Trinidad James Calls Out Charlamagne The God & Peter Rosenberg On “L.I.A.A.R.S.”

Rosenberg tried me, I almost hit him in his sh*t/God said spare him, now we the best of friends/On Hot 97, trying to crank the f*cking sh*t/Ain’t no God for Charlamagne if he try me again

(AllHipHop News) Trinidad James is going all out and on his newest song “L.I.A.A.R.S.” he embraces his newfound rebel status. The song’s title is an acronym for “Lames is Always Acting Real….Sure” and is response to the influx of negative criticism 0ver his comments on the state of New York City rap at Converse’s CONS Holiday 2013 event in New York City.

After the song premiered, Peter Rosenberg took to his personal Twitter account to inform everyone that Mr. All Gold Everything willl be on Hot 97’s The Morning Show tomorrow.

Check out Trinidad James’ “L.I.A.A.R.S”:

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  • atle fjeldstad

    Trinidad James is my new favourite rapper! Real shit mayne!

  • richard_b_hard

    Charla lame gonna get his ass kicked Trinidad james ain’t no bitch nigga believe that shyt.

    • Celz

      He sure sold out like one.. Lookin like a a racist person drew a cartoon of an ignorant pimp.. Romey Rome is funny on Martin because he was minor and the main characters were positive (yet realistically flawed) depictions of black people. Romey Rome by himself (Trinidad James) is not funny it’s ignorant he’s basically a black person in black face..

      • richard_b_hard

        maybe so but he doing what he wanna do and making money regardless of what anyone thinks,half the niggas in the rap game are smart niggas who rap about ignorant self destructive shyt anyway so whats the big deal,it’s all entertainment.

      • Celz

        True statement..

    • Sinbk Legend

      he worrying about a radio interviewer, he better worry about that dude maino smacking all gold everything off his zzz

      • richard_b_hard

        maino is a bitch,only nigga he could smack up is lil cease

  • Dointer

    You know ( in reference to Maino) , a lot of people are saying “oh its only rap” , “why are these NY cats taking it so seriously”. People saying this are the same dudes that support guys like Trinidad that are turning Hip Hop/Rap into some fictional circus that that isnt being taken seriously. Hip hop is something that I and many others in the world take seriously, and when these entertainers (modern day rappers) say something , they expect it to all be forgotten and swept under the rug, when in reality it is part of the culture to express yourself as you are and NOT as the labels want you to.

    The reason I fell in love with hip hop was because I was blown away at the reality driven introspective narratives that the talented artists produced. Maino’s response should not be seen as some Brooklyn thug looking for attention, rather a person brought up around a legitimate Hip hop culture, who is simply defending the art form and its integrity.

    Respect to Trinidad and all his success, but its dude like that who are poisoning the roots of the culture.

    • Truth Powell

      download Don’t be S.A.F.E. and take a good listen from start to finish. It’s “reality driven introspective narrative art”
      If you’re only exposure to Trinidad is All Gold Everything and some pictures and shit talking on the internet you’re just buying into the hate driven hype. Don’t be ignorant and actually listen to his full body of work.

      • Celz

        His point went over your head.. Why should I do research to find decent music from a sell out nicca? Not gonna happen fam. No hate at all just real spit, if he will be a label puppet and shuck and jive for a few dollars his own personal music I’m sure I won’t miss..

      • PhilTheGreat

        The thing is, everything about him is how he was b4 the label. Lol: the outfits, the crazy character, the messed up teeth come from a childhood story in which he banged his head I believe, he doesn’t even remember anything before the age of 10. He said he use own a fashion boutique and that is why his style is so crazy like that. So at the end of the day he didn’t sell out. The label just bought into what he was doing????

      • Celz

        It’s sellin out regardless if he did it before or after. It’s buffoonery and collection of stereotypes. I’m not checkin for this dude when there are real artists I can listen too

      • Celz

        Andre 3000 and Asap Rocky go wild with the fashion too, but it’s WAAAAYYYY different.. Trinidad is trying his best too look like a stereotypical pimp

      • Truth Powell

        real spit? who sold out???

      • Celz

        The nicca who personifies stereotypes for money. He ain’t no fuccin Pimp C or Scarface. He ain’t keepin it real he extra’d out an real recognize real..

      • Truth Powell

        How can you judge when you’ve never heard his work?

        you’re talking in catchphrases and not even making no real sense. Do you even know what a sellout is?

        When Fat Joe went from “Flow Joe” and “Success” to “Whats Luv” and “Make it Rain”. that’s a sellout. James is not a sellout, he’s just doing him.

      • Celz

        So Rick Ross and Miley Cyrus are keepin it real.. Got it.. Lmao..

      • Truth Powell

        Rick Ross and Miley got nothing to do with this…?

      • Celz

        I’m not judgin his work.. I’m judging his persona that he uses as a platform to promote his music. Why would I search for good old music from someone who makes bad new music under a bad persona? I’m not knockin his hustle drive work ethic or previous work.. But I’m knockin the hell out of his shuckin and jivin ass look FOH wit that shyt..

      • Truth Powell

        So you judging him on his fashion sense. Which if you knew anything about clothes and style you would peep it for what it is. You need to up your culture. Its becoming clear you’re not exposed to a lot.

      • Celz

        I think you can stand to use some of that advice

      • Dointer

        I will give it a listen, and what I also forgot to add was the talent to produce lyricism/ flow etc. Which unfortunately is slowly disappearing also.

      • Truth Powell

        Of course. Trinidad James strength is not his lyricism.

        But then you got super lyricists like Papoose and people who claim theyre about lyrics shit on him too. Everything is ass backwards nowadays.

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  • Ray

    Hold up, that was a ill ass line right there. Just from his singles he is garbage but he might be able to rhyme after all, I was sleeping.

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      So you’re gonna applaud an idiot just because he managed to form a complete sentence?

      • Sinbk Legend


  • Ray

    I take it back, jsut listened to the song, it sounds like corny like the rest of his music.

    • annalisedyy264

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  • Its nature, no conversation. Fight, no cameras, just me & U. Tupac said it, (Against all odds) “U lie U die” (Broken wings) “They conversate, but death row for the demonstrators”. All we got is time. When everybody doing other things. Trinidad James, HANDLE that.

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  • killa

    this nigga is so corny hah he goin in on charlamagne dis nigga like 5 ‘2 ha haha Trinidad is a clown he got him some scrilla off watever deal he got wat Def jam clown asses sign anybody he buns had one hot song a remix u finished how u tryin beef wit da biggest city in the country bra ion care wea u at niggaz will beat da shit outta u molly dnt help yo hands u gne get pieced up wen u got fetti n can chill n make music???

    • DJ7

      Corny is getting on the internet and typing like a 3rd grader B…word the f up…your point is well taken b.u.t. you lose mad credibility trying to “appear” down…that’s an automatic no go and a big o_0…do better if you want to be taken serious

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  • ”’DaBrooklynSnuffer”’

    The truth is, TJ is just anotha nigga in the long ass line of muthafukas that have vioced a truth about NY niggas that’s hard to swallow and just like the rest of them, he knows that NY niggas can’t do shit but talk about it so much that it gives them a buzz all over the country.

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  • Michelle Obama

    There will be a peaceful protest on Black Friday (11/29) outside of Hot 97 in NY created by this guy to help get NY radio to play more NY artist’s. My New Yorker’s who care about the future of NY hip hop and want to hear these NY stations play more NY artist’s go out and support the protest on Black Friday. For more information about the protest and the guy speaking about it just google: Hot 97 Protest . cuz I can’t post links here..

  • These shit decent, sound better than every song Chief Keef released this year (I know that’s not saying much) …Keef trash!

  • DreamZ

    Man fuk Charmafag somebody gonna give him that work I wish I ran into him in person I would give him that business he always talking shet