Drake Explains Reluctance To Shoot “Worst Behavior” Video In Memphis

(AllHipHop News) Drake has always made it clear that he rides for his hometown of Toronto, but the Young Money rapper also has ties to Memphis. The Tennessee city is where the Nothing Was The Same creator spent time as a kid visiting his extended family, so he decided to shoot the video for the single “Worst Behavior” in his dad’s hometown.

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Drake spoke with Vibe recently about setting his visuals in The River City and reveals he had hesitations about returning to one of his early stopping grounds. It was his close family connections there that were actually a concern for him.

“If anybody knows anything about the South and how it is, it’s tough to go around people who could use your help and you can’t help everybody,” said Drake. “It’s like a guilt or a burden that comes over me, so I hadn’t gone to Memphis in a long time.”

The experience of filming the 10-minute video in Memphis with members of his family has encouraged Drake to return to the town in the future.

“Instead of running from it, I just embraced it and shot this incredible, beautiful video with my beautiful family and helped out as many people as I could while I was there,” said Drake. “Now I can’t wait to go back.”

Watch Drake’s  “Worst Behavior” below.

  • PhilTheGreat

    Now I see where Drake gets the arm swinging from.

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  • I understand not being able to help everybody but you should man the F*** up and tell somebody that you cant do it or you won’t do it plain and simple. Running from it makes you look like an immature, young disney a** punk b****. I believe people would respect you more for saying you aint got it, hell they can be mad and all but if they get mad f*** em anyway. I do my share of helping but won’t hesitate to let a mf know it aint all good. Swear that dude a lil girl man….Thats yall boy tho. Don’t get it twisted I like a few songs but he seem like a lil b**** to me.

    • Mos High

      You say that all you want but I could pretty much guarantee your not in his position. Travelling back to Jamaica every year to visit family that is down its tough. You can tell them till your purple in the face that you dont have it. They will still expect it. Its impossible to keep giving there is no end. I dont have near the wealth of Drake but I can certainly relate. But on the other hand I love going back to JA so damn.

  • killa

    he reluctant cuz he not really fm dea n he corny as shit.. ha talented artist but he might as well jus be pop or we inspirin alot of weird lame ass niggaz we wnt to school wit to rap some ryhmes and be the MAN…COMIN HOME TO WORST behavior smh r&b n rappin Future singin n shit n wearin skirts ha industry dudes dea gt scrilla doe

  • Celz

    He spit in the last verse the rest was cool with a cool hook.. The video was kinda boring and too long for the conetnt.. The skit was lame as fucc.. Listen to the skit on Fugees The Score lol shyt had me dyin when I was young..

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  • RIV

    I went to Memphis when I was like 13 years old. The city is poverty stricken…no doubt about it…I felt the stress when i was there for sure….

  • Shakeem Muhammed

    the video was poppin’, anyone know who that white dude is in the OVO outfit ???

    • kinglouiev

      his best friend

  • Lecrazy

    My friends and I had no idea he was filming in Memphis until we walked right through the video shoot. :O

  • Richard ingram

    i got luv for memphis thats my second city[ okc,ok 1st] …i luv it cuz it exspose weak ass folks who think they hood and that city sho u what hood really is …and them girls freaky