Azealia Banks Blames Pharrell Williams For “ATM Jam” Doing Poorly

(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks seems to be throwing superproducer Pharrell Williams under the bus. The femcee sent out a tweet this morning claiming the reason her latest single “ATM Jam” is not performing well is because Pharrell, who produced and is featured on the track, chose to distance himself from her.

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The song was going to be included on Banks’ upcoming album Broke with Expensive Taste, but the Harlem native announced that the track would not make the project after it received mix reviews from music publications and fans.

The “ATM Jam” video was released last month without an appearance from Pharrell. There were reports that another video directed by Clarence Fuller was filmed earlier, and the current version was re-shot by director Rony Alwin.

Banks’ reference to Williams’ skin complexion comes after she criticized A$AP Rocky earlier this year for comments the fellow Harlemite made about dark-skinned women wearing red lipstick.

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Watch the video for “ATM Jam” below.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    This chick is delusional as f*ck….and a hypocrite. Wanna defend dark skinned girls but only got white girls in the video.

    • Sean Taylor

      Delusional is right!!!

    • churchpreach

      So what? She can’t do both? I seen plenty different races in her videos. If you like idk really watched her videos, you’d know. Lighten up.

  • shorty dont realize that she is not known for music… she known for being controversial. … THAT.. is why Pharrell aint fuckin with you… and look.. u proving him right.

    • Truth Tea

      Than people should get to know her for her amazing music rather than judging her over something as trivial as twitter, which everyone talks trash on anyways. Focus on the incredible music, cause it get’s no better than Azealia’s. Trust me.

  • Live Well

    Angry bird

    • Guest


  • $31339281

    the song trash…..nothing to do with a physical feature- dumb ass bought the 1st beat he played

    • Truth Tea

      Her label forced the song on her and at the end Pharrel backed out which was unprofessional. It was out of her control.

  • johnblacksad

    ok… now that’s it… this bitch either high or she’s just dumb…

    Lupe Fiasco ass b!tch… minus the talent… just fade away… get lost… leave, go… something

    • Truth Tea

      I love Lupe and Azealia is one the most talented female rappers I’ve ever seen or heard, so I don’t know where all this nonsense hate is coming from. What have you contributed to music? Oh right nothing. Go away.

      • AntLee06

        What have you contributed ?

      • Truth Tea

        Well I’ve written songs & recorded my own music, but why do you care? I’m not as talented as Lupe or Azealia. Leave me alone.

  • Oooh Killem. #SuperWack #AzeliaBanksWho ?

  • Renegade

    She throws too much shade at established artist. They’re starting to blackball her and she’s too stupid & arrogant to realize it.

    • eddieknucks


    • Guest

      they could blackball her all they want i’m still copping the album. she could spit

  • The Crocodile Hunter

    Bottom line, this chick won’t sell much because she ain’t cute. It’s sad, but even Nicki has to constantly show T and A just to stay relevant. And her attitude doesn’t help either.

    • Truth Tea

      Nicki has a worst attitude so…what’s your point? And Azealia is very pretty and real, at least.

    • Guest

      Since when does looks have anything to do with talent?

      • The Crocodile Hunter

        Sex sells, nobody cares about talent. Thank our society. If skills sold, Nicki would be the hottest female rapper without constantly bombarding people with half naked pics and videos. I don’t see where this chick has talent, she is average. looks like Meek Mills with makeup in that video.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    It’s doing poorly because it sucks, bottom line.

  • JimJames29

    Ok so after seeing the umpteenth article about this chick, I could finally be bothered to check out her music, since all I had to was click play on this (a neptunes beat is enough motivation for me to do that). Basically she sounds like remy ma, but with a kindergarten flow. The song is wack too (beat and hook).

    • Guest

      Excuse you, but 1991, Van Vogue, Luxury and Liquerice is all good music. Do you even know what a “flow” is? Don’t think so. Basically, you need to go back to rap school. Compared to Azealia, Remy has no flow. Sorry not sorry.

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  • $18592567

    Robin Thicke said the same shit about Pharrell NEVER…FOHbitch

  • MrNoName2K

    Ok see she be getting attention for insulting people. Not from her music. Pretty soon the attention she is getting, she is going to want to go away real fast because someone gonna humble dat ass down..

    • churchpreach

      What does humbleness have to do with anything? She did nothing wrong. Pharrel was wrong. She is the victim here, can you not see that? Why can’t she defend herself ?

  • PhilTheGreat


  • i just pressed play on the song…. made it all the way thru the hook…. 4 bars into the verse i had to press stop…. who signed this chick???

    • Jonathan Bacher

      if you dont recognize she’s talented says more bout you

      • she’s a talented shit-starter… she shoulda took the Wendy Williams route instead of music….

      • Guest

        I think you have about 2 working brain cells to write that.

    • Truth Tea

      It’s not her best song, 1991 is her best song. ATM JAM is her worst. Jimmy Iovine signed her because she’s extremely talented.

  • Golgo 13

    it has done poorly because its wack pharell is my favorite producer but ill say that’s 1 of the wackest beats he ever done

  • Sorry but the song just wack as f***…homegirl aint the finest bird in the cage either…

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


    • Truth Tea

      Well she is the best female rapper I know of, unless you think Garbaj or Iggy can beat her, which they can’t so. Keep hating.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • brotha_man

    sounds like something from yo gabba gabba. her lyrics sound lazy….i bet 2 chains could make this a hit, not that he is any better

    • FKA Babe

      wow you’re dumb. wow

      • brotha_man

        wow you’re gay. wow

      • FKA Babe

        like calling me gay is an insult. what a retard lmao

      • brotha_man

        it wasn’t insulting you, you just assumed i was.

  • Ravishing Quinc Rude

    If she was smart… BECAUSE she has Pharrell in a song, she’d be taking advantage of that… especially with him being so popular now.

    But nah, it’s easier to blame the light skins.

    • Guest

      I doubt she meant it literally, it was like a joke because he’s acting funny. She’s a real bitch that’s why she pointed out his fake-ness.

      • AntLee06

        Real bitch is right…but not in the way you intended

      • Truth Tea

        Omg shut up. At least she admits to being a bitch, you’re oblivious.

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  • E McArthur

    nobody is gonna wanna be associated with someone who airs their beefs out in public….some things you handle in private….WOW! smh

  • Myleage

    no its just not a good song and how is it that he dont wanna be associated with you when the song just came out?

  • Why is she always in the news…finally heard her music and honestly its just not good…she can’t hear that???

    • Truth Tea

      Wait, you call 1991, Jumanji, Chips, Aquababe, Succubi, Venus, ect “not good” music? Why don’t you clean out your earwax.
      Azealia’s music is Ahh-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

      • Never Heard of Any of Those Songs That You Just Name…However I Did Notice That You Didn’t Name This Song, Which Is The Only Song I Ever Heard From Her.

      • Truth Tea

        Azealia herself does NOT like this song, her label forced it on her. She’s more known for songs like the ones I mentioned, now those are amazing songs. If you’re judging her off of ATMJAM just know that it is actually her worst song. 1991 is her best song to date. Hands down.

      • Truth Tea

        Azealia is known and critically acclaimed for her 1991 EP.

  • Jeriel Mason

    I agree with her, you would’ve never knew he was on the song unless you’ve heard it. Why be apart of something and don’t help with it fully. Really could’ve helped her, shame on you pharrell

    • Truth Tea

      I know I agree. I don’t know why Interscope would force her to do this song ATM JAM, which she DID NOT want to do in the 1st place and than have Pharrel be apart of it but than he backs out at the last minute. Totally unprofessional. It makes no sense. Interscope & Pharrel are to blame. They forced her into this. Azealia is speaking out, she is telling the truth and once again, she is right.

    • Truth Tea

      Azealia is way too talented to be treated like that.

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  • churchpreach

    People are too hard on her for no reason. She didn’t do anything wrong, you can’t blame the woman for defending herself. Besides she’s got hella bars for days. I like her, alot.

  • AntLee06

    Ive heard a few Azealia Banks songs and none grabbed me.. And if this annoying ass Jenny is any indication of her fan base then I’ll definitely pass. FYI Jenny you’re doing more damage to Banks than you are helping her..

    • Truth Tea

      Hey what did I do?

    • Guest

      So if annoying means stalking Azealia’s fanbase all over this page like you are and being rude, than you are annoying. Why even be here if her songs don’t grab you? Typical hater.

    • FKA Babe

      I’m her fanbase too and? I’ve been listening to rap music all my life and azealia is the f*cking one. I mean she’s not just any rapper she is the ONE. You don’t like her? Than I don’t like you. Simple.

  • Truth Tea

    Compared to Nicki or anyone else, I’ll take my good Azealia music thank you. Please don’t insult her fanbase just because we are actually intelligent and have actual good taste in music. AntLee06 keep my name out of your mouth and listen to something that does grab you. FYI no damage done, unless you call telling the truth “damage”. Idiot.

  • Guest

    her tweets are classic lol. queen ♛