Jay Z Announces He Is “Moving Forward” With Barneys Collection

(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop mogul Jay Z received significant criticism over the last several weeks over his upcoming apparel collection selling exclusively at Barneys New York. The store was under fire for two alleged incidents of racial profiling which led to an online petition asking Jay to end his partnership with the high-end retailer.

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After providing an initial statement saying that he was “waiting on facts” before he decided his next move in the situation, Jay issued another statement today announcing he plans to continue with the November 20th launch of his limited edition collection with Barneys.

Read Jay Z’s full statement below via Life+Times:

In the past several weeks two separate investigations were launched as a result of the wrongful detention of Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips.  My team has been privy to the status of the Barneys third party consultant investigation.  In continuing our research, we also contacted the New York State Attorney General’s office for the status of their investigation into both Barneys and Macy’s. Those findings are not yet available.

While I await the findings of the Attorney General’s Office, I have agreed to move forward with the launch of BNY SCC collection under the condition that I have a leadership role and seat on a council specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling.  I am in a unique position to use my voice to affect change to this disturbing issue.  The easy position would have been to walk away and leave policy making to others hoping that someone addresses the problem.  I will not leave the outcome to others.  I will take this into my own hands with full power to recommend, review and revise policies and guidelines moving forward.  I am choosing to take this head on.

As I previously stated, the collaboration with Barneys has always been about giving and The Shawn Carter Foundation.  From this collection, the Foundation will receive not only  25% of sales, it will now receive the additional 75% of Barneys’ sales, totalling 100% of all sales from BNY SCC.   Along with 100% of sales from the collaboration, the Foundation will receive an additional 10% of all retail sales from Barneys New York stores nationwide and Barneys.com on November 20th.

  • Khalid Grace

    so in other words homie Jay Z and his foundation have decided that 100% of all sales from his collection goes to him in order for him to overlook the situation as well as 10% of barneys overall sales…….seems like a business decision made to keep the blind blinded and when he says we will continue moving forward while we await the finding of the AG means hopefully JAY Z and Barneys made a grip after the fact, hmmmmmmmmmmm

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  • Nukirb

    It’s simply “profits over people” but i’m sure Jay Z cronies will find some way to rationalize it. What a shame.

    • They always do, that train’t NEVER late. I bet Jay be sittin around choppin it up about his fans to Bleek like Goldie and his brother in The Mack:

      “Man I got these bitches’ minds CONTROLLED bruh!!”

    • They always do, that train’s NEVER late. I can hear Jay now choppin it up about his fans to Bleek like Goldie and his brother in The Mack:

      “I mean, I really got these bitches’ minds CONTROLLED bruh!!”

  • $18592567

    This Stringer Bell ass nigga…

  • richard_b_hard

    C’mon sheeple wake up,Jay Z is about a dollar or a few million what the fcuk do you think he cares about profiling as long as he can line his pockets with money??
    Barneys could probably profile his mom and Jay wouldn’t give a shyt as long as he gets his money,shyt half the jay z fans on here will probably be camped out 2 days before the new jay z line goes on sale so they can be the first ones to buy that shyt.

    • Yup, then walk around tryin to act like they’re just so much better than everyone who doesn’t have it. You already know how they do.

  • jubileeshine


  • Banksy

    Not surpised. I expect nothing less from this nigga. Now if someone like Common, Mos Def, Talib and those type of rappers took this stance I would be surprised but Jay has always only cared about Jay and his money. Plus every knows that Foundation is just a big tax write off for the nigga anyway.

  • Lets see who loves him now..

  • Casor_G

    “you traded ya soul for riches..”

    • Sean Power

      all money is going a collage charity for rich are help black kids in the hood who want go to school ?

      • Ace

        Do u really believe that? Think properly about it coz it takes money to make products, pay staff that make it, ship it and u think all the profits will be given away?

      • Sean Taylor

        This happens all the time. Just read up on charities and read where the money actually goes. Like you said, by the time they pay peter and paul how much is left?

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  • The Crocodile Hunter

    Spoken like the true snake he is, and I know reptiles.

  • ihatefaggots

    Im upset that this dirtbag is from my Brooklyn

  • JeremyAn2

    That’s the smart move. Barney’s and Jay keep the money ball rolling and political activists can now shut the front door. File this under WIN.

  • RichFromBX

    easy to call him all types of a sellout but people are missing the charity’s gain and the reality that Barney’s (or Jay) will not profit a penny off of the sale of the collection.

    Personally, I think Jay is making the right move because he leveraged the stores ignorance in to increasing the charity’s proceeds from sales by 4X. If he had gone on with business-as-usual then everyone should be pissed and go after him.

    Truth be told, more money is going to go to this charity to help send kids to college through this move then whats being raised by anyone from this site. I’m far from a Jay Z d!ck rider but I respect this move and his willingness to take the heat that’s coming with it for the greater good of his charity.

    • Flea

      He didn’t sell out, he cashed in

    • Nukirb

      The people in the lawsuit weren’t profiled cause they lacked education they were profiled cause they were black. Educating more youth is a noble gesture but he could have gotten that out of Barney’s without the deal. I’m sure Barney’s is working hard and would do next to anything to repair their damaged public image. This is less about Jay Z righting Barney’s wrongs and more about continued business dealings for profit. Slick move by Jay Z

      • RichFromBX

        Black people shop in Barney’s everyday, the reason these two were called out is because neither of them look like they could afford what they were buying. It’s sucks and it doesn’t make it anymore right but that’s more the reality than it being just because they were black.

  • E B

    You people are hilarious this man can’t win for losing. He’s a snake? He sold his soul for riches? Jay only cares about money? His foundation is a big tax write off? The same way you say the “Jay Z cronies will rationalize” what he did is the exact same way the people who dislike Jay will rationalize to themselves why he’s such a bad person and he is never willing to help black. I SMH because its seems to me as though this will help quite a few black kids.The man just said he is going to use his voice to speak out against racial profiling but not only that 100% of the proceeds will go to helping kids fund their college tuition. There are either some smart dumb people commenting, some dumb dumb people commenting, or just some blatant haters. 75% of the Jay Z fans who will purchase his items from Barney’s will more than likely be white people. Some of y’all are silly, it’s like you live in a utopian society. SMH again…

    • Flea

      niggas in Marcy been getting stopped, frisked and profiled for the last 10 YEARS before this happened. Where was Hoev then?

    • Nukirb

      Educate more black people to be successful so they can go into stores like Barney’s and be racially profiled. Makes perfect sense.
      These large white owned and operated corporations are only concerned about their profits just as Jay Z seems to be. What Jay Z is doing is cosmetic it was less about educating black kids and more about not offending whitey.
      This Barney’s deal has larger implications than just this particular incident. You piss off Barney’s and it has a domino effect on the potential of future deals with other white corporations. Supposedly making all this money gives celebrities like Jay Z so much influence but with whom? They have influence with the public but in corporate circles he’s only as influential as the dollar he generates. It’s 2013 and Barney’s really doesn’t know what racial profiling is…come on son.
      What Jay Z should have done since he’s so influential is say forget Barney’s and partner up with another retailer. If my people aren’t good enough to shop here then my products aren’t good enough to be sold here. The higher the status the bigger the sellout.
      He canceled shows in Florida after Travyon Martin was murdered and that was racially motivated. I would bet money that if he stood to lose as much money from that/ those shows in Florida as this Barney’s deal he would have spun that as well. “To much is given, much is required”.

      • E B

        Famo I don’t understand where you are coming from. Educate more black people so that just maybe in a couple of generations the stigmas placed upon us as people people will fade away. The whole point of doing the deal with Barneys was to generate money for scholarships from day one, way before all of the controversy. Where did you get it was less about educating black kids? If Jay’s influence within corporate America goes only as far as the dollar he makes, then I’m sure he is pretty influential. The easy thing would have been to leave the deal which in turn still would not have satisfied some of you, instead he leveraged what happened into making sure Barneys gives all of the proceeds to his foundation plus an additional 10% and as I said before he can use his voice to speak against racial profiling within these corporate circles. What more can you ask for? He’s helping his people in more ways than one. It’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Your last statement doesn’t make any sense fam. He never canceled or boycotted the shows in Florida, do a fact check. And I’m sure he made at least a million dollars from his show in Florida, this Barneys deal I will say once again is about helping fund scholarships. Why would you or anyone else want him to pull out of this deal as hard as it is for young black kids to pay for school? SMH “To much is given much is required” what more do you want him to do?

  • Papi Peligro

    This is no different than Chalky White on Boardwalk empire. You buy off a black leader to shut up the black voice. JAY Z stay doing it. They didn’t care about Jay Z with the nets until them black people got mad and suddenly Jay Z supposedly made it all go away. They get rich you get a new product. LAME.

  • Sean Taylor

    Of course he is, he has no convictions.

    Money talks and b.s. walks….

  • Flea

    I want to see how everyone try to justify Juda$’ actions this time around

  • ZUBU

    First off either Jay or the author of this article must think we are dumb as hell as individuals. 100% of all sales hmm… how about 100% of all profits?? Gross sales and net profits are two different things. Even that I do not believe. For the most part all non profits use most of the money they receive for overhead, very little goes to the so-called charity. In this case if I’m not mistaken Jay’s mom runs the SC Foundation, hmm… she padding her pockets and those of other family members. No disrespect to his moms, ijs he just trying to do biz as usual. Trying to pretend he helping the masses. GTFOH!
    Oh one more thing, we all know Jay DID NOT WRITE that statement……..

    • dfwricwil

      I was just thinking the same thing. ” I know this mofo didn’t write this” LOL!

  • brotha_man

    jump for joy, i can sleep at night Jay z penny is going to handle it, no more profiling…..this that ish Carter G woodson was talking about..

    …I reference Invisible man alot, this is one of those situations!!!!

    Time to take matters into our own hands!!!

  • Jayson C Williams

    So they have him all the proceeds? Carter foundation is going to do well, what a bribe.. Giving that due to all the publicity sales probably went up at Barney’s ask magic Johnson’s gay son he was there shopping for purses a week back. Truth is, affluent blacks don’t care. They have their white pass & It’s green.

    • Frank

      Yeah it sounds good that all money is going to “charity”, but if you’ve done even a little searching online, not every all charities are equal. Some are down right scrupulous.

      He should pick another charity to donate to. He can still host shows, go on working dinners, go to resorts to “talk business” and it all falls under the umbrella of a non-profit charity.

      • richard_b_hard

        Charity=Giving the money to some other rich people who take a size-able amount for themselves then give the scraps to those who have nothing and try to act like they are doing something good, kinda like what happens in most churches.

    • Nukirb


    • richard_b_hard

      Some black people are only BLACK when it is most convenient.

  • Once again I will say it…Jay-Z is no ones leader, he is a super successful rapper and business man, and I only respect him for that reason….When it comes to politics, and civil rights I really don’t look up to Jay-Z. #JUSTSAYING

    • SBRon

      Yeah, anyone who expects anything more from him is foolish…

  • $31339281

    The nga sold crack….dont get it confused- he’s a hustler

  • brotha_man

    i wash my hands of this dude. Im done wit jay

    • GQ

      I’m sure Jay is crying about that

      • brotha_man

        i dont care what jay is doing!…this is a personal decision. not gonna affect anybody but my iphone and ipad. he is still gonna make money this much is true,and to many he is the greatest rapper….for me its has always been 1. 2pac 2. nas. 3. biggie. cant ignore his contribution to hiphop…but its time for me to cut ties. Cheers to jay and hope many more good things come his way. i will never wish ill will on my brothers and sisters.

        signed brotha_man
        “Man’s action are the picture book of his creeds”. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

      • dee

        i have to agree

      • Immortal

        I like you choice, but since I don’t buy his music, his champagne or go to his shows, I guess it’s the status quo for me. I’m still going to listen to his music if it’s any good, but I still am not going to purchase it.,

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    All he cares about is money. He would sell his mother, wife, daughter if it would put a few extra bucks in his pocket.

  • TheOnlyCoop

    WoW it really doesn’t matter what his final decision was people would have found fault. If he had cut ties some would have said he only did it to cover his own a$$. Now he gets the proceeds to the charity significantly increased some want to play the “Net Profit” game. Some of you sound like the underground rappers that talk about I’m not “selling out” while working 2 minimum wages jobs living in the their Mothers basement so they can buy studio time. I’ve been profiled so I don’t condone it, but people need to understand that 42 of 50 arrest made at Barney’s for stolen credit cards or fake gift cards were people of color. And as a grown a$$ black MAN that embarrasses me.

    • richard_b_hard

      So if that 42% out of 50 were white do you honestly believe barneys would profile whites??

      • TheOnlyCoop

        The fact is it wasn’t. I don’t like it either but, I’m not going to damn another man for his dealings.

    • Immortal

      It is a damned if you do and a damned if you don’t.

    • Clifton Powell

      your a sell out. shut up!

  • R.I.P Ultimate Warrior

    what ever happened to Rocawear?

  • Seriously

    what a sell out, in other words Im not stopping my money for nothing. Jay z and beyonce make a ton of money they could have leveraged their power instead of use this as another opportunity to show that in 2013 the new slaves are the millionaire black entertainers that will sell out their race for dollars….

  • who cares, ant no one buyin dat shit

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