Hip-Hop Rumors: Are The Geto Boys Upset With Unsung?

I am hearing that some of the Geto Boys have expressed some displeasure at how the group’s legacy was portrayed on the show “Unsung.” For those decidedly unaware, the show is about artists that didn’t quite get their just due. Well, it seems like there is more of a dispute between the Boys and Rap-A-Lot Records owner J. Prince. You know where this is headed: MONEY. They touched on it lightly, but they didn’t deep-dive into the financial disagreements that happened between. One of the members Prince Johnny C actually left the group before it even popped off, because of a contract being shoved in his face. The “Unsung” was pretty kind to J. Prince considering the rumors that have gone around through the years. But, J. Prince ain’t the sort of dude you want to play with anyway so. Put it like this: When the Feds came after Irv Gotti of Murder Inc, Suge Knight of Death Row and J. Prince…J. Prince is the only one that came out of it with all his s**t. That’s the sort of dude he is.

Look at this pic I found in the archives.


Take a close look…

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • therealest1

    Old beef resurfacing shit.

  • FREEfromslavery

    articles on the geto boys & 2pac. now thats real hip-hop. tomorrow it will be back to focusing on the fake & phony rap niggas. i guess it was fun while it lasted.

    • DJ7

      Soak it up while you can B…you already know how it will go down tomorrow…and the next day…and the next….so on and so forth


    Did j prince ever put it any work in the streers or is he another glorify suge knight?

    • ZUBU

      Not sure if he put in work back in the day or not, but he hella connected in H-Town. I know he has had the goons put the smack down on an artist or two. The Feds tried to frame him bigtime, tried to get dudes to set him up, snitch on him etc.
      Suge ain’t right in my opinion, but at the height of death row Suge had a lot of pull and many goons on the team. I think Suge still got plenty of money, he just got that paper stashed away cause of all the legal issues. I think Suge was dirty as hell for f-ing over Harry-O who gave Suge startup money. They say Harry-O gave him a few million, and Harry was in prison sitting on money like that. True G status.

      • EL_BARK

        Yeah i seen a doc about harry-o
        And how suge burn him

    • Big P Bastard

      According to the Houston streets, J Prince made his original gwaup in the streets before creating a lable situation. Now back when Suge was at his peak, he came to Houston to pay homage to J Prince. Quiet is kept, still to this day, J Prince is still a revered and respected figure in Houston.

  • brotha_man

    geto boys always had beef….with one another and j. prince

  • VentKing11

    Saw that doc, it was pretty good…and yea just the part bout Prince making them do that album cover photo when Bush got shot in the eye right there in the hospital shows how ruthless and bout it Prince was like dam now? Really? All bout that gwap boy gheesh.

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  • Darrell Robertson

    I remember hearing a rumor about the geto boyz and some other members of the rap a lot staff jumping bushwick bill in the 90’s. I found it hard to believe though


      I find it hard to believe too, I personally saw Bushwick whoop two security guards at a club in Atlanta, not saying that all security guards can hold their own but if you would have saw it you would definitely understand what im saying.

      • binary_star

        That shit must have been HILARIOUS!

  • iamwhoiam

    Man! I missed that.

  • Big P Bastard

    Maaan I remember when I first moved to Houston back in 98, there use to be this Comedy Club called Just Jokin…While in line to get in, Bushwick Bill was standing at the door just about to walk in and I remember a Rap-A-Lot van pulled up, several goons jumped out, and commenced to whoop his lil arse! He ran and tried to hide under a car and snached him up and continued to beat him. This was common place back then. If you bootlegged any Rap-A-Lot artists music or was someone in the know and talked reckless about the lable and or J Prince, you got handled! J Prince and his goons was not shy nor would they hide what they were about to do. No one could touch them in the city. They pretty much had the city on lock. Now, back then Bushwick was in some type of dispute with J Prince for various reasons (money, recording contract(s), etc) and he was quoted in certain publications, radio, and other outlets talking bad about the lable and J Prince, therefore, he got handled and that was just that one instance. Everytime he was spotted, he was beat up on site. As a matter of fact, folks would call someone who knew someone connected to Rap-A-Lot to report his whereabouts (for some pocket change of course) so he could get handled until he did whatever it was he needed to do to rectify his situation.

  • Isaac Hayes

    Geto Boys was and is a underrated group I’m 41 I’m not mad at the young cats but just wish Hip Hop was more balanced like it was in the 80s and 90s seems like every song now is I got this so much money I poppin molly etc I mean damn can I get Mind is playin tricks on me, Mr Officer, Let a Ho be a Ho or a Read these Nikes song by the youngins you cant party all the damn time need to show the struggle every once in a while

    • 84stickupkid

      Damn str8 potna…90’s was real. There rules in the hip hop game back then. Now in 2013 these young zaggin done thrown away the rule book thanks to the commercialization of RAP . Wasn’t until around 97 that a new glossy sound started emerging in the mainstream. The old funk samples were gone and the only boom bap rugged s–t you would hear was in the undaground (where HIP HOP belongs). GB without a doubt LEGENDARY !!! True that man, the struggle is lacking. The culture is saturated with materialism and these fools bein okey dokes. Like Paris the Black Panther of Hip Hop rapped in Street Soldier ”Aggin do you want to be a strong black man or another fool”? Sad that the youth in this day and age have chosen the latter and in the wordz of Jeru ”Ain’t the devil happy”…

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    This one was pretty good! Nothing I didnt already know besides face being an actual manic depressant! Thats keepin it real lol! J prince still doing his thing…he fkn with SOG andre ward killin em! Then again… Im from NYC… I should be hatin…cause you know…thats ALL we do when it comes to the south…

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