Dr. Boyce & Yvette: 8 Reasons Don Lemon Needs to Be Fired from CNN

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Here’s the deal: We have a serious problem with Don Lemon. Not that he was ever all that likeable in the past, but to us, he was just fine as another talking head on TV. But when he somehow decided to provide impromptu black social commentary, we became saddened and disgusted by the way he used his platform to spread half-truths about the black community. Don might be more equipped to criticize the gay or journalistic communities, but going after black people has become a fashion statement.

So, let’s be clear – Don Lemon needs to be fired from CNN. There have been a long line of black faces removed from the network in recent months, including Soledad O’Brien, Tony Harris, Roland Martin and TJ Holmes, yet the only black face that is regularly featured on the network is the guy who enjoys chopping off the heads of black people with a smile on his face. Sorry, but we just won’t stand for it. Don’s defense of the Stop & Frisk program, which has violated the civil rights of thousands of New Yorkers, was the straw that broke the Lemon’s back.

Here are 8 reasons that CNN needs to turn Lemon into lemonade and pour his sorry behind out into the street:

1) Because he just might be a racist: People think that you can’t be a racist when you’re black. But if you work for white people and use your blackness as a tool to oppress and attack people who look like you, you are akin to the Uncle Tom in Django Unchained who hated black people more than white people do. So, Don Lemon could likely be a mild mannered version of Samuel L. Jackson’s character.

2) Because he is being used as a token: If a white guy were to say the same things that Lemon has been saying, he would never be considered to be an objective journalist. But for some reason, people think that when Lemon opens his mouth, he is allowed to sport his “negro license” as a Get-out-of-jail-free card for any ignorant thing he might say. No white guy on CNN would ever dare to say the things that Lemon says on a weekly basis.

3) Because he has lost all credibility as an objective journalist: Whatever happened to the days when a journalist reported objective news? Lemon’s diatribes make him sound more like a less intelligent version of Rush Limbaugh than a CNN anchor. Maybe he should spend his time bashing gays the way he goes after blacks. Oh, that’s right…you can’t criticize gay people on CNN, at least not the way they go after blacks.

4) Because his analysis is simple-minded: Don Lemon analyzes race in ways that would make a third-grader blush. He rarely says anything truly insightful, it just comes off as a repetition of what people are saying on Fox News. Is that what CNN wants? A Fox News parrot?

5) Because he’s (ignorant) naïve enough to think that Stop and Frisk is a good policy: Don doesn’t back up his support for the ineffective program with actual data, just the meanderings of a confused black man. Stop and Frisk has been proven in one study after another to NOT be a deterrent to crime and only serves to increase the amount of terrorism that citizens must endure at the hands of the NYPD. But, for some reason, Don Lemon thinks the program is a good one.

6) Because he’s turned CNN into the Circus News Network: Sure, Lemon has gotten people talking, but at what expense? Anderson Cooper, another CNN brand from the gay community, has been consistent, fair, intelligent and reliable. Don Lemon has been consistently auditioning for a role on Def Comedy Jam. If we’re going to criticize the buffoonery that might appear in a Tyler Perry film, then we should also speak up about the educated buffoonery that sometimes occurs when talking heads yap about things they don’t understand.

7) Because he’s a hypocrite: Right after Don expressed his passionate support for the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk program, it was revealed that Don himself sued after being the victim of racial profiling. So, while Don is asking the black community to sit back and take it, he feels that respectable negroes like himself should not be followed around like a common “n***er.”

8) Because he is spending less time elevating CNN’s brand than his own: Does Don Lemon work for CNN or for himself? Are the network’s executives comfortable with Don ranting and raving on the air, infuriating millions of black people? Maybe Don should just stick with being a CNN anchor and stop trying to become an angry white man.

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell are Senior Editors for the Your Black World Network. For more information, go to

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  • wickedjones

    they are always comfortable with feminine black men.

    • Florence M. Olsen

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      • Dhz30

        NAWL U LYIN

  • klamond

    Any injustice anywhere… stops without probable cause… Civil Rights violation. My skin should not be a crime. My fashion and the fashion in which I wear it should not alert or alarm others. The more things change the more they stay the same. Shame on us all.

  • SBRon

    Yeah, I stopped watching this fool awhile ago, so I didn’t realize he’s even worse now!
    he must really hate himself…


    Fukk don lemon….leo terell….larry elder…david webb…..fake as rev peterson

    • ZUBU

      Add Jason Whitlock to that list in sports, don’t like being black person never has anything good to say about a brotha, never. He berates everything brothas do he always speaks about the worst of black culture. Like networks just hired him to tear down brothas, cause like the article stated as a so-called black person he can say things whites can’t. It just solidifies in the minds of many whites what they already believe to be true about us.
      Essentially this dude and many others are nothing but puppets for masta

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        We have to start identifying the puppets in our race

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  • ihatefaggots

    Uncle tom negro.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      More like sambo………Uncle Tom didn’t sell out

      • Black_Man_Winning

        It is understood that Uncle Tom means traitor. Stop with the word semantics.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        It’s understood you never read uncle toms cabin. Stop repeating what you heard. Follower…

      • Derek Yisrael

        Much is the case for many of us who are ignorant of who Uncle Tom really was.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Don lemon is batty……….I don’t expect anything less from him. He ain’t a sell out cause he was never down for us. The only thing I do like about ppl like don lemon is this…..,,…anyone that support him or agree with his views u can label anti black and since we don’t kill our traitors in the black community……..then lets at least make mental notes of who isn’t for us so we don’t be shock when they push they agenda

  • Seriouslyfolks

    Don Lemon is a sellout and a Hoe Ass Nigga Period.

  • Immortal

    I read the article and wanted to get mad at this dude, but since I only heard one side of the story, I googled him and watched a couple videos from him. While he might have some questionable views, one video he did I agreed with because it’s points that have been made by many people on here to include myself. The video is Don Lemon agrees with Bill O’Riley, but he didn’t go far enough. We as a race have our own set of issues, some made for us, others made by us, and some you have to ask WTF were they thinking? In the video he mentions through soundbites some of the ills that plague the black race, but what made it ring home was when he named the five important changes blacks need to make to make things better. I agree with them, and they are not unreasonable. But this agreement does not excuse constant race bashing to make a “name” or “brand” for yourself. Once you’ve been removed, your name is only your own, and your brand stands a good chance of going nowhere because of the alienation you’ve created. But take a look at the videos and make your own opinions of the man, and don’t rely on a op ed that is opinionated and written to invoke feelings from the readers. Some who more than likely have never heard of dude before now. Educate yourself and each one teach one.

    • The only sensible comment on this wall….and with their comments, they prove a few of his points…1 person said he hates himself….how do you hate yourself by identifying problems in your own race…good comment made by you

      • SBRon

        Hey Huggie, I think Matt Swan made some valid points as well. Also, I think I’ll elaborate on my comment so you’ll know where I’m coming from. Stop & Frisk is NOT a “problem in our own race”, but It IS a problem for our race, AND…it doesn’t work!! “Donnie” says it’s the reason crime rates are down, when EVERY objective study shows he’s wrong. Is he just not very bright, or does he think fear-mongering against his own race is the thing to do these days?!?

        Also, he admits to being the victim of a pedophile, then comes out as gay? I admire his courage, I guess, but is he insinuating he wouldn’t be gay if he hadn’t been molested? Was his abuser a black man? Hmmm…?
        So here we have this double-minority (black & gay) assuming the role of the “Special, Exceptional Negro”? Rolling with O’Reilly? Hmmm…?

        Brings to mind Clarence Thomas who was teased by other black kids as a child because of his Gullah/Geechee speech. Poor l’il Clarence couldn’t wait to be in a position to get back at his tormentors! Now he votes lock-in-step with the 100% racist Antonin Scalia!?!
        So, IMHO… for different reasons, both clowns have an inferiority complex which is the foundation for their SELF HATRED…

  • hoeyuno

    Number 7 should kill all his credibility. And shoulda been #1 reason. that statement alone says a lot about the guy..

  • Black_Man_Winning

    He is a homosexual. Nuff said.

    • Immortal

      What does being gay have to do with anything?

    • Rita V. Jefferies

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  • Kody Scott

    burn this homo.

  • John Q. Public

    hold up… Soledad O’Brien is black???

    • John Q. Public

      Looked it up and her mom is Cuban. Father is an Irishman from Australia.

    • Kmac_Jones

      dead! lol

    • DeeWilli_85

      “Puerto Ricans and Cubans are just niggas that can swim!” – Paul Mooney

  • tab58064

    I agree with a lot of the reasons posted here. Lemon is an acceptable negro to the white folks there at CNN and he is a great representative for their efforts to promote and make everything gay cool! He thinks it’s ok for cops to judge people because of how they look, but he doesn’t want people to judge and mistreat gay people?? YELLOW NIGGA PLEASE!!

  • Derek Yisrael

    ** NEWSFLASH ** He aint telling ”half-truths”, he saying things black apologetics don’t want to hear they are. And it dont matter who saying it, we dont want to hear about our shittiness as a people even from our own. So then they got to discredit the person telling the truth. Like Chris Rock, there are black people and niggers, and niggers dont want nobody,even blacks talking their shittiness. They love the delusional states of deviance and apathy. Sickening

    • What’s sickening is how you buy into stereotypes about black people and use a comedian as method of defining a whole race of people. Actually, that sickening and quite stupid.

      • Derek Yisrael

        These aren’t stereotypes. I have lived for 40 years and seen this. And if you can’t see the difference between black people and N****** then you might just be

      • Took you a year to come up with a response? Well, I did say you were “quite stupid”, thanks for the demonstration of my veracity.

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  • Quintin Williams

    THIS IS ONLY TELLING ONE HALF OF THE STORY SO I CAN’T AGREE WITH HIM BEING FIRED! What I can say is that Blacks are out of there F*&^%$# minds. In Jersey we have young black kids playing the knock out game …stupid, In New York young Black teen shoots another teen for his jacket and then goes on Facebook with ignorant comments…stupid. We look like fools to the rest of the world! Nobody cares until something happens to there family and that’s where there views change on certain topic. I am a black 36yr old male born and raised in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, yes I am a product of my enviroment, but my era had certain morals.

    • So white people don’t knock each other out? White people don’t shoot each other over stupid thing? So when a stupid black person does something it reflects on all black people but when a stupid white person does something stupid it only reflects on that individual and that makes sense to you?

      FTR, it sounds pretty dumb to me.

      • Quintin Williams

        I’m giving it to you from a Black male prespective! Right now I’m not worried about no other race except Blacks.

      • I’m a Black male and I don’t agree with your perspective. You also haven’t explained the hypocrisy in your comment. How is it that when a stupid black person does something stupid it is somehow a reflection on all black people, but when a stupid white person does something stupid it’s the act of an individual?

        Your arguments make all black people responsible for ignorant or stupid black people they don’t even know and mitigate black individuality and accomplishments because there are some stupid black people. The exact thing that white bigots do. How are you different?

      • Derek Yisrael

        Who cares what you have to say. It’s reality. You’re pontificating behind a keyboard. But what are you doing about the situation? You’re playing the antagonist to people’s comments, which takes very little intelligence or acuity to do. Yes, all blacks are judged by one stupid black person’s actions. Get over it. Nothing to pontificate. It’s fact. You’re quite the delusional talker with a very stupid ideology Sharif.

      • Oh my, you don’t like what I say but cannot make a relevant argument to refute any of it, so you make baseless personal attacks, which takes even less intelligence or acuity to do.

  • mike car

    Never thought that a half Latina and half white woman – Soledad O’Brien would be considered black.

    • DeeWilli_85

      that is just a dumb comment

  • DeeWilli_85

    Number 7 is tha best!!!

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  • Bilal Chebbani

    I’m curious! I understand that Don Lemon wasn’t 100% right when talking about the African American community….but WHY do you want to fire him?
    Have you seen the Uncle Toms on TV? You guys should be trying to silence Allen West to make sure he doesn’t say anything ever again! Now that guy is a horrible human being!

    And speaking from a non white/non black perspective (I’m Arab), I understand the frustration of having some stereotypes define the entire culture!! And also the last thing we want is to have “one of us” openly put us on blast for our flaws!

    It’s like we all respect the guy that whispers to us and says, “Listen, you’re making us look bad!” It’s another thing for a guy to say it on a megaphone, just so we can have white people nod their head and say “AMEN, that’s what I’ve been thinking all along!”

    Even though I completely disagree with the article, I understand why they feel that way!

  • Johnny Dangerously

    this article doesn’t even mention that the moron proposed that MH370 was swallowed by a black hole.

  • Jim Louis

    This post is ridiculous, it reminds of WEB Dubois book THE NEGRO PROBLEM…

    he believed that certain inner-city impoverished blacks would never overcome because they have this group think tribal mentality than cannot except individualism and difference of opinion, because of past slavery and oppression, he thought them must better off sterilized..(Planned Parent Hood) look it up

    I think Don Lemon and every other Black person can believe and feel however without being considered a sellout or traitor…the fact that some black still consider blacks that dont play the victim narrative an Uncle Tom to me is in itself laughable as some blacks still think like a slave and use these 19 century terminologies ….

    In My Opinion based on what blacks claim uncle tom to mean, that medal goes to WORLDSTAR HIPHOP and BET..Just saying

    Don Lemon does not give half truths, he tells the otherside….as the media simply focuses on claiming poor inner-city blacks are just lost negroes in need of government assistance…

    Honestly if some american blacks could see the bigger picture of the media always painting you as these good ole down home GOOD PEOPLES….you’d see it works against you

    a lot of people feel sympathetic for blacks and believe them to be inferior people who should just be treated fairly but aren’t capable of anything meaningful other then mid level management because your emotions blind all logic thought….IE most wont take a black engineer or doctor serious….

    Which is why I half to prove myself when I am designing aircraft with Boeing


    Its a sympathy response its almost an unwritten law to never question black people on certain things…

    however these same people will never take you seriously when it comes to innovative sciences and breakthroughs as you are seen as more of an emotional GOOD TIMEY people….IE sports entertainment… which is clearly a stereotype yet a mojrity of inner-city blacks unknowingly confirm this…



    If someone identifies whiteness with technology and innovation you wanna get mad and start talking about irrelevant shit like Egypt 5000 years ago and nubia….



    • Johnny Phillips Jr

      Black people as a whole moving forward, doesn’t need a Don Lemon, or any other black person with a platform, to express their Willie lynch syndrome opinions.