Jayson C Williams

    Great woman.. Idc what anyone says. You can always tell men with mommy issues, cause of their opinion on strong woman and how they treat them. So to all the men who are going to call her names etc your insecurities are just spilling out

    • hoeyuno

      if one side of a relationship has some demons 9 outta 10 times the other side will to. these 2 been together before the rap shit..before the millions. there had to be some common ground. and gotta give x credit though he tried to make it work when he was on top of the world and coulda ditched her for some fake ass video hoe ….

  2. vandyll

    She seems like a good person. But you can hear in her voice and see from the look on her face that she is exhausted from the bullshit. Damn X smh at you man.

  3. dee

    she still talking about X … get a life already im tired of reading this same ol im so hurt BS same story she been telling for 7 years cmon now you hurt cause that money stopped .. its nomore eating steaks now she eating cheese burgers

  4. astrixx

    why you black people got to be so negative about her looks and what not. show some compassion to our own people. we already got that enough from other race. led see inside of our self and love each other no matter what cause same.

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