Trinidad James Says The South Runs New York

(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Trinidad James recently took a blatant shot at the birthplace of Hip Hop. After first showing love to NYC rap and the legacy of the Dipset crew, James told the crowd at a recent concert that his region is running New York right now.

“I remember when New York ran this sh*t. When Dipset was f*cking turnt the f*ck up,” said Trinidad at his Converse Rubber Tracks performance. “What the f*ck happened? I remember when New York rap was the sh*t, and us in the south, us bamas, we was like ‘what the f*ck?’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all, that’s crazy.”

Trinidad then tells the audience, “I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you wanna do something we can do something cause I don’t give a f*ck. I’m just being honest with you… Now every n***a popping out of New York you might as well tell he from Atlanta.”

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Watch the video of Trinidad below.

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78 Responses to “Trinidad James Says The South Runs New York”

  1. cyrus langhorne

    Atlanta —> gay people, Shitty rappers,NeNe leakes, is all y’all known for y’all ain’t running shiiiiiittt lol

  2. Dee

    He’s telling the truth. But NYC Hip Hop has shitted on EVERY side as a whole over the last 20 years….u had to know that they weren’t gonna run the game forever. NYC is very small versus the rest of the country…

  3. ILL Will

    Im from the midwest and we f***s with all coasts music…but this nigga here man…I aint heard nutn but all gold and that song with augusta alsina…and ey verse to this date has been simply terrible. He kinda got a point about NY falling of a lil but he aint done ish musically..I aint buying a trinidad nothing..hell bruh make u not even wanna travel to Trinidad.

  4. LUNGS

    Atlanta Hasn’t produced a Decent artist in awhile. He’s proof of that. Now correct me if I’m wrong, But The Biggest artist right now aren’t from the A. Drake ( Toronto) Rick ross ( Miami) Jay-z ( Brooklyn ny) Kanye west ( Chicago) Eminem, Big Sean ( Detroit) Kendrick ( Compton calif) Who in atlanta Popping? Outkast ain’t dropped in a decade , T.I. hasn’t had a Big selling album in a while, Ludacris been trying to put out a album for damn near 2 years. I guess you count 2 chainz, but this album isn’t exactly Jumping out the stores

    • PBM1986

      Atlanta, nah… He aint talkin bout Atlanta… He talkin bout the south as a whole… And honestly, we are runnin shit right now… Atlanta makes trap music… The biggest artists may not be comming out of Atlanta but they still end up million dollar niggas… Future, Rich Homie Quan, Rocko, Cash Out etc… They arent on top but in the street they poppin… And the tour money is real good…

    • Obi Won

      Your right on a main stream level. The most mainstream dude I listen to is Kendrick, and he just got there. Me personally I cant listen to that watered down ish. Like dude said below, Trinidad James is right where its a lot of one hit artist making noise. Future, RHQ, Rocko, Gucci is a underground king. Even the NY dudes that’s on sound like they from the south. Asap Rocky & French Montana, people still don’t know they’re NY. To this day is STILL wonder how that dumb ass song Versace Versace got heavy radio play. I blame the radio stations

    • Negro Peligro

      Man I was going to say that. TI I think is the last Platinum artist. I don’t even think Gucci or 2 Chainz went platinum. Jeezy hasn’t gone in a long time.

  5. johnblacksad

    “I remember when NY ran this shit… ” then he goes on to talk about Dipset… smh

    sheeeit… I remember when ATCQ, Wu-tang, BCC, Nas, Big, Jay, DMX, Mobb Deep, Noreaga ran that sh!t

  6. yomamma

    it’s not 100% true, but he ain’t lying either. look at these new rappers from New York and their “hit songs” a lot of them do sound like the shit from the south

  7. MrNoName2K

    When you look at the scene right now and the way the games been movin, he got a point. South is everywhere nowadays buuuuuuuuuut you know you got them confrontational ass niggas on the sidelines ready to pop off just because he said New York in a sentence..

  8. $18592567

    Don’t get mad because this nigga keepin’ it real. NY niggas don’t show no love to nobody from Ny… That’s 10000000000000% true…

  9. Opposite Of Everyone

    not all rap music is part of hip hop!

    A central tenet of actual hip hop is the acquisition of skills. This is not something rap music is concerned with – hence the existence and success of Trinidad James

    • iamwhoiam

      Freed slave music??? That has to be the most ignorant shit in this comment section by far! Smh…there are plenty of DOPE rappers in the south but, just likeNY They get slept on. True theres some straight bullshit comin out the south also but, just like NY theres some straight bullshit comin out. TJ is garbage himself but he makes a valid point….even the most popular rapper comin out the east coast is comin with that southern sound and style. Iguess NY is free now too. Hip hop as a whole is busted, that shit can’t all fall on the south though.

      • UdonNo

        the kids today dont wanna think to hard–just twerk and drink…south music like TJ fits that lifestyle perfectly. Once lil Jon started making beats for the strip clubs it was a wrap. south started that. south has the most strip clubs in america even more than vegas. so the mentality is there. NY people are a lil more critical.. critical people are a small market, so no need to target them. you can make more money targeting the non-thinkers like most of the south and america.


    trinidad james is a 1 hit wonder.. he don’t have no right disrespecting the birthplace of hip hop.. u can blame puff, 50, and jay z for blackballin everybody.. nuff said

    • iamwhoiam

      It ain’t disrespect if it’s true and I agree bout the black balling. NY hates on NY. I miss that really real shit. It’ll get back home to NY but I think Cali’s makin that come back first.

  11. dannyboy

    He can only say it because no one respects NY anymore. Lil Wanye gave NY the finger and nobody went at him. Trinidad would never say that about West Coast hip hop in LA though

  12. killa

    i agree wit whoever The A aint came out wit no new artist thats hot either Scooter, Future all dem niggaz local niggaz dnt really like them llike dat they just got club music or a song o two niggaz fuk wit other then that pass, even when jeezy an gucci come to NC or FLA niggaz done seen them so much its like soo what… now i will say 2 chainz club promoters like bookin him cuz he cool and ppl actually show up for his shows Im tellin ya da rest of these niggaz frm the A aint nothin special when they hit the town so they betta not let they heads get too big

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