Trinidad James Responds To Controversy Over His “South Runs NY” Comments

(AllHipHop News) Trinidad James believes two things are true: New York does not support New York and that he’ll always be the rapper with messed up teeth who can’t rap. A day after saying New York fell off musically, Trinidad James takes to his personal Twitter account to explain his statements.

The Atlanta rapper reiterated that what he was saying was truth and not disrespect, however he did blame New York radio for the downfall of New York’s place in Hip Hop:

Then he stated the New York fall off is so drastic that media members are becoming more famous than the rapper, supposedly referring to Elliot Wilson of RapRadar:

Trinidad James then also named legends of New York City rap, including The Lox, Fabolous, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Kay Slay and others as already solidifying their legacy so his comments were not directed at them.

  • Quintin Williams

    First Kendrick and now T, James…WTF.

    • ZUBU

      IMO, Kendrick and T. James they doing they thing but they like lil niggggas, so they not talking to the Vets in NYC so no need for the Vets to respond. I’m not really sure who the lil BG’s are in NYC rap game, personally I don’t listen to much of the new shiiit IJS. Back in the day NYC brothas would have been storming the stage, the radio station, etc. I guess these new dudes let people walk all up in they house talking loud, and shiiitt. SMH….. I guess

  • $18592567

    Trinidad is tellin’ the truth.

  • Suava

    James kept that shit hot doe ! He is 100% correct but I don’t he was the right 1 to speak out it should have been jada or fab

  • I hate to say it,but he’s right.

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  • Suava

    And don’t compare what he said to what Kendrick said …..james putting on for NY in a way and that nigga Kendrick disrespected it !

    • Dubz

      How did he disrespect NY? By spitting a metaphor?

      • regal84

        A recycled metaphor at that…Kurupt’s line from like 3 years ago..

  • Dadon850

    I wish he had the skill to back up those statements. The south don’t need a bufoonery rapper articulating this kind of sh!t. I wish somebody like Luda or Andre 3000 would have said this cause they are respected. Trinidad James is and will always be a shucking and jiving bufoon.

    • RapItUp

      I mean, at the end of the day, if you read the truth carved into a bench at the bus stop, or in a book at a local library, the truth is the truth.. and NY rap is my favorite rap.. but.. ‘it is what it is’

      • Arrie Mental Woodard


  • Charter

    What’s there to be mad about? NY DOESN’T support NY. It’s the truth.

  • Jayson C Williams

    He’s right.. But keeping it real can go terribly wrong.

  • Jayson C Williams

    And I’m from the heart of the city! He’s absolutely right..

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    It starts with radio. When NY radio stations don’t play their artists for whatever reason then they get no shine. How are we supposed to know if any artists from the area has a new single when it gets no radio support, but you hear a Ca$h Money/Young Money song every five minutes?

  • 2012Industry1

    Wow…..NY is in bad shape when Trinidad James can come with some truth they can’t defend!!! Never thought i’d see the day! 50 Cent is spinning in his grave!

    • soyhiphop

      50 would have to be dead to spin in his grave smh

      • regal84

        you obviously didnt get it…

  • Quintin Williams

    Artist are taking shots at NY and I dont’ think it’s necessary. Soon someone will get hurt and we will have a EAST COAST, WEST COAST, DOWN SOUTH BEEF. New York stand up and show everyone we still got it. I didn’t like Kendrick’s shot at NY and I think Fabolous should have fired a shot back at him

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      NOPE, maybe early DJ Clue Fabulous before the Loso character but not the new rapper Fabulous. we would need the Paul Cain, Stack Bundles, Joe Budden era Fab for that.

    • David Gonz

      yea ny stand up. OK SIT BACK DOWN NOW.

  • David Gonz


    • soyhiphop

      are u retarded lol so dmx big pun mobb deep biggie and them made no impact on hip hop lol

      • David Gonz


      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Which Biggie album was full of filler? How does DMX sound anything like Pac? Pun was better than any West Coast rapper when he was alive. The “King of the West” right now has only put out 1 album. U trippin.

      • David Gonz

        the double album. they HAD to put out a double album cuz pac had just put ou tTHE FIRST DOUBLEW ALBUM IN RAP. therefore they filled it with bullshit tracks gee . dmx took pacs whole image and stage presence bro he would have no lane if pac was around. the game isnt about albums anymore gee. and nobodys claiming kendrick a legend like they do biggie. biggie. jay. nas. dmx, ja rule …THEY ALL EXIST IN PACS SHADOW. THE ONLY ONE TO MAKE IT OUT WAS 50! THATS REAL SHIT

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        C’mon homie everybody gotta right 2 their opinion so no diss 2 u but can u honestly tell me Life After Death was all fillers that album STILL bangs. And outta all them NY rappers u named u put 50 above them ALL? SMDH maybe above Ja that’s it. Oh and I’m pretty sure Wu Tang put out their double album Wu Tang Forever b4 Pac can’t remember 4 sure but I think so so he ain’t the 1st.

      • David Gonz

        50 is more realer than all of them and never ran from beef like all of themn. jay and dmx couldnt even com e out till pac was gone my ninja.

      • David Gonz

        im not a 50 fan at all. ny rap is terrible. for the mostpart. but hes more real than nas my gee.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        U talkin about bein real but music wise 50 ain’t f*ckin wit them other guys u mentioned like I said except 4 Ja & he had 2 bite his style since u wanna talk about bitin. And 50 ain’t as real as the general public thinks he carefully picks & chooses his beefs.

      • David Gonz

        at least he beefs. bro. dmx beefin with pac after he dead lol. jay z and nas creating beef for publicity. lame shit gee. biggie just eating beef. i aint feelin it

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        “Biggie just eatin beef. I ain’t feelin it.” LMAO funny sh*t!

  • Feel Junior Music

    hurts, he didn’t have to disrespect NYC in NYC. However, the southern
    sound has taken over hip hop. Basketball was created by England &
    now USA is running that shit. It is what it is. Time for New york to
    fight back for the tittle. New york radio don’t support New york artist no more. Wass up with that

    • Celz

      Basketball was created in the U.S. fam..

      • dhari

        In the U.S. by a Canadian…

      • Celz

        That’s what I said my G.. He was a Canadian working at a U.S. college and he got input from other staff there..

  • Most likely everyone misses the NY era, they’re taking shots at NY to try and awake the sleeping giant….whoever that is

    • I hope whoever it is wakes up soon, I’m a Midwest cat myself but ain’t nothin fukkin with that authentic NY sound.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Well you got sell out program directors like Ebro at flop 97 who won’t play NY music!

    • Carlos

      I doubt its Ebro, all these stations are owned by the same ppl, who own the record played. Here in Boston, you have hot 96.9 and 94.5. When that holy grail record comes on, every time I change to the other station and it is getting played there too. I have witnessed this more thatn just a few times to know both stations are run by same ppl.

      • They’re called Clear Channel and Radio One…if it’s a commercial radio station, one of those two companies are callin the shots. Just like Viacom calls the shots at MTV, BET AND VH1 now.

      • ZUBU

        Word bro Clear Channel and Radio One running shhitttt nationwide just like Viacom. I had an audition for some voice-over work at a Clear Channel station out here in Denver a few years ago like a light R&B Pop station. I met one of the Clear Channels VP’s at a upscale party, dude thought I had a nice radio voice. I go in this super security tight building. I do my voice-over script, the producer/program director I was working with kept telling me to relax and speak normal hmm… I finally figured out they wanted me to sound dumb and speak hood. Not to boast but I’m a proud Black, educated, intelligent brotha; I didn’t sound hood enough lol. Needless to say I didn’t get the lil’ gig. Now bro we all can be hood when we need to be but I’m not performing, dumbing down myself for Mr. Charlie!

      • Yeah man that’s exactly how they do, it’s a specific image they aim to portray of us that makes us look as inferior as possible. That’s exactly what I was gettin at on the Kanye thread the other day, ain’t shit chaned from the minstrel show days. Shit’s just more advanced now and niggas are able to get a lil more bread for their shuckin and jivin, that’s the only difference. Hell I already knew where you were goin with the story the second I read that dude said “relax and speak normal”, as well as knew what your reaction was…LOL I know you’re in that class of cats on here who ain’t goin for the okey doke under any circumstances, we’re few but proud.

      • ZUBU

        Word bro, I know you the same along with EDOG, DJ-7, Matt Swan, and certainly other brothas who are not going for that kind of shit. Like you say straight minstrel show shittt… smh…..

  • Smoke Hogan

    He’s right! Flatbush ZOMBIES, Troy Ave, Worlds Fair, or any other Hip Hop artist that doesn’t dumb down there music rarely ever get any play on Hot97 or 105.1. They made him a star though even without talent

  • Keem

    I hear ya T. James but why that platform and do you really care is my question

  • Celz

    It’s always the hardest to make it in NY and LA because those are the two headquarters for the industry. When a rapper gets on they move to NY or LA. So niccas comin up have to compete against the local and national talent. It’s real shyt though..

    Niccas think Kendrick got bars Ahmad (google him) will still prolly knock homies head off.. In the streets emceein has been over gangsta rap since the 90s the industry just knows gangsta sells more so they keep that in the limelight. Same thing in NY, the industry is going to do what makes $$.

  • Obi Won

    Yup, T James told the truth. But is it going to change anything, NOPE!!

  • Carlos

    cant get mad at him for saying it, I do think he shouldnt have said in N.Y. but it just proves his point even more. WTF happened to NY, why nobody pull this dude from stage when saying that. Not that he is wrong for saying it, Papoose been sayin this for awhile.

    • Super-Khalifah

      True! There was a time when you BETTER NOT say something bad about NY while you were IN NY. Now it’s gotten so soft that nobody cares about saying something that may be offensive to NY in NY. I guess all the damn skinny jeans have squeezed out all of the heart in the younger generation.

  • Super-Khalifah

    I cant say that he is not telling the truth. He actually made some valid points. I’ve BEEN waiting for a new NYC rapper that I actually like to make some noise. Everybody from NY is sounding like they are from somewhere else other than NY. It’s a damn shame! I’m about to come out of retirement….and I’m too old for this sh*t lol.

  • MrNoName2K

    He was telling the truth.. but i know I know niggas are out there waiting with “diss freestyles/tracks”” on reserve.. its only a matter of time before someone acts before looking at the logistics of his comment..que em up

  • to me it dont matter when what when where just get money its enough for all of us. This is the slave syndrome crab in a barrel dude just got hot last year now he has a opinion really

  • brotha_man

    he gotta a point I can no longer tell who is from NY and who is from ATL or texas. NY style is being held down by the old timers: WU, Nas, MOP, AZ and a few others

    • Immortal

      Fat Joe said it years ago about switchin up the style and taking it down south. No one really listened, but he was right. Would Nikki be as popular had she stayed true to the NY style rather than with Khaled and Co down south? For once he came out with something that isn’t as dumb as his first single, and is worthy of discussion. Good on ya James.

      • andone

        dont be S.A.F.E or front on T.james, more ppl need to catch up!

      • Immortal

        I’m not going to sit here and say the man’s stupid, because he brought out a point that no one really wanted to talk about. And I’ll give him credit; he freely admits where his lane is in rap.

      • andone

        i can respect that.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        remember Nikki never went south, she went pop which is global.. your comment should be directed at ASAP not nikki.

      • brotha_man

        I think in the case of Fat Joe he should have keep his old style he would have stayed relevent longer *see wu tang* cuz Fat joe was a beast when he was with D.I.T.C, his south flow is weak. the money was good for him in the begining but after the taxes he will have a hard time recovering. Sean Price, Wu tang, Nas, jean grae and AZ stayed true and although they dont get that Jay-z feat Justin Timberlake money. they stayed true to their art and are cashing in consistently, because they have cult followings. if fat joe was still don cartegena he would be on a higher level…..and to add to that he had a dope roster….including cuban link

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Real sh*t Fat Joe’s best album in recent years was tha Darkside vol. 1 cuz he went back 2 that street hip hop not the commercial hits. His early work was hard & real NY hip hop especially wit D.I.TC. and my favorite NY artists til this day r the 1’s who kept it tru 2 their roots like the artists u mentioned Nas, Wu, Sean Price, etc.

  • Lboogie

    He didn’t disrespect NYC he was actually telling the truth. He was saying NY rappers should get more props. The radio stations and/or media aren’t supporting NY rappers/hip hop like they should. The west coast artists have been saying the same thing about themselves and local radio for about 10 years or more now (with the exception of the Bay Area – their radio supports them). The South is hot right now and L.A. and NY radio/mainstream are on the South’s d*ck — at the expense of local artists! I ain’t hating on the South though — get your money! It’s all about the money in the music industry!

  • soyhiphop

    he told the truth alot of these new corny nyc rappers( asap rocky french montanna asap ferg niki minaj) all sound dumbed down and country but hes not the one to speak untill he gets another hit wonder

  • soyhiphop

    im originally from the bronx the mecca of all this..ny runs every thing this a fact nyc number 1 media outlet in north america hot 97 #1 hip hop radio station in america thats why u know all their djs who appeaed on mtv bet ect only change is hot 97 is run by a fagg0t named ebro whos not from here and ruined the station..ny rule all u n!ggaz every single rapper that blew up mainstream in the u.s did it thru hot 97 and to a lesser way power106 l.a.

  • dfwricwil

    I think the game got changed due to that the southern artist came up with their own record companies and pushed their own records out the trunks just like the Bay area did. Once those Executives seen all the money they were making it was a wrap. All they had to do was pay the stations to play their shitt over and over and over and brainwash mofo’s.
    Hell I remember when your music only got played if it was requested “rock it or drop it”.
    I’m from the south and those fools get no play in my ride…….

    • Fredrick”The Truth” Douglass

      This is true…

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  • coach jenkins

    what Ny rappers does NY support tho excluding 80’s and 90’s rappers?

    no hate, just asking?

  • killa

    Why does trinindad james care he aint from NY who is he to have an opinion on that nigga be geeked off dat molly shit got dis nigga thinkin he real who gives a rats ass bout New York even tho the south run shit right now NY been eatin for a min its the Mecca all dem niggaz from dea with stupid bread Jay, diddy, 50, dame (at one point) LL cool J, DMX, 50 count as two niggaz he dropped two albums and made more than Peyton manning did in his whole career like c’mon woaldy stfu dem niggaz is eatin look at the south Gucci mane jeezy future all dem check the score board they winnin but they not makin as much $$$ as them Ny niggaz did when records was sellin not even close. if u aint Wayne, Drake, Nicki, kanye, Wiz, T.I, you aint getting dat mega artist paper not even Ross in that lane jeezy make the same as him off hooks, ft, and adlibs, shows, but Ross is more mainstream thats crazy Y is that cuz records aint sellin. If i was frm Ny tryin to rap ignore this nigga u can still eat without Ny support its a whole world out hea niggaz frm da burg dnt support wiz and look at him he filthy right now he aint from the south. But Tj in a way has a point still stfu!!!!!!juicy j voice!!!

  • killa

    The reason y AsAp Rock, and Ferg aint Ny cuz they cnt dress not cuz they got gold teeth niggaz frm ny been doin dat how you from Harlem and you dress like that smh. Max-b was the last upcoming nigga from up there that kept it Ny was entertaining and had some smooth tunes shit my country boys even liked his shit but he locked. Ny fucked up turnin dey back on 50 niggaz respect him dwn here too they just say he fell off musically thats because he kept it real if u a bitch or he dnt like u he gon pop shit thats life errbody do that but niggaz up there took it to heart cuz he was makin all that $ in ion blame em bra fif used to talk big shit and back it up but still he aint wnt nobody frm ny to eat but his team. lol smh…..DIPSET was fire but lets be real Kanye made them niggaz maybe not juelz but CAM N WITOUT CAM THERE IS NO DIPSET plus them niggaz is Lazy look at juelz whats his excuse…………………………He was hot in 05 now look cuz he aint have a true passion like these southern artist due thats the difference. ANd stfu bout dipset they had two artist thats it Jones was garbage, hell rell was too ugly, jr writer just didnt pop ion kno why .. and Stack Bundles wasn’t apart of dipset and he got killt (stack was nice too) south man they just work harder aint got shit to do wit nun of that bullshit niggaz talkin n Honestly who cares if I was frm Ny i wouldnt wanna be apart of this era errthang is trunk n trap music CHIEF KEEF come on fuk this era. let LL drop some more smooth love songs, 50 drop mo of his own fire, jay do his lil bullshit, nas bless us wit somethin new err now n again and memories of B.I.G all niggaz need frm dat area# REAL TALK

  • killa

    but niggaz is right cuz French Montana is trash!!!!!!!!!!! I like shabba ranks but Asap dem niggaz to weird for me i like Maino but he cant rap but much respect to maino for sayin something the LOX is still hot dem niggaz Mixtapes be fire and their collabo’s NY showed them love just the rest of the world really didn’t who cares niggaz is still eatin errwhere Maino has a problem cuz niggaz shittin on his city and nobody cares that is a problem i mean thats just animosity towards yall for runnin shit for so long which is crazy to me cuz artist up there always showed artist from the south love and in a way helped paved the way for their mainstream success but animosity im tellin u come to the south niggaz hate NEW YORK NIGGAZ but dnt take it personal every dawg has his day look at outkast, ludacris, bun- b, trick daddy 3 6 mafia jemaine dupri, 8 ball mjg Master p mystikal these niggaz made the SOUTH paved the way for dem held down that sound for the 1990’s n early 2000’s aint nobody showin dem love no more its just the game my niggaz shit changes dnt get yo panties wet over it get out hea n make a change start grinding really innovate sum shit at the end of the day WE JUST WNT GOOD MUSIC. not big sean pusha t n dem niggaz GOOD MUSIC LOL HA

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    Oh Maino is so gangster bro! TJames must be so scared. lol foh Maino is whack.

  • im a southern nigga,i like ny,that nigga sean price,his last album “mic tyson” was the shit,and prodigy came out with that albert einstein,that was dope,a lot of underrated shit in the east…people say ny don’t support ny which is true but the south should also support east coast pretty sure if these cats from the east was being properly promoted down south (like they did back in the day) good things would happen for them,the south is not small there’s plenty of room.


    he wack and cant rap and im glad that he acknowledged it… thats all i got from this article MMMMKAY

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    can’t be mad at Trinidad for his statement because he got more shine on NY radio then many local acts during the summer. this started in the late 90s with record execs not signing new talent unless the sounded like the newest / hottest artist out at the time and DJs accepting payola. now NY DJs play whats main stream every where else. before the west coast gangster era hip hop had variety with many artist and styles to choose from.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Yep, its the truth. Can’t even front on that. South is running everything.

  • RichFromBX

    NY cats aren’t getting that push because NY won’t shuck n’ jive for the record labels like these cats will…look at this dude’s whole sh!t, he sets the movement back 50yrs. I can’t be happier that NY cats aren’t getting down with this weak sh!t that’s out now…as far as I’m concerned A$AP sold out to this garbage so you can have him.

    NY hip-hip is lot like the NY Yankees – they ain’t going to win every championship but when it’s all said and done they have the most championships and when they hot there’s no beating them

    • Elayorx El

      Real talk, Rich! NY is the Mother of this, and if one is able to talk about NY in a constant negative light, not saying James per say, but in general, it’s equal to dissin your own Moms. Common Sense has an all-time song called, “I used to love H.E.R.”, where he explains like no other what happened to Hip-Hop after it left NY. Hip-Hop for a long time has needed categories, like “alternative” this, or “classic” that, because continuing to have this all under the same umbrella is further disjointing the culture. It’s almost as if Hip-Hop was disguised as Pandora’s Box……..

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