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Kendrick Lamar Names The Emcee Who He Sees As His Biggest Competition

(AllHipHop News) Despite all the recent attention placed on the perceived competition between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, K. Dot says he is less concerned about rappers outside his TDE family because the competitive nature inside the camp is what really keeps him on his toes, and Kendrick names one particular Black Hippy member he calls “a problem.”

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“[Jay] Rock always been big brother, Rock always had that ‘urrgh.’ So when we got on the mic with Rock, you already know what time it is,” Kendrick told MTV News. “You gotta do what you gotta do, because he’s gonna smash it, and I’m glad that the world is finally recognizing it because he is a problem for sure.”

While Kendrick has become the breakout star from Black Hippy, Jay Rock was the first TDE artist to build a national buzz thanks to his 2008 single “All My Life (In the Ghetto)” featuring Lil Wayne and will.i.am. The song was included on Rock’s Follow Me Home album which was TDE’s first official LP released in stores.

“We look at [Rock] as the n***a that started it up, that gave us our starter kick, introduced us to the game,” adds fellow Black Hippy member Schoolboy Q. “We didn’t go on the road until we went with him.”

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Watch Kendrick and Schoolboy speak on Jay Rock in the video below.

  • johnblacksad

    You ain’t gotta like him cause the hood gon love it… Jay rocks!

  • Jayson C Williams

    I fux with rock hard body

  • 7yoyo7

    “Just Like me” is a fcuking good conscious track!
    “Black Friday” is a fcuking good mixtape!
    “Follow Me Home” is a fcuking good album!

    But people only started to give him praises after his verses on “Money Trees” & “Black Lip Bastard Remix” (which were dope too).

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  • Mr.CPT

    IF you from Cali, you would know that Jay Rock is the hardest M.C. Next to KDOT. Niggas don’t sleep on Jay ROck.

    • That doesn’t say much for Cali.


      • andone

        ouch fam… lol

        but homie got his talk twisted, everybody who’s a hip hop head on this side knows evidence is the hardest/illest M.C out LA… and that goes without saying(no pun intended)!

      • I was about to say, there has to be 100 MC’s in Cali better than them KDOT, Jay Rock & TDE.

        I think KDOT should have bought KDAY though, that would have been a power move for the youngster, IMHO.

      • andone

        agreed on both points but in reference to the latter, kendrick’s $$$ is not long enough for that and even then its easier said than done.

      • On the latter, I know, but he could get investors based on hid buzz. IMHO, Dre should have used that 70mill there instead of that college that would have turned his kid away if he wasn’t Dre’.

        KDOT saves KDAY would have been the biggest win.

      • andone

        while I see wat ur gettin @ its still wishful thinking, thing is politics and finances dont always align… I cant lie it would be 1up, like u said they have the opportunity… now the only question left is if they have the desire and will tho… on paper it might not be in their best interests and IMHO thats how it seems… IJS

      • Yeah, a Bugatti and leather jogging pants are more up their alley, but Dayum, that would have been a Big Up for the entire community, not just the Wst Coast.

        Surprised Jay Z or Dre didn’t eye it up, I mean, that’s taking control, and I guess that’s why it’s so far out of the question.

        ‘Chet moves from flossing / hood rich, to Hip Hop empowerment.

      • Mr.CPT

        ONce again you been smoking on some of that bad shit.

      • Mr.CPT

        what Dope you smoking on?

      • I like KDOT, but only lames think he’s the best off 1 album.
        The sign of a true gr8 is each album being better than the one before it.

        Ready to Die, GRODT, Mob Deep’s Infamous, 36 Chambers, Doggystyle, etc., perfect examples of 1st album being the best.

      • Mr.CPT

        SMH my head, Man We are talking about today’s rappers/MCs KDOT is that guy. What are you a DRAKE fan?

      • LOL~N

        No Drake fan, KDOT is on top right now, but that has more to do with the lack of talent today, than his talent.

        Still, KDOT > Drake

      • Mr.CPT

        now you making sense

      • That wasn’t a compliment.

        Drake is on top right now too.
        Are either of them the best?


        They are very good though, and have the backing of the industry, which makes a huge difference.

        No $hots at KDOT, Drake or Nicki, at the end of the day, they are turning their mineral into currency.

      • Mr.CPT

        now you back to smoking dope!!!! DRAKE is on top off what? making female songs. but not being the best MC right now.

      • Yeah, making femal $ong$, he’s far from the best MC, just like KDOT.

        Niether = Best MC
        Both = Top Of Game

        The two have nothing in common.

        Best / Top of Game

      • Mr.CPT

        you sound stupid!!!

      • pauleyPee

        I’m a Drake fan… But that’s because I listen to rap. I don’t judge first, I listen first. So look, If an artist comes correct, he get’s play through my BX5’s. K-Dot is dope. But him and Drake aren’t in the same lane. K-Dot is more of skilled lyricist in terms of pure rap style than Drake, but in terms of records? Ain’t nobody putting together records like Drake has been doing for the better part of 5 years now. Yeah I said it. And my rolodex of artists is thick so don’t even try to question my taste.

        Further, I’m a good dude that fu**s with the ladies. Pepe Le Pauley, if you will. And in his latest album, Drake touches on all the said and unsaid aspects of being that kind of dude. He also speaks from the perspective of an otherwise peaceful brotha in touch with the reality of his life. I and a lot of brothas/people relate to that. Look, my first reflex isn’t to bust a nigga’s head wide open in a disagreement (I’m 6’2 300 lbs, I bench 400 lbs with no spot, I served in the military, and I’m the 6th of 6 brothas – don’t question my capacity to be violent). So that he could lyrically get that close to what I’m thinking – in terms of the vulnerable ponderings I don’t divulge to my male counterparts? That’s a nigga taking chances and being real.

        Lastly, you ain’t the best if your sales AND lyrical ability don’t match. When Jay-Z was saying it? He wasn’t also killin’ the lyrical battle, he was selling more records… Same for Eminem, 2Pac Shakur, Lil Wayne when he was at the pinnacle, so forth and so on. Until K-Dot begins to outsell Drake? It ain’t even a conversation outside of the lyrical debate. Good luck with that.

    • pauleyPee

      You should have said that if you’re from “Southern California”, because I don’t agree and I’m from Northern California. Look, Jay-Rock is “aiiight”. He seems like he walks the talk but I’m not impressed by his style, at all. He’s not nearly the best. The best just ain’t releasing so many albums anymore.

  • johnblacksad

    but I’m tired of this who’s the best talk especially when cats been in the for only a month (ok ok, don’t come at me like I aint never heard Overly Dedicated, Section 80 and all the early mixtapes…)

    Just drop hot verses on the wax and let the fans be the judge… Kendrick is really taking that West Coast crown from Dre, Snoop and Game too serious now…

    You are hip hop’s great hope… not already the best rapper alive type of MC

  • SwerveBitch

    One average album and about 3 hot verses and this nigga talking like he Tupac or something ill take Nipsey over all them niggas any day

  • ImaFoolBoy

    this dude is waaaayyy overrated

  • He is dope tho , no lie


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  • Jah Jah

    boring artist

  • Pirate7x

    Ab-Soul is the the best emcee in TDE.

    Check the track ‘Nibiru’. Probably to challenging for y’all drizzy-listening fools…

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