Eminem Says He Was “Too Lazy” To Finish Marshall Mathers LP 2

(AllHipHop News) Eminem waited three years to release the follow-up to 2010’s Recovery album. In today’s music market a break that long can be career suicide, but fortunately Em’s die-hard fan base stayed with him and helped the “Rap God” performer push his The Marshall Mathers LP 2 to the second biggest first week sales of the year.

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Speaking with France’s NRJ radio Em explained that part of the reason for the long gap between solo projects was simply due to his own laziness.

“It’s basically because I’m lazy that it took so long. Now that the album is done, I’m finally going to shower,” said Em.

While the Detroit emcee claims lethargy was to blame for his break, he also notes that he was actually pretty busy over the last few years focusing on his Shady Records roster.

“I did the Recovery album then I started working on some side projects for Shady Records,” said Slim. “I did some producing on a Yelawolf album and the Slaughterhouse album. I did a collaboration album with Royce tha ’59 called ‘Bad Meets Evil’. In the middle of all that I was recording for this album.”

Since Recovery dropped Shady Records released Bad Meet Evil’s Hell: The Sequel, Yelawolf’s Radioactive, and Slaughterhouse’s Welcome to: Our House. The label’s latest project, MMLP2, pushed 792,000 units in its opening week debuting at number one on the charts.

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Check out Eminem’s performing “Rap God” at the YouTube Music Awards below.

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  • Romia Blue

    I said 750K…so i was off by 42,000…oh well.

    • Peter Morris

      The 42,000 that you were off by… were your favorite rappers opening week numbers.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        damn! facts only

      • rmfaag

        I didn’t know you were a b2uty? What do you like about B2ST?

  • rmfag

    I persoanlly take full blame…….my head game will drive anyone to distraction.

    • brotha_man

      who let u back in the building

      • rmfaag

        LOL, youre so funny dad.

      • brotha_man

        ur daddy is Inmadopuroz

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        brotha_man – yeah, was hoping aids got him

  • WhiteBlack

    explains why the shit sucks, and why the singles are shit..

  • johnblacksad

    ok… so basically, he still on drugs

  • It’s a great thing to tell you’re fans that you are super rich and don’t give a shit about releaseing quality music anymore..These rappers are all the same they give us that hunger and passion, the minute they make some money then they get lazy and wack. O well don’t compain when these new rappers change the game and leave your old asses talking about “hip-hop is dead”.

    • rmfaag


    • TruthSerum

      You say that like his career is falling apart. I doubt Em is gonna start complaining about being left behind when he’s on course to outsell Kendrick Lamars year it took him to go platinum in 2 to 3 weeks lol. I mean, yeah the album is trash but lets get serious, each and every one of the Blog rap all stars who are “Changing the Game” (Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Action Bronson, Chance the rapper, etc etc) were falling all over themselves trying to fight for a position to opens Em’s next tour in europe lol dude is hardly on the verge of irrelevance he’s just not hot in the blog world.

    • Guest

      truth. but the thing is i dont think eminem is lazy with it. i think he cares its just hes got older and people know it and its just corny at this point. if he just spits he could reinvent himself. at this point being personal there is nothing to talk about n we heard it all. just rap.

  • Truth Powell

    His album is straight doo doo.
    He’s acting like producing a few tracks for Yela and Slaughterhouse takes years. smh.

    • brotha_man

      yela need to leave if he hasnt already

      • TruthSerum

        He’s not gonna leave, their gonna drop him for flopping lol

  • I read the terrible reviews and don’t wanna check it… he used to be sick.

    • TruthSerum

      I’m not defending the album but you should never let reviews make your mind up, especially in the era of free downloads and torrent sites, what would you have to lose aside from an hour of time?? If I were letting reviews tell me what to hear I’d have missed some great records in the 90’s. In all truth this album isn’t very good but you owe it to yourself to make your own decision not let some hipster behind a keyboard tell you whats good.

      • Yeah I know, but I wasn’t that interested in the first place considering his last few albums… and I’ve new Deltron in my headphones, so I’m happy just now… I’ll check it when the mainstream hype and marketing calms down, that sh*t always put me off when it everywhere you look.

  • brotha_man

    his album wack…but dont matter ppl still will pay for the name

    • acapwn

      That’s the first time I seen someone have that opinion over the new album. It ain’t wack to me but it ain’t the shit neither.

      • Celz

        That song Love Game was horrible.. Goodness Kendrick should have passed

      • grabo2003

        Whats your point?

      • Celz

        “his album wack…but dont matter ppl still will pay for the name” – The guy I was talking to

      • brotha_man

        for me, I think it is his voice. but manly his album didnt hold much substance….honestly after reading the article you can hear the laziness in his rhymes. for example lets take nas, who is my favorite MC next to Pac. if nas got/gets bored during the course of an album you really wouldnt know because of what he writes about and how he delivers his message, but Em doesnt really have a gospel to preach, there is only so many times you can kill ur mom and BM. I just didnt like the album, except for Rap God, which aint saying much…….

      • grabo2003

        Come on now. Everything that u hear in rap, in fact in music, has been rapped about before, so your comment is biased. When was the last time Nas had a memorable verse? U ddnt like the album so jus say so u dnt have to like every rap album that comes out, to each his own, 792,0000 people loved it in the first week out of what, 300m americans ,so its not just uwho ddnt.ike the album.

      • brotha_man

        people copped the album based on it being EM….nobody has a bigger cult following then EM. the album aint my cup of tea

  • killa

    ahh shit dis dude illuminati look at da pic …ahhahhhah!!!! yo em aint never gon stop sellin records he white n he raps he s the shit dis man got a movie frm 12 years ago shitin on niggaz in rap battles n he fuk wit dre brought u 50 and he illuminatti EM GOT IT!1!!!

    • TruthSerum

      The Illuminati would never have a guy like Em as a member. He’s not like Jay-Z who can put subtle hints in his work, If Em were a member of a secret society he’d run around bragging about it and blow their cover in front of the whole world. Dude cant even control himself enough to stop rapping about his dying mother lol Em aint keeping no secret that big.

      Of course, all this is based on the assumption that the illuminati even exists….. Which it doesnt.

      • Ryan

        eminem is part of them wtf you on dude. wake up he promoted pills he talks like the devil in songs. Listen to say goodbye to hollywood. ALSO look up D12 also known as devils 12 look shit up bro hes apart of them..they all are.

      • TruthSerum

        Making Dark music and being a member of the illuminati arent even close to being the same thing bruh. You people act as if its a crime to have a dark imagination, I guess Stephen King is a member too right?? Why not, he writes books about monsters and demons and what not…….. If people like you had their way every piece of entertainment would be rated G and based on Butterflies and rainbows. Your paranoia is unjustified, its human nature to be creative and sometimes those ideas are about the dark side of life. Some of your biggest stars in horror or Science Fiction are religious.

        But why Am I arguing with you anyway, you maniacs are the same ones who have convinced yourselves that the guy who wrote “Jesus Walks” is a devil worshipper. It’s like arguing with those Alcoholic bums who stand on the side of the road and scream to me about the end of the world and then ask me for a dollar a second later. You, and the things you actually believe, are far scarier then anything Eminem has ever written.

        Just believe what you want kiddo.

      • The illumanati or whatever doesn’t exist because people in power would never conspire to hold on to that power or pass it off to their peepz when they die.

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  • sesa

    The album lyrically is pretty good, but the samples are meh. Bad Meets Evil was a great album though

  • Guest

    to bad the album is just an average album for ems standards..it always bothers me that em just cant rap. he always has to say some shocking shit or try to do extra shit in every bar. just rap. and pick better beats those corney fuckin pop n country beats suck. i cant even listen 2 those songs.



  • 84stickupkid

    Throwin it right in our faces…who’s a white devil?

  • killa

    illuminatti or not its almost 2014 look at his album sales one thing he has never accomplish was bring you a female artist so thats somethin he could stride for but he probably dgaf bout rap music nothing i wouldnt if i made that much $$ fuk my fans real talk interscope throw me another 100 mill u see dem albums sales ahahhaah

  • Frank

    There’s mad comments. Longs ones too. lol

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