Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess What 90’s Hardcore Rap Group Is Coming Back?

This is like the era of the 90’s return with all these anniversaries going around. Shout out to A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang respectively. The internet was crazy for them over the weekend. But, there is another crew coming up with a reunion year as well and they are preparing a new album to match.

Yep. These guys.

Their first album, To The Death, came out in the year 1994. I don’t know what they are doing in celebration, but they are dropping a new album, sources say. You know, I ain’t even mad. Time for some balance in the game anyway, even if it comes from 40-something year old men.

These dudes were called the Mash Out Posse, because in fights they would stomp people out so bad it was considered a mash out. I ain’t about that life! LOL!!!!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Rico

    Fizzy Womack and Berkowitz!

  • ANTE UP **kid nap dat fool**


      Get up off them got damn diamonds huuuuh!

  • jubilee shine

    you don’t know remix killed it

    • bigdoe6

      I won’t sit back and rap like these dumb ass kids, i been around i put it down i ain’t these young ass kids. -Billy Danze

  • Dointer

    It sounds like some Pitchfork indie hipster wrote this article….. Thanks for letting us know why they are called the mash out posse!

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Good f*cking news keep it hiphop and I love it!

    • Stephanie J. Munn

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  • DJ7

    De La Soul “You’re Welcome”, Grand Daddy IU “P.I.M.P. (Paper Is My Priority)”, Marco Polo “PA2: The Director’s Cut”, Kid Tsunami “The Chase”…just a few real hip hop LPs to check for…
    Who gives 2 sh*ts about an Iggy what’s her face when there’s real hip hop out there to report on…stop being lazy and start giving shine to the legends in the game still putting in work!!!
    I guess if it ain’t controversial enough or making black folks look like fools it has no place on THIS site?….smh

    • brotha_man

      Marco Polo PA2 is str8 fire

    • acapwn

      You must be on the wrong page.

      • DJ7

        Ob-vios-ly…b.u.t. I gotta plug it whenever and wherever possible champ, otherwise you’d never know about it!

      • ZUBU

        Word bro, I use to bang Grand Daddy I.U., De La, etc.. Grand Dad had a slow flow a lil diff for a NYC brotha but his lines were on point. Diff style Big Daddy Kane flow at 100 mph, but he could also go slow (Smooth Operater). Damn that music was good!


      Damn u diggin in the crates for real……

      • DJ7

        That’s this years releases b…if I really dug I’d lose 95% of the cats that come thru so I try to keep it simple…

        *side note*
        example#1… Awhile back when these young cats were so mesmorized by Drake’s flow on the versace track and claiming how original it was…I simply instructed them to google *The Dismasters* “Small Time Hustlers” & get back at me…crickets…

      • TALK_BOSS

        “Knowin that car belongs to ur daddy” lol I was speakin on the names more than anything. ….IU….marco….de la… la was heavy rotation for me

      • DJ7

        Haha…that used to be my joint back in the day…yeah G, the old schoolers are still doing they thing, it’s a shame how they don’t get press yet we get a steady diet of gossip of the truely irrelevant sh*t and colums about cats that NO ONE is even checking for.

  • Jared

    Doubt it would work. They had a chance on Rocafella and G-Unit when both labels were at their prime. Can’t doubt their skills though.

  • Don_Te

    First Family 4 Life could probably be the most slept on album of all time…Premo laced them with legendary beats on that one.

    • DJ7

      Def My fav M.O.P. album…mainly b/c of the production…Premo did his thing on that one

      • Truth Powell

        First Family For Life is doooooooope. But nothing’s touching Firing Squad……Stick to Ya Gunz……Brownesville….Downtown Swinga 96….classics

      • 7yoyo7

        Don’t forget “Lifestyles Of A Ghetto Child” too. Classic NY gangster storytellin track!

  • Sean Taylor

    They’ve tried to come back many times and were always unsuccessful.

    • 7yoyo7

      You mean making “2 Chainz music”?
      Yeah they’re not really good at that. More like putting straight NY rap music is more like it…

  • bigdoe6

    I don’t care of these dudes ever go gold or platinum. I’m still a fan. Rappppp Duuuuudesssss. First Family. 4 Alarm Blaze shit. MOP shit. Real Hip Hop.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      im with you and all for it..but seriously these guys need to bring some youngings and help get’em poppin maybe with their styles…it gets to time when you just have to call it a career, let the young guys do it. mentor somebody for godsakes…so atleast the youth can have ill MCs instead of the ones gucci n waka flocka mentor.

  • restless


    • them bois used to be the S***

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  • David Gonz

    mop feat meek meil- lets just yell over beats(onyx tribute) …..

    p.s the beastie boys invented that style real talk

  • 84stickupkid

    It aint a comeback…they been droppin albums steadily throught the 2000´s, the last being 2011’s collabo wit Snowgoons SPARTA.

  • Love MOP.

    They are to rap what heavy metal is to rock.

  • water_ur_seeds

    I thought they never left? I know Lil Fame keeping mad busy atleast…

    • They were never gone. Just AHH have not been checking for any Hip-Hop related content for probably half a decade. It’s easier to copy and paste bossip, or media takeout so they can focus on creating gay topics that pay their bills. They know what the audience here is paying attention to.

      Definitely not Hip-Hop.

      • JondoE303

        Word he just did it again with the kendrick schoolboy story…

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  • EniggaMA

    They never left. And they ain’t 40 yet

  • There is no rap group out right now so there is definetly room for something to happen..Hip-Hop is lacking “rap groups”….Let’s go

  • 7yoyo7

    90s hardcore group?? This is a shame coming from a HIP-HOP website….
    They put out about 5/6 albums since 2000 lol. I hate that people undermine rap legends just over the fact that they do not reach “Drake status”.

    MOP is the realest group out of NY next to Screwball in my opinion. Plus their next album should be produced by DJ Premier. A good news for all the ones who understood who I’m actually talking about.

    • M Fuugin O Fuggin P on the move!

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    One of the hardest groups to hit the rap world. I used to listen to these cats before going out on that field and putting my helmet between the numbers


    I just hope they don’t change up their style to fit in with the rest of the bullschitt that’s going on in the industry!!! I’m still tripping off of Raekwon doing a joint with Justin Bieber!!!