Dave Wilson

WTF News: White Politician Wins Election by Pretending to be Black

This one is actually a WTF and a fail rolled into one special post but let’s start with the WTF part first. Dave Wilson, a White anti-gay activist, won a local election after leading voters to believe he is African-American.  The Texas politician, who unsuccessfully ran for Houston mayor in 2011, narrowly won a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees after pretending to be Black in his predominantly African American district, according to KHOU 11 News.


Wilson, a gleeful political troublemaker, printed direct mail pieces strongly implying that he’s Black. His fliers were decorated with photographs of smiling African-American faces — which he readily admits he just lifted off websites — and captioned with the words “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.”
One of his mailers said he was “Endorsed by Ron Wilson,” which longtime Houston voters might easily interpret as a statement of support from a former state representative of the same name who’s also African-American. Fine print beneath the headline says “Ron Wilson and Dave Wilson are cousins,” a reference to one of Wilson’s relatives living in Iowa.

Wilson defeated 24-year incumbent Bruce Austin by just 26 votes. Wilson’s opponent, called the tactic “disgusting,” and told the Houston Chronicle that he will seek a recount of the extremely close race.

“He never put out to voters that he was White,” Austin said. “The problem is his picture was not in the League of Voters [pamphlet] or anywhere. This is one of the few times a white guy has pretended to be Black guy and fooled Black people.”

Wilson, however, insists he won the race “fair and square” because voters disapproved of Austin and the HCC board’s actions.

Ok so, why were people naive enough to believe that Wilson was Black based on pamphlets featuring photos of Black people but not the actual politician? Seriously? Sigh…Anyone who votes for someone based on the color of their skin is a living #fail.

  • Musa Musaaid ✊

    they say if u wanna hide something from black people, put it in a book
    (im guessing some of us still don’t read)

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      nah, too much damn reading not enough thinking for self.
      “if u wanna hide something from black people put it in a book”
      so knee grows run to the books and start repeating what they read in a book, now book sense took over common sense.

      • Musa Musaaid ✊

        preach fam………………………………

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i got a sister like that. she a lawyer
        all her life she was considered smart because she made A’s through out school and went to a good college
        can talk all that law talk and nice in her career

        but common sense……………she is as smart as a rock lol

      • Immortal

        But that balance has to be there, like it or not. There are those that cover both areas, but those are the exceptions. The phrase about hiding info in a book still rings true, and hard because the vast would rather sit and complain while playing CoD, than pick up a book, read it end to end, and decipher what it means to them and discuss it. As a Soldier in a firefight I could call for fire, and have the artillery rain death on whoever it is in my way. That impacts a very limited number of people. As a computer operator, I know for a fact that I could have a much better and much farther reach with a keyboard than I ever could with a weapon in my hand. The pen (book) is mightier than the sword.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        Everything is balance. But book smarts/degrees/and white acceptance is looked up to and pushed on the people now not using common sense. We name our kids certain names out of fear that they won’t work for someone for a living instead of using common sense and raising them up as entrepreneurs. Back in the day our fathers made money with they hands and because he didnt use common sense he told his kids DONT be like me working with your hands for a living, get in them books and get money with your mind. Now we have a bunch of thinkers working and a bunch of “speak e no English” owning. I’m not saying no to book smarts, but common sense builds businesses. Once the lay off hit and unemployment rises, crime increases cause these guys don’t know how to make money with they hands in a productive way. They can’t pass a talent to they children to carry on……..so book smarts is good….don’t get me wrong but that common sense is a mutha

      • Immortal

        You’re right, but would you want your son to follow you? No. No good father wants his son to be like him, we want our sons to be better than we are or ever could be. So using common sense with a lot of book sense guarantees that he’ll have a fighting chance at a good life not relying on busting your back, or catching or dribbling a ball. My old man was an actual Soldier, I looked up to that uniform day in day out. He tried to pass on to me engineering that never caught on. Now I’m the Soldier, and I have “street smarts” SEDC teaches a lot of lessons, but I feel good because I’m not the smartest, but I can consider myself book smart. I think as fathers the best things we can pass down is knowledge of family, knowledge of self, the willingness to work hard for a days pay, and the desire to learn through education. Sports is a distant afterthought.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        I wasn’t talking bout sports when I say working with hands I’m talking welding, electrician, plumbing, lawn care etc…….the things you could rely on a Blackman to know how to do. The mid 90s education was pushed on us and educated blacks diss the brothers with trade……..and diss the sista that went to cosmetology schools. Fast forward to the 2000s and it’s foreigners that picked up these positions and locked down the markets and black unemployment is on the rise. To answer your 1st question, yes I do want my son to follow me cause of what I’m building. We (speaking generally) talk about the families that supposed to control the world…….but common sense should tell us to create our own strong family linage so your children’s have something to continue after your passing……you think when trump dies what he built will crumble after his death? Nah, his son and daughter will continue it. We the only ones that don’t think like that or that far down the line. Book smarts make you want to do what interest you…….common sense will make you want to expand what was handed down to you.

      • Immortal

        I think we’re saying the same thing, just two different ways. In the end, we both want what’s best for our families, and their futures. Honestly as long as they grow up safe, grow up smart, and are better than I am, then I have no issue on how the road to that goal is taken (legally of course). And you’re right, many of the things we used to be known for doing, we don’t do anymore, almost as if we are too good for it. Let the Hispanics do it, and they do a good job in many cases and cheaper.

  • jd

    Thats freaking brillant! Stop being sheep people!

    • Jared

      I was going to say something similar . If it’s not illegal then that was a smart move.

  • RichFromBX

    Pretending to be something and implying to be something are two different things. He didn’t run around saying anything about being black while hiding his face; he put out a flier with some pictures of random people that said “vote for our friend” and the voters took it to mean that the candidate must be black.

    What does that tell you about how black people vote – no research, no follow up and no seeking out what the policies of the candidate are…”if he’s black then he’s getting my vote” which is just as stupid as the people who said they wouldn’t vote for Obama for no other reason then because he was black.

    • therealjjohnson

      Well put.

    • Dubz

      Well said

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      yet people vote for a candidate solely because they are democrats or republicans…………..whats the difference

      • RichFromBX

        there isn’t one – just another example of stupid. Anytime you cover something with a blanket is stupid and narrow-minded – “all black”, “all white”, “all dems”, “all repub”, etc …the story focused on race so I kept my comment within the context of race

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        totally agree, its dumb. i read the story on yahoo and the comments on there is very anti black
        so when i read it here i was like……….so more anti black talk is gonna be on here like WE are the only ones that do this, think like this etc etc

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    so i guess there is going to be a bunch of “black people so dumb” comments on here today……………so riddle me this, if a black person voting for a black person (or in this case the idea of) is “stupid” then what do you call a democrat voting for a democrat and a republican voting for republicans? or women groups rallying behind a women candidate? do we really think the big bad jews got in political power because they support chinese candidates? or candidates that support jewish agendas?

    and even though this is the worst case scenario and we can pick apart the flaws in the voters of this guy…………….but before we start on this anti-black rants who in this country DONT do this……..

    • Bryan Eryn Frew

      Wow… Republicans vote for Republicans because they share many of the same views on social and economic issues. Being a certain race doesn’t decide what your belief system is. I would argue that the culture you’re brought up in would sway your views. Not skin color. As for this situation, I would probably do a little more research before I cast a vote… Obviously these “voters” did not do enough of that. He didn’t “lie” technically. Very misleading yes. Funny? In the eye of the beholder. I think it is a huge fail on the political system. People need to get more informed before they cast the most important right as a free American.

  • jondubock

    hahahaha…..i hope the guy that lost wasnt actually black….

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Obama did the same lol JK

  • Franky Babylon


    I cant say he was right or wrong, but the people who voted for or didnt vote for him because the assumption that his was black is wrong. Do research on if the candidate shares the same views as you, then vote.

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