Epic Fail of the Day: The Knockout Game

Yo…on the bitch a$$ side of life, look at what kids are doing these days. There is a new “game” called Knockout. “What is Knockout”” you may ask. Well, let me explain. Seems like Knockout is a game where kids sucker punch an unsuspecting, innocent person for no reason at all. This is what people are SEEMINGLY considering fun.

They go around hitting women and old people. When somebody unloads a full clip then we gonna want Al Sharpton to rally a march.

But, this isn’t really new.

Does anybody else remember when “wilding” was all the rage? I do!

Anyway…the more things change, the more they stay the same. There are times that the media fuels these things so watch for the hook – literally!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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48 Responses to “Epic Fail of the Day: The Knockout Game”

  1. cromthelaughinggod7

    This is why we have George Zimmermans getting away with shit. I have no faith in my black people. They are the same kids who get mad when profiled by cops but go out and do dumb sh*t like this. You do this to the wrong people in my state you get blown away. Then their family wants to cry why why why. No tell that fking bastard to act like a man and not a savage. Wu said it best “teach the truth to the young black youth”! My son I am thankful he is civilized!

    • Charter

      The thing about it is all these kids are super bitch made… These are the types that would cry for mommy in jail and write letters to NAACP begging for help.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Trust Nobody – keep yo face at a safer distance at all times – this video didn’t change Me – I’ve always live by the defensive code – now I up my game by carrying my blazer

    • Big Red-Office Hrs: 9 to 5

      Black people aren’t monolithic. Just because these black teens are beating up people doesn’t mean black teens everywhere are doing the same thing. They aren’t the same kids. Black people are individuals. I have never did anything like this and you probably haven’t either. We don’t all have to be categorized as one group. So we still have the right to cry foul against racial profiling, racism, etc. Black teens can do this 10x a day for a 100 years and still won’t amount to the violence that blacks received from whites.To say you lose faith in black people is silly. You shouldn’t have faith in any man anyway.

      • Guest

        That “violence that blacks received from whites” is an EXCUSE to hate white people. The same white people who support Barrack Obama and had NOTHING to do with anything you’re talking about. Maybe if segregation still existed you could use this excuse but that ship has sailed.

      • Jamie Garza

        That “violence that blacks received from whites” is so irrelevant nowadays that it’s stupid. White people support Barrack Obama, have black husbands and wives and had NOTHING to do with anything that you’re referring to. I’m partially indian.. You don’t see me bitching and moaning about Europeans coming to this country and destroying absolutely everything we built. Why? Because it’s in the past where it belongs.

      • Myles

        Okay so WHAT motivated you and then WHAT stopped you in playing this ooohhh so enjoyable past time? Just curious… Because the quote about “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” just seems to make perfect sense…

      • Stay Phokus

        I was bored
        then I started smoking weed and started fingering bitches
        haven’t looked back since

  2. TimeWillTellu1

    Hey you told the kids to put up their hands and fight but since they are 90’s babies they are retarded and twisted it. Killing people for fun is probably next outside of gangs.

      • Charter

        The point I’m making is the actions of ignorant asses like these (and those that encourage it like Chief Keef) causes us ALL to be lumped together.

  3. Tablazines

    This ain’t new. They used to go to Times Square in the 80s and see who can knock out gay guys with one punch. They’d ask them the time and then when they’d look down at their watch.. Try to knock em out with one punch.

    Dumb shit young ghettos assholes do. But sucker punching women and kids is some real bitch shit.

  4. RichFromBX

    next head line will be “Black Youth Shot For Just Asking for The Time” and we’ll be blaming racism and profiling as the reason..SMDH…

  5. RichFromBX

    you know what’s going to happen – they going to try to knock someone out, not succeed and that dude is going to let a clip off on them. It’s sad, but it’s the only thing that will probably stop it…maybe..

  6. RBG4Life

    “..we gonna want Al Sharpton to rally” so what are you implying actually? I dont remember anyone saying give people who do crime a pass. That comment sounded a little pale to me…like you perpetrating.

    • iamwhoiam

      How are these kids being raised at home?? That’s some ignorant shit! Then they laughing and shit. Little bastards be cryin when they get a manslaughter charge for someone dying from head trauma after they’re head hits that concrete.

      • Charter

        Exactly. Cryin on the phone to mommy, beggin to be taken out of gen pop.

  7. Dominick Brown

    They should play nuts. Go up ta the first dude U see and get in a good nut shot then kick em 5 more times in the nuts when theyre down. Next person gotta beat that score. Then play Tittiez. Females can get it 2. lol. That shits prolly old 2.

      • Myles

        No – with LIVE VIDEO of these black faces being blissfully ignorant with
        the welfare of innocent people —- what about all the “look the other
        way” type shid we do to OURSELVES…. Time to stop looking backwards
        and look forward. With the access to the internet for EDUCATION and FREE

        ———-we can’t keep cosigning that racism is keeping black
        folks “looking bad”…. If we focused our a$$es on building our own
        homes/friends/families up with positive ideas that things will get
        better if we just fking FOCUS ON IT… then all the old hurts will hopefully heal and not stay open for “them people to exploit!”

  8. $18916246

    N*gga shit…Not cause I say so or want it to be. Black youth need to wake up quick. This is an old and senseless crime that has been committed many times and called many things. What remains the same is the cold life ending prison cell the ignorant assailants end up in or the forever swelling grave yards that keep our dead. We cry and want justice for Trayvon but we soon forget and commence with such crimes that allow negative and generalizing stereo types to be born of black people in society. Giving insecure commonly non-black civilians an excuse to profile and target our race and hence justifying slaying black people and using common crime statistics as an excuse as to why we should be legally mistreated jailed and murdered. Black people make up over 68% of the U.S. prison population which makes us black people the U.S. prison poster children and preferred resident and occupant. My black people WAKE UP! STOP THIS DUMB SHIT!

  9. dfwricwil

    Wonder why they have “stop and frisk” and all of the other codes to stop young black males. SMH!!! That’s why I keep my nine on waist and my 45 in my car . I wish a ninja would……

  10. ILL Will

    I got PTSD and always watch my back and consider myself to be on high alert always almost to a paranoid state….with the world being the way it is nowadays, needless to say I keep a lil stick on my person and an assault rifle at all times in the trunk. Them boys gon F*** round and hit somebody that aint gon fall..dude gone be looking at their sheer numbers and prolly try and smoke em all..damn my last words coulda been on a hot 16…lmao

  11. Derek Yisrael

    Where is fuggin’ Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Russell Simmons asses on the deliquency and deviance of this segment of the black community? Oh I forgot, its their environment that made them that way. Badu is trash and Cosby, Rock, and Hart were right.

  12. Courtney Hate

    New government program: every black male gets paid 1000 dollars to get snipped. It would breed stupid shit like this out of existence.

  13. laura r

    have you read colin flahertys book “white girl bleed alot”? 500 vids you can see on your smartphone. read talib starkes “uncivil war: blacks vs niggers”? check it out. this is really getting bad.

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